The Bob is back!

The bob is the most banging hair cut to have right now, according to a Google search survey led by a hairdressing insurance company. According to data collected, The Bob has 222580 average monthly searches, and it is not only the most popular hair cut in the UK, but also America, Germany, and Brussels too.

And really, this is not surprising! The bob is one of the most versatile looks there is! You can go for short Amelie Poulin type bob, a long bob, layered bob, longer at the front/shorter at the back bob, with a fringe or no fringe…. The bob is easy to wear, versatile and can basically suit any face shape!
Anne says “Because 2020 has been such a hassle of a year, for 2021 it is nice to have a hassle free hair cut, easy to manage and maintain, that looks good when it grows out, because who knows when we’ll be able to open the salon again!”

The huge surge in popularity might also have to do with the year 2020 itself! Bobs are associated with the 1920s, and at the beginning of the year, the internet was rich with memes, images and articles about how this was the start of the new 20s: post war decadence, party galore and lots of fun to be had. And 100 years ago, cutting your hair into a bob was quite the statement : hair was used to symbolize femininity and attract a husband, and what better way to express the new found post war freedom women were experiencing that cutting off the hair that was a symbol of their oppression. Lock down put a stop to the partying of 2020, but the idea that we could still emulate the 1920s style had been planted in our minds eye, and it seems we followed through! We can’t control what the pandemic does, but the popularity of the bob is a strong symbol that the public mindset is that of freedom and hope that 2021 has better things to come!

Here are some beautiful bob examples we have cut in the salon this year!

And a couple pictures from some of Anne’s Fabtastic collections!

So why not give a Bob a chance next time your in?
Can’t wait to see you again ;P

By Dirty French Girl

Winter hair woes and how to avoid them! Protect your hair against the cold.

In winter we often change our skin routine, but routinely forget about our hair! And even though we love our hair, this slip of the mind mean it does not always love us back. So here are four commons ways in which winter damages our hair, and four easy solutions to keep our locks in line, so we can look gorgeous, even when the weather sucks!

1. The Cold! Pretty obvious, it is winter, less heat, so it is colder. But we often forget this means our hair takes longer to dry! So if you’re used to using hair straighteners or curlers, and don’t allow your hair more time to dry, you’re going to hear a slightly alarming sizzling sound when using your styling tools!!! This is the water still inside your hair heating up, turning to steam, and damaging the inner structure of your hair. But it’s such a super easy fix! If you let your hair dry naturally, give it a bit more time, or towel dry a bit more thoroughly, and then use the hair dryer. Davines also have a great spray hair shield, to help prevent damage from straightener and curlers!

2. The Cold… again! With less humidity in the air, our scalp produces less oil and our hair is grease free for longer! As a result we do not need to wash it as much. But often we wash our hair out of habit rather than necessity. If we remove the essential and natural oils too much, this can cause flaky and itchy scalp (dandrufffff aaaa) and brittle hair! So, when the temperature drops, so should our shampooing frequency!

3. Now combine this cold outside air, with indoor heating, and you have another threat to your luscious locks! The combo of going in and out, from cold to hot and hot to cold, sucks the moisture out of our hair and can cause it to break! Anne recommends style that keep your hair contained and together (kind of like how penguins huddle together for warmth, keep your hair together for moisture) such as braids, plaits and buns… We also have a fabulous KeraCare moisturizing masque,that is great in winter to keep the breakage at bay!

4. Those “contained” hair styles are also a great way to avoid our last winter threat : Coat Hair!!! Have you ever noticed in winter that back of your hair always get way knottier, sometimes a surprise mini dreadlock appears out of thin air, and you end up with broken ends… Well as gorgeous as they are, you can blame your winter coat for this, hair gets trapped between layers of jumper and coat and gets all tangled! So styling your hair really helps, or getting an anti static spray, or anti frizz oil can works wonders!!!!

by Dirty French Girl

Festive hair trends to help wave farewell to 2020!

