NHF announce Anne Veck as new Ambassador

Introducing the NHF & the NBF’s new ambassadors

This what the National Hairdressers’ Federation had to say…

“We are delighted to announce that Anne Veck, Christian Wiles and Hellen Ward will become new industry ambassadors for the NHF and the NBF. All three ambassadors will be making their debut at the NHF’s Business Awards on Sunday 4 November.

They will take on the high-profile role of motivating and inspiring members across the UK to build successful and profitable businesses. All three ambassadors will be making their debut at the NHF’s Business Awards on Sunday 04 November. Visit nhf.info/nhfbusinessawards for more information.

Anne Veck, who runs award-winning salons in Oxford and Bicester will become the NHF’s new Hair Ambassador. Anne explains, “I can’t understand how salon owners manage without being members! The NHF has been a lifeline for us ever since I opened my first salon over 25 years ago, so being asked to embark on the role of Hair Ambassador was a real honour.”

And Anne Veck Oxford salon is a finalist for Best Independent Hair or Beauty Salon in the NHF Business Awards! Should be an interesting evening…!

We love balayage, do you?

Balayage suits any colour you desire, blonde,brunette or rainbow!  Here are our top colour trends that will make you go running to your nearest Anne Veck salon.


Works with all colours- with warmer shades for a brunette and pastel hues for blondes. Rose gold is truly the perfect easy-to-wear shade.

2. Mermaid Blue 

Rock this blue hair trend by blending together shades of grey, blues and blacks to create a soft pastel blue balayage against a darker teal base, giving your hair a beautiful romantic look.

3. Sun-kissed Brunette 

To brighten up your locks without it being too drastic, then ask your stylist to keep your balayage within two shades of your natural hair colour,to will give you a subtle, sun-kissed lift.

4. Cherry Red 

A cherry red balayage is a bold and daring shade- not for the faint-hearted! The perfect statement colour that packs a punch.


From peachy tones or brighter orange ends, this looks great on warmer skin tones. Talk to us and we’ll recommend tones best suited to your features.

6.Icy Platinum 

This gorgeous silver hair trend is still going strong, but instead of going all-out with a full head of colour, try a high contrast approach. Keep the roots dark  and the ends icy bright.

7.Candy Floss Pink

Pink hair is fab and including this shade into your balayage is a low maintenance way to showcase this trend.


Your hair will stand out from the crowd with a violet balayage. Go for discreet lighter shades or go all in with vibrant tones to create a striking ombré look.

9.Ashy Blonde 

Go ashy for a gorgeous blonde colour with cooler hues. This  is the ultimate it-girl look and thanks to balayage, it’s not off limits to brunettes either!

So do come and see us for your balayage! Don’t forget, you may need an allergy test 48 hours prior to your colour appointment.


Hello everyone

We’d love to invite you to join us at our Big Hair Do event at Anne Veck 17 Crown Walk Bicester, brought to you by Layered Online in association with Creative HEAD magazine! What is it? It’s the biggest hairdressing party to take place – ever. On Wednesday 26th September 100 salons across the country will throw open their doors for a unique hairdressing event filled with fun, hair care products, stylist expertise and at Anne Veck Bicester cut & blow dries(men & women) for just £25 and colour for just £60! Wow I hear you say, what’s the catch? None really…however, for colour you may need an allergy test 48 hours before and for everyone, we’ll be collecting for charity so remember to bring all the money you have saved on your appointment and give, give, give!

There will be full to bursting goody bags, a raffle and fundraising fun,  drinks and nibbles and Anne and her amazing salon team to update your look for the season ahead!

We shall be raising money for two charities: Sobell House, who provide palliative and end of life care locally and The Alternative Hair Charitable Foundation which raises funds to fight leukaemia.

WHEN AND WHERE: Wednesday  25th September 2018, 9.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. @ Anne Veck, 17 Crown Walk, Bicester, OX26 6HY.

TO BOOK: call us now on 01869 248495 or book on line here.

P.S. Did you know that The Alternative Hair Show has raised over £8.5 million for leukaemia research and to help children and families affected by blood diseases. The Anne Veck Artistic Team is privileged to take part this year (Sunday 14th October at the Freemasons’ Hall in London) for the 8th time! Buy some raffle tickets to win 2 tickets to the greatest hair show on earth!)



