Bleach – Does it have to itch?

Like many of you I am sure, my first answer is “yes of course”. It seems logical. It is a chemical product we put on our hair, and thus our scalp, and if it does not quite burn, it definitely irritates the skin and makes it itchy as hell. The more you do it, the more you grow accustomed to the feeling, and can resist the urge to scratch, but it is always there.

But, turns out I was wrong! I have a shaved head, bleached and then coloured pink! So when I’m lightening my hair, it always touches my scalp. Now before you say I am biased in favour Anne Veck, I also model for other salons and work for other beauty institutes who do not use Davines products… so if it’s a bias, at least it’s a well informed one 😉 lol.
So no matter what you think, it does mean that I have experienced many different kinds of bleach on my head, and let me tell you, nothing comes close to that Davines feel! No burn, no itch, no dried scalp dandruff afterwards, almost feels like a conditioning treatment.

I think a big part of it, is that the Davines bleach is Ammonia free. Well one part of the bleach is. To lighten hair, a two part bleach must be mixed. Ammonia, a common ingredient in lesser quality hair products, that is known to damage and irritate the scalp (also has a really strong stingy smell that makes you sneeze and cry), is traditionally in one part of the bleach. Davines bleach does not have this ingredient and they developed their own “hair protective booster”, a sort of protective oil if you will, to help protect the scalp during the bleaching process.
It is also paraben free, which means no unnecessary chemical preservatives.

And, as an extra plus plus, Davines products are sustainable, as natural as can be, and always smell good. So honestly I was only half surprised when their bleach was above the rest as well!

So, don’t hesitate, come test it yourself at Anne Veck Oxford, you won’t be disappointed!


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