Sustainable hairdressing

Becoming a more sustainable hairdresser isn't just about being kind to our fellow humans and the planet; it's the key to commercial success in a market where sustainability, nature and ethics resonate deeply with our clients.

At Anne Veck Oxford between 2013 and 2022, we aimed to make a difference by reducing our energy use, meeting our remaining energy needs from renewable sources, reducing our own and our clients' carbon emissions, reducing waste and using ethical and sustainable products and packaging wherever possible.

So we have ten years of experience to share! Here goes:

  1. Salon RE:Source: our sustainable hairdressing tool kit. Get the new version 3 now!
  2. Anne's Sustainable Hairdressing Workshop. Full or half day. Full details here. Register your interest here. 
  3. Sustainability Snail! Are you a green super hero or just slogging along at a snail's pace? Take our DIY test and find out!
  4. How to win a sustainability award. Here is our winning entry for the 2022 British Hairdressing Business Awards Sustainable Salon of the Year and here is our winning entry for the Creative HEAD Most Wanted Sustainability Hero 2022. 
  5. How to write a plan for your business to reach Net Zero by 2030. (That's CO2 emissions by the way). Here's ours. If we can do this, so can you!
  6. We can't tackle the climate crisis just by reducing carbon emissions - we need to protect and restore nature too. So we need a plan! Here is ours, now write yours!  

And we have teamed up with our friends at sustainability consultancy bemari to bring you a range of engaging courses and advice. Contact them here for their Climate Fresk, Biodiversity Collage and Carbon Literacy workshops. Contact them here to enquire about sustainability consultancy, net zero accreditation, help with B Corp and more.

 For more information and bookings for Anne's course, contact  or call Keith on 01865 744612.

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