My dear Lads and Lassies, the end of 2020 is fast approaching (thank God!), but before we say good bye to this somewhat complicated start of the new decade, and banish it to our rearview mirror never to be thought of again, let us not forget the upcoming festive season! Anne Veck Oxford has now reopened for December, to make sure you guys are groomed to perfection for the 25th. So I thought I’d write a little something about a couple of fun festive hair trends to say good bye to 2020 with a memorable stylish bang!

1. GLITTER!!!!! When is glitter not appropriate? Never in my opinion! But I totally love this cool trend I’ve noticed of braiding your hair, and putting loads of glitter along your parting!!!! Festive, shiny and hides any roots if you have them!!!
Or just sprinkle the glitter all over for an over all shine, good vibes and maximum spreading of festive joy!

2.PARTY HAIR ACCESORIES! This December, get your hands on some cosmic hair jewels, pretty pearl barrettes or celestial pic n mix hair clips for a more pagan vibed celebratory look! The great thing about hair clips and barrettes is they can basically be worn with any hair style, cut, crop and colour! They also make pretty cool gifts, so when you’re getting some for yourself, grab a few extra for your bestie, mama, or sister!
(Check out my instagram @dirtyfrenchgirl for some crazy fun pop art style hair clips iv started making!)

I really really hope you will try a few of these styles! Easy to do at home, with whatever crop or colour we have done for you in the salon! And please, if you do, post a pic on the gram and tag us (@annevecksalons) so we can see how banging you all look!

Have a great December!

All the love
DFG and the Anne Veck Team.

Anne’s Eco Salon Checklist

So we all know the environment and being eco friendly are important to Anne and her team. But what exactly are they doing? Big companies always make big claims that can be hard to believe but when Anne Veck says she wants to save the planet, and has reduced the salon’s carbon footprint to 11 tonnes a year, she has facts, bullet points, and actions to back herself up!

Anne Veck goals:

-Reduce demand for energy by lowering salon’s energy use!!!
-Reduce waste through more efficient systems
-Meet our reduced energy needs from renewable sources
-Reduce our and clients’ carbon footprints
-Use ethical and sustainable products whenever possible

The BIG question: HOW?

-First hair salon in world with the BlueGen Ceramic fuel cell technology which reduces energy use by half. In effect the salon now has its own mini power station. Converts gas to electricity at a very high efficiency rate, heats water and salon. And possibly the only hair or beauty salon in the UK to be certified Carbon Neutral (she wishes there were more!)

-Mains gas is green gas supplied by Ecotricity, generated from waste and algae!

-Mains electricity also 100% green energy from Ecotricity , from renewables.

-Compostable Easy Dry towels reduce hot water used in washing.

-EcoHead water saving and filter features on back wash taps.

-Water pipe insulation, to save heat!

-LED energy efficient lighting inside and outside the salon. So your selfies make you look good and feel good for saving the planet!

-Energy saving motion detecting lights in loo.

-The business uses Ecosia internet search engine, a company that uses it’s profits to plant trees.

-Larger windows increase use of natural light, reducing energy use for lighting!

-Instead of foil for colors and highlights, we use “Paper Not Foil”, which is recycled.

-All recyclable waste IS recycled and none goes to landfill.

-All new salon literature and stationery printed by Seacourt, possibly the world’s greenest
printers, NET carbon positive, water free, recycled card and paper, AND moving to paper free.

-Recycled loo paper from Who Gives A Crap, no ink, dyes or scents, 50% profits build toilets for people in need.

-Hair hoover removes water from clients’ hair, reduces need for towels and amount of time use the hair dryers.

-Salon is a Refill centre, the public can refill their bottles with our water, helping cut down on plastic bottle use.

-Eco friendly washing and cleaning products, Anne makes them at home, herself!

-Fair trade hot and cold drinks.(at least when the Covid-19 thing is done)

-Corporate sponsor “Investor in Wildlife” BBOWT, local wildlife trust campaigning for and protecting biodiversity.

Certified Carbon Neutral by Carbon Footprint Ltd May 2020. 11 tonnes of COs offset by supporting tree planting community project in Kenya.