Anne Veck has been nominated for International Hairdresser of the Year 2018/19 in two seperate awards! For the 2nd time in the Canadian Contessa Awards which celebrates its 30th birthday this year and for the 1st time in the brand new International Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Revlon Professional, Revlon and Esthetica magazines.

In the latter, Anne is one of just 4 big names in UK hairdressing out of 30 hairdressers from around the world to be named! Finally establishing our favourite stylist in the first rank of hairdressing talent in UK and world wide! (Well we are definitely biased!). Up to now, Anne’s biggest award wins have been British Hairdressing Awards Southern Hairdresser of the Year 2016 and Revlon Professional Style Master Global Winner, also 2106. She has presented 7 times at the biggest and most prestigious international hairdressing show The Alternative Hair Show and also in the last 12 months, at big events in Canada and Brazil.

Everyone at Anne Veck salons is thrilled at the recognition Anne has earned for her amazing talent, now truly recognised world wide! Everything crossed for the final stages for the Contessas and the International Hairdressing Awards!

We hope you like the photos. This is what Anne looks like when she wins!
Anne Veck Southern Hairdresser of the Year 2016

Your countdown to perfect wedding hair

Your countdown to perfect wedding hair

There are a million and one things to think about now you are getting married. So I do hope my little guide will at least help with planning your big day hair with perfect wedding hair!

Six months until your wedding: Find the right wedding hairdresser (hey that’s me!)

How good is your hairdresser at wedding hair and updos? Do find out, some stylists hate doing up dos!

If you decide to go for a new hairdresser, give yourself six months to find someone you’re happy with! Planning in advance will also allow you to work out your bridal hair budget. Think about your mum, bridesmaids, etc. Do you want everyone to be styled by your hairdresser? It’s also essential to ask if the hairdresser is willing (and can) travel to your wedding venue or home and what this will cost.

Four months until your wedding: Choose your perfect wedding hairstyle

There are two options really. Either stick to your natural style and simply enhance it with an accessory, or go all out with a wedding updo. The most important thing is to find a hairstyle that you’re happy with and will make you feel confident on your big day.

Your wedding dress will also play a big part in dictating your hairstyle. If you’re going for something Grecian, a half up or half down do that looks more relaxed is best. Likewise, a high neck or long sleeved dress will look stunning with an elegant ballerina bun that shows off any intricate detailing on the dress. Make sure your hairdresser knows what they’re working with!

Want an updo but have short or fine hair? Then consider hair extensions. Whether they’re individual pieces or clip-ins, if you discuss with your hairdresser now you’ll have enough time to find the right option.

Two months until your wedding: Step up your haircare routine

You’ll want shiny, glossy hair on your wedding day so put the work in now and within eight weeks you’ll be able to see a noticeable difference. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of hair-dulling product residue and add a hydrating hair mask into your routine. And if you’re worried about your hair looking lifeless, invest in a scalp serum or hair thickening treatment. And of course, keep talking to your hairdresser for the best product recommendations.

One month until your wedding: Book your hair trial

Book your trial session with your stylist so you can try out as many different wedding day looks as possible. Bring along that all-important picture of your dress and take any accessories with you that you might wear on the day, such as a tiara, veil and earrings. Take pictures to check it from every angle and if you’re not happy, speak up. There’s still plenty of time to change your look or (heaven forbid!) your hairdresser!

Two weeks until your wedding: Time for top-ups

Having a trim and colour touch up now will allow enough time for your colour and cut to settle. If you get your hair chemically relaxed, curled or straightened, this is also a good time to book in for the service as treated hair tends to look better after a fortnight. Maybe consider an in-salon conditioning treatment to give your hair an extra hit of hydration.

On the day: Get ready for the styling session

Make sure you have discussed with your stylist whether you need to wash your hair the night before or on the morning of the wedding – often they will suggest the night before as freshly washed hair can be unresponsive, static and slippery. Your stylist will also have told you how long you need for your hair prep (and for your bridesmaids and mum if necessary) but allow two hours as a general guide.

As the day unfolds, your hairstyle may loosen a little but don’t worry, a few strands out of place can easily be fixed so ask a bridesmaid to keep some Kirby grips and a mini hairspray in her bag.
You could even book your hairdresser for the day or half of it to ensure perfect wedding hair all day long but this will be pricey!