Toxic Fashion project (video. photo shoot, etc.) highlighting environmental and ethical damage caused by fashion industry.

AND for all the salon’s recycling including the difficult to recycle stuff like hair, plastics and used colour tubes, Anne has partnered with the Green Salon Collective.

Not satisfied with embarking on her own sustainable salon journey, Anne is sharing the message and the tools other salon owners need. During lockdown 1, partner Keith wrote a “sustainable salon toolkit”, now called Salon Re:source and available here. Its full of simple steps you can take, many relevant to homes, individuals and all small businesses, so do download it!

Beat the New Year Winter Blues by getting a New Winter Do


So it’s nearly winter now, the days are shorter, the temperature is getting colder, and things that brought us joy in summer are gone.

Good bye morning runs in the sun, working on our sun burns, and seeing just how little clothing we can get away with wearing. And hello jogging in the dark (if we even go at all), wondering just how pale our vitamin D deprived skin will actually get, and wearing so many layers we look like a live action Michelin Man.
And for many, the winter seasons are more than just annoyingly cold and dark. The number of people suffering from SAD in the UK is increasing. SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, you may know it by its more informal nick name : Winter Blues. The condition is a form of depression of which the causes are not clear. Research suggests it is caused mainly by lack of sunlight, but like many mental illnesses the causes stem from both physical and mental phenomena.

But amongst the grey wintery clouds, there is a silver lining! There are many things you can do to make yourself feel more positive, so that the winter months don’t have you hibernating under the covers, and one of those is go to your hairdresser!

When we’re feeling low we often feel less attractive, and generally down about ourselves. As I mentioned in my previous blog, going to see your hairdresser can make you feel so much better inside and out! You get someone to talk to, and you leave looking swag! So take some time out for yourselves, and go get that hair done and mood lifted.

Massages have also been shown to increase the levels of serotonin (happy hormone) and dopamine (pleasure hormone) in the body. And I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite parts of getting my hair done, is the relaxing massage I get at the back wash when my hair is being shampooed and conditioned. So next time you are in the salon, ask your stylist to massage your head just that little bit longer. If you happen to suffer from headaches or migraines, they are also proven to help with those! (Anne Veck also has a special backwash chair that massages your entire body!!! Make sure you give it a go!)

Personally new hair always makes me feel like a new me: stellar, on top of my game, even if it is only for a few days to a week, it’s still a great feeling. And now that its winter I’m enjoying going all kinds of dark and sexy colours. This is not an uncommon feeling amongst people these days, look at Kylie Jenner, who has been blue, green, pink… If it works for celebrities then it can definitely work for us!

So as a dreary as the winter months may seem, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and here at Anne Veck we don’t want any of you feeling SAD!

By Chloe Mellen aka Dirty French Girl

Hair by Cassie Jennings and Allister Evans for Anne Veck Oxford

2020/21 winter hair trends

As winter begins and Lockdown 2 enters its second week, you are probably already conjuring images of long, cold days! But if you are someone who doesn’t like winter, don’t worry, it is not all doom and gloom. Yes, we may be heading towards a few more restrictions and lockdown type rules, but lets focus on the positives!!! I have a few 2020 winter hair trends to get you out of bed and excited for winter. As we spend more time at home, a big trend this festive 2020 season is going to be Low Maintenance: looking good with minimal effort has been very vogue this year. So here are a few crops and colours you’ll be seeing everywhere in the upcoming months.

hair straightening, smoothing and relaxing

You know how annoying is it when your hair gets caught in your coat zipper/scarf? Well, why not chop it off? Winter is a great time to give this a go, and bob cuts look adorable in beanies. If the look isn’t quite you, you have time to grow it out for summer 2021 (although a bob is also a very good look for those hot sticky summer days!)

Lock down was chockablock with lock experimentation, but it is time to return to your roots! You’ve spent summer “correcting” your eccentricities, trying to wash out that tie dye green that was funny when you couldn’t leave the house, so this winter it’s all about low-maintenance hair colour that’s close to your natural shade and grows out nicely.

Now that winter has cooled our foreheads and sweaty brows are a thing long forgotten it’s time to get that fringe you’ve been dreaming of! Face-framing layers and light fringes are easy ways to try out the look without going full-fledge heavy fringe—not to mention the layered look is super trendy right now.

I hope my two cents were helpful! I personally love mulled wine and blanket season!!! Have a great day love readers 🙂 And, of course, email with your mobile number for your lockdown locks colour consultation on zoom with Anne and the team.

by Dirty French Girl

Gold Class Hair Extensions Exclusive!

Gold Class Hair Extensions are exclusive to Anne Veck Oxford!

We want to share with you the secrets of Gold Class hair extensions.  These amazing 100% human hair extensions are handpicked and gently processed for expert application to give the ultimate designer label hair.

Anne Veck Oxford is one of only ten salons in the UK to offer Gold Class hair extensions.  They have a huge celebrity following including Michelle Heaton, Sam & Billie Faiers, Mischa Barton  and Michelle Keegan and here’s why: they are a little different from other extensions on the market.

Following a ‘Healthy Hair Days Philosophy,’ your consultation includes a scalp and hair analysis to asses the true condition and suitability of your hair and scalp.  We can then prescribe any treatments to get your own hair and scalp in the best condition so you can make the most out of your extensions.  We will also talk in depth about the process and maintenance and most importantly the look you want to create and your perfect colour.

The hair is the best quality hand-selected Indian Temple Hair available in a range of colours and lengths. Gold Class founder, Inanch Emir, visits the temples in Ind1a personally to ensure her hair supply is both top quality and 100% ethical.  With a pre-bonded application method, Gold Class bonds are kind to the hair and scalp creating tiny discreet bonds. Our trained extensionists will expertly apply the bonds to give the most natural results.

Our team will give you an accredited aftercare programme to help you care for your extensions at home and away so they look as good as the day we put them in.  Gold Class hair extensions are recommended for 3-4months wear when our extensionists can safely remove your extensions and see the improvements in your own hair & scalp by following the prescribed aftercare.

Each of our hair extensions experts – Kelly and Anne herself, have been individually trained by Inanch Emir of Inanch London, the creator of Gold Class.

Anne is one of the most experienced extensionists in the U.K., having offered this service in her salons since 1991 and having been a brand ambassador for two of the leading U.K. brands.

See Midas Touch the beautiful collaboration created by Anne, Inanch of Gold Class and our great friend and uber talented hairdresser and photographer Desmond Murray. Simple stunning!

Book your Gold Class hair extensions consultation by calling us on
01865 727077 (Oxford)
P.S. If Gold Class isn’t the best solution for you, we also offer LoxBox and Balmain too!
< "Gold Class hair: ethically sourced and the best quality you can get" The Telegraph "Famous, flawless and paparazzi ready - this is the A-list way to do hair extensions" Layered Online

WHY black hair matters!

Recently I have been watching Peaky Blinders (I mean, it was about time…). As I made my way through the latest season, which is historically set in the build up to WWII, I find it sort of scary how I can draw so many parallels to the political climate back then, and the political climate right now! Which brought me to think of the industry that we work in, and how the hair and fashion worlds still have leaps and bounds to go before to fix issues of “institutionalised” racism.
However, as a white female, I can do research, and find the numbers, but what I can’t do is authentically convey and tell a true story about how this racism has made me feel, because it is not something I have lived through. So I asked a friend of mine, Kayla Candence, to write about her experience of the haIr industry in the UK. Kayla has afro hair, often styled in thin gorgeous dread locks. And this is what she has to say:

“We sit and watch as the world celebrates black hair… on our white counterparts. Yet in some parts of the world, we our still fighting to be able to wear our natural hair to work. Supermarkets are locking up products for black hair and schools are allowed to ban dreadlocks. And yet we see the way black style influences many industries.