Have a wonderful wedding day.
Bizous xxx
Anne Veck

Time for your personal hair plan for 2018!

It’s still only March, so still plenty of time to look forward and set yourself some hair goals for 2018!

Working towards your dream hair takes commitment, so come and see us for your personal hair plan – a
structured approach to caring for your hair that will make it easier to
achieve the look and feel you’ve always wanted.
A great way to start your plan is with a KeraStraight KS Ultimate
treatment. This will give you up to four months of healthy, nourished,
frizz-free hair, creating the perfect foundations for beautiful hair the rest of the year.
Then book your next two or three appointments in
advance to fit with your stylist’s availability and to get the time slot you
want. Factor in whether you will want a cut, colour
and treatment, depending on your hair type and the look you want to
You might want to to go lighter for spring
and summer and use darker tones in autumn and winter. Or an
easy to manage hairstyle for their summer holidays – a ‘wash and go’
approach. Then maybe a more weather-proof style for winter so that
you still look your best despite being battered by the elements!”
At Anne Veck we’ll spend time with you at each appointment chatting
through your hair needs.
Everyone usually has something they would change about their hair
whether it’s increasing volume, reducing frizz, adding more shine or
making hair more manageable. We can advise you on all of
these and can help make you love your hair even more …with a plan!

I recommends the following first-class products for your all year round
fabulous hair.
1. A good shampoo and conditioner is the foundation for fabulous hair
all year round, You could try Revlon Be Fabulous Shampoo and
Conditioner to help you battle through the hottest summers and the
harshest of winters.
2. Use a good heat protector to avoid breakage during styling. If you
do have to style your hair with a hot hairdryer, tongs or irons make
sure you protect it first. There are lots of great products to choose
from, but look out for the ones that can help your hair to cope with
even the highest of temperatures. Damaged hair doesn’t easily
repair, so it pays to do your utmost to keep it looking its best
through effective protection. We use Revlon Lissaver to keep hair
in optimum condition and it protects up to 230oC!
3. A good oil is perfect for maintaining the hair’s moisture levels while
increasing shine and softness. I recommend Orofluido elixir to
also help reduce frizz and fly-aways, A little goes a long way, does
wonders and its not expensive. So with a little forward planning your locks will look lovely and stay healthy all year long!

Hot hair when it’s cold outside!

Hot hair when it’s cold outside!
or just because it’s cold it doesn’t mean your hair can’t be hot!

Here are my top tips for looking after your hair this winter. Whether it’s intense cold, harsh winds or the effects of central heating, the winter months can play havoc with your hair. But don’t panic, there are plenty of ways you canensure your hair stays looking and feeling fabulous.

The best way to protect your hair is to prepare it in advance. Get your hair ready to combat the elements with an intense treatment, such as Revlon Orofluido Mask.

It’s really important to prepare your hair for the battle with winter weather. Revlon Be Fabulous Shampoo and Conditioner` keeps hair smooth, sleek and shiny, making it more manageable and protecting it from the elements for long-lasting results.

There are a number of ways winter can be cruel to your hair. A general lack of moisture in the air during cold weather can lead to hair becoming dehydrated and therefore more prone to frizziness, split ends and even breakage. Dry hair also appears duller and less healthy, and no-one wants that at the height of the party season!

Also doing it’s bit to dry out your locks is the unnatural heat of central heating and hot air conditioning. Both are enemies to healthy looking hair, leading to dehydration, static and split ends. So inside, or out, your hair is liable to take a bashing unless you take measures to protect and nourish it.

Often, it’s the measure we take to combat the cold that leads to lacklustre hair. Hats and scarves can lead to flat hair, and, depending on the material they are made from, add to the static!

There is a range of products you can use throughout the winter months to keep hair healthy and gorgeous looking.

To combat dryness and dehydration,  I recommend Revlon Unique One Spray as it repairs, hydrates and seals in one, it’s great to keep in your handbag or gym bag for that quick fix. It’s like giving your hair a glass of water when it’s been exposed to the heating in your house and car, and the harsher elements outside.