I ’d never really thought about my hair, and who does it. Growing up a lot of my hair was done by my mother or other members of the family. I think I’ve been to the hairdressers, for my own hair, once in my life. I was young, I’d noticed that most of the people in the salon looked like me. Their hair texture was closer to mine, the styles they were getting were styles which I recognised; I’d grown up around them. At one time, we had a specific hairdresser, that did all of our locks. However, as I have grown older, I find it easier to do my own hair. Something that I will always take from my hair journey, is the excitement I felt when we found a person who could do my hair. It was never as simple as, leaving to go to any of the four salons on one street.

As black women, we have been told that our hair is bad. We’ve been sold relaxers, weaves, wigs… We’ve been told our styles are too ghetto, unprofessional. Yet when celebrities, influencers, style icons, wear their hair in cornrows, braids, twists, locks, then suddenly it becomes fashionable and acceptable. It turns into a ‘new’ and exciting trend that seems to captivate all who lay their eyes upon it. Of course, I use the term ‘new’ with a gallon of salt, because these styles are not new, they’re not part of an undiscovered style; they’re the styles we’ve been rocking for decades! We have been told that our hair doesn’t matter. Even in 2020 we are still seeing black artists in the film/modelling/performance industry; still having to do their own hair on set. The hair industry is not lacking in hairdressers and stylists for black hair; so why are big and successful studios skipping out on finding appropriate stylists for black hair?

Why are people so afraid of black hair? Simply put its lack of understanding. Our hair is still so alien to so many. The industry’s blatant disregard of black hair is evident in the training curriculum. It’s knowing that even though my good friend is a wonderful hairdresser, I will never be able to make use of cheaper appointments at her hands; not unless she chooses to learn how to work with black hair texture at her own expense. It’s a specialty to work with black hair. Not a necessary part of learning and not a mandatory part of the course. Because as we know. Black hair is not important, only its style and influence is.”

And there it is, last paragraph! Learning how to work with Afro hair is not a necessary skill in UK college courses. You do not need to know how to handle afro hair in order to get your level 3, so most salon apprenticeships don’t other teaching it: and this is not ok. To be a fully qualified hairdresser you should be able to work with all types of hair. Which is why at Anne Veck we train all our staff to work with afro hair, and if we feel like we need more training, we simply do more training. Saying you don’t do afro hair is like saying you don’t do blondes, totally non-sensical in todays society. In light of the Black Lives Matter protests this year clients expect us (and rightly so) to be knowledgeable on all hair types, and here at Anne Veck we strive to be, so that everyone an feel welcome in our salon.

Anne recently answered some further Q&A about her salon and afro hair, so if you have a moment, read on to see exactly what she has to say !

-When in your career did your interest in textured hair begin?

When I opened my own salon back in 1991.. I had a lot of demand and I became increasingly uncomfortable and frustrated to admit that I couldn’t deal with every type of hair

-What action did you take to learn more about textured hair? Please detail your journey.

First I bought an NVQ book on Afro caribbean hair, I attended an afro hair event at Alexandra Palace…and eventually I did an exchange of trade with my friend Samantha Golding who owns SG Hair in Birmingham and is an expert. We have also bought in training or I have gone on courses with experts including MK and Charlotte Mensah.

-Why did you feel it was important to learn about textured hair?

If you call yourself a hairdresser you need to deal with every type of hair. If you don’t do textured hair it’s like saying you don’t do blondes… Also we live in a multi cultural society and X% of clients are of mixed heritage…..

-How did you go about up skilling your team to understand and be competent in cutting/styling textured hair?

We just had repeat training until we felt confident we were good enough to charge for the service

-Why do you think it’s important for a salon to diversify its services?

So you don’t lose out on lucrative services and, of course, to be ethical. By not offering to do textured hair, you are, in effect, acting in a racist way.

-What has been the reaction (good/or bad) to your salon diversifying its services to include textured hair?

Some of my staff were reluctant to learn. I think more from fear than anything else. And you also need to educate client and staff about charging the right price for the service. Overall, though, all good.

-What is your call for action for other salons around diversifying services and embracing textured hair?

Just go for it. It’s a journey but persevere as it won’t happen overnight. With regard to training, insist that your apprentices train on models with textured hair.

-Where does it start? Where can salons look to learn more about textured hair and to make sure they are catering for all in their salon?

Obviously there is a wealth of info online and in print. I benefitted enormously by partnering with Samantha Golding, so I recommend asking for help and maybe doing a skills swap, which is what we did and still do. ( Textured hair skills for styling and avant-garde in our example. ) As I keep saying here! insist your apprentices do textured hair and are assessed on it at the end point asessment.
What support exists for salons/stylists on a textured hair journey? see above

-What are your thoughts on products for textured hair – are brands doing enough? Brands you like/rate etc?

I think it would be nice to see more big brands catering for all hair types. Textured hair requirs products which are much more moisturizing…and education is very important . Textured hair can’t be managed without the right product. In the salon we use Avlon, fabulous products!

-Servicing a client with textured hair – what is your advice, how do stylists approach these appointments. Is it different to clients with Caucasian/European hair?

Be methodical about it. Section the head in 4 quarters and deal with one section at the time. Practice practice practice so when it comes to charging for your services you’re confident about it.

-What impact has the Black Lives Matter movement (recent awareness) and the Natural Hair movement had on diversifying service in salons? What do clients expect?

Clients expect you to be knowledgeable in all hair types. It is quite easy to train yourself these days with lots of instagram and youtube videos available to both stylist and client alike. Make sure your apprentices train on models with textured hair and that they are assessed on them. Black hair is not an option it is a necessity.

Article by Dirty French Girl

Colours of the autumn, this strange 2020…

Traditionally, autumn is the time of year we all start to fall head over heels for the same colours of the season: reds, browns, warm darks yellows etc…
But this year, maybe as a result of having had to spend a quarter of the year locked away, unable to show off our hair to anyone, the trends seems to be a tad different. Rather than just warm colours, the palette has widened to include any colour of a pastel nature.

Khloe Kardashian has been rocking the pastel pink toner on her blond hair, and Kim, who rarely strays from her signature dark hair, has gone for a slightly stronger pink tone.
Amanda Stenberg (Hunger Games) has been rocking these bright pastel blue braid extensions, that are just the coolest… and Demi Lovato went from long, dark curls to an short, edgy bob with the tips of her hair dyed lime green…

So this autumn don’t be afraid to do something a little different and stand out… celebs are doing it, so be the A lister on your street and bring a bit of Hollywood home!

Call us now to arrange your zoom consultation! And remember, you’ll probably also need to pop in 48 hours before your appointment for a skin/allergy test. Can’t be too careful.

hair straightening, smoothing and relaxing

By Dirty French Girl

How to get that signature Parisian Style?

Parisian women are well known for their effortless fashion, professionals at making the most minimal amount of effort look chic! This goes for their wardrobe, their lifestyle, but also they’re hair! The knack is making your hair work around your lifestyle, not the other was around (no time to shampoo your hair? another day of dry shampoo? pas grave, c’est la vie!).
However to succeed in such an endeavor, and pull off the low key “I don’t try and still look more fabulous than you” there are certain signature hair cuts and styles that are key!

1.The Collarbone bob.
This timeless French look if of that in-between length, neither very short neither very long. But layered, either with a fringe or not, it give you that easy Sunday morning non chant look. Curl it, straighten it, leave it, dry shampoo it… whatever you do its hard to make it look bad!

2. Short n messy.
Any length between cheek bone and jawline, a la Amelie Poulin, another one that can’t go wrong! The maintenance is so minimal and it always looks banging, and adding a fringe can make the whole look more youthful, if thats the vibe you’re going for 🙂

3. Wave mania.
This is a longer look, but oh so typically Parisian! For curly hair shoulder length or longer, ask your stylist to cut it into some layers so it always looks bouncy, get the right products and you will have mastered the Parisian art of balancing neglige and sexy without looking like a hippie 😉  

4. One and only length.
A variation of the short n messy, just longer! Inspired by 60s Jane Birkin, you will see this timeless style all over the streets of Paris: effortless and sophisticated, what’s not to love!

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