To help combat static and dullness, I love Revlon Orofluido Oil which is infused with essential oils to add shine and keep frizz away. It keeps hair supple and creates a protective shield so that hair is not as exposed to the negative aspects of winter.

Finally, always apply heat protection when using an electrical tool on your hair. Revlon Double or Nothing Heat Protection Spray adds beautiful shine and protects up to 230c/446f  keeping it in the best condition possible for when you head out into the cold.

And to combat that flat hat-hair, try spritzing some Revlon Volume Elevator Spray into your hair after towel or blow-drying for added volume.

Finally, never leave the house with wet hair during cold weather. The last thing you want is tiny icicles forming in your hair, weighing it down and potentially causing breakage.

Just because its cold outside, doesn’t mean your hair can’t look hot!


Bicester salon now open!

Bicester salon refurbishment update! The salon is now open!

I hope you will love our new recycled, shabby chic, stripped back salon. So much love has gone into it and it’s not quite finished. Watch out for a new exterior and lots of tweaks and additions inside as the next few weeks go by!

Anne Veck Bicester will be closed from New Year’s Day until Saturday 12th January- reopening at 1.30pm on Saturday!

We are carrying out a complete refurbishment which will totally transform the salon and bring with it significant improvements to our service.

Why not be among the first to find out what the new salon is like by booking your appointment for Saturday 12th afternoon or the following week? Call us 01869 248495 for all appointments or book Styling ( cut & blow dry,  hair up, blow dry etc) online here

The Bicester phone number will operate as normal throughout the refit period so do call us. If would like an appointment while the salon is closed do try Oxford , 01865 727077.  And keep an eye on your email in box for our New Year gift to you!

See you in the fab new salon!

Anne xxx

Two evenings… two massive awards for Emmanuel Esteban!

Two evenings… two massive awards for Emmanuel Esteban!

Wow! Emmanuel won Black Beauty Sensationnel Avant Garde Hairdresser 2017 on Sunday 26th November for the third year running and then followed up on Monday 28th with one of the highest accolades available in world hairdressing…he is the British Hairdressing Awards Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year 2017! We do have some amazing talent in the salons these days!

Emmanuel has a highly impressive record of awards success in recent years. He was a finalist for Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year two years ago, when he also won The Alternative Hair Visionary Award. But 2017 is proving to be his annus mirabilis with his win at the UK Revlon Professional Style Master Awards back in the spring as well.

We are proud that Anne Veck salons has now won two years’ running at both The British Hairdressing Awards and  Revlon Professional Style Masters. Bring on 2018 we say…

What next for our uber talented style director, we ask? We think the world of session styling and international fashion weeks beckons. Whatever route his career is set to take, we know he will be a huge success.

Here are just two tasters of Emmanuel’s outstanding artistry: from left to right from his winning Revlon Professional Style Masters collection and then from “Million Eyes”, his BHA Avant Garde winning collection. Photography for both by Emmanuel’s favourite  photographer Bartlomiej Staszowski. And in case you don’t know him, EE is the one on the right in the final photo.



Anne Veck Oxford wins 2nd green business award this year!

Anne Veck Oxford  wins 2nd green business award this year!

Anne Veck’s Oxford salon has scooped its 2nd green business award and 3rd business award of 2017 at the prestigious National Hairdressers’ Federation Business Awards!

It has been announced that we beat finalists from across the country to win the Most Environmentally Friendly Business category. We collected the award at a glittering ceremony held at the VOX conference centre in Birmingham on Sunday 19 November 2017, which also celebrated the industry organisation’s 75th anniversary. .

NHF president Agnes Leonard commented: “Our winners have worked extremely hard to get to where they are today, so we wanted to use the Business Awards as an opportunity to recognise their success.

Receiving a national business award is a huge achievement for Anne Veck salons  so they should be thrilled with what they have achieved”

And we are!

We refitted the salon to feature as many environmentally positive features as possible back in January 2013  and followed up by entering 3 categories in the British Hairdressing Business Awards that year and in 2014. We got to the finals but didn’t win, so owners Anne and Keith are now very happy to have received 3 hair industry accolades 4 years on! Making the salon more green and sustainable is an on-going process, with recent innovations including carbon neutral broadband and telephony as well as (very soon we hope) partnering with the world’s greenest printers for all our future stationery!

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