How to get that signature Parisian Style?

Parisian women are well known for their effortless fashion, professionals at making the most minimal amount of effort look chic! This goes for their wardrobe, their lifestyle, but also they’re hair! The knack is making your hair work around your lifestyle, not the other was around (no time to shampoo your hair? another day of dry shampoo? pas grave, c’est la vie!).
However to succeed in such an endeavor, and pull off the low key “I don’t try and still look more fabulous than you” there are certain signature hair cuts and styles that are key!

1.The Collarbone bob.
This timeless French look if of that in-between length, neither very short neither very long. But layered, either with a fringe or not, it give you that easy Sunday morning non chant look. Curl it, straighten it, leave it, dry shampoo it… whatever you do its hard to make it look bad!

2. Short n messy.
Any length between cheek bone and jawline, a la Amelie Poulin, another one that can’t go wrong! The maintenance is so minimal and it always looks banging, and adding a fringe can make the whole look more youthful, if thats the vibe you’re going for 🙂

3. Wave mania.
This is a longer look, but oh so typically Parisian! For curly hair shoulder length or longer, ask your stylist to cut it into some layers so it always looks bouncy, get the right products and you will have mastered the Parisian art of balancing neglige and sexy without looking like a hippie 😉  

4. One and only length.
A variation of the short n messy, just longer! Inspired by 60s Jane Birkin, you will see this timeless style all over the streets of Paris: effortless and sophisticated, what’s not to love!

Autumn wedding trends to make you *Fall* this 2020!

Timeless and seasonless, boho chic will always be a wedding fan favourite! More of a vibe that a specific look, it can be achieved with a messy half up, half down, casual plait or just volume with the right hair accesory!!! Rustic is in vogue for weddings this season so why not add some beautiful dried flowers and leaves to your chosen boho style to match the colours of your wedding?!
Soft Ribbons have also been a very popular look recently, so if you like a more simple, pony tail type style, why not tie this knot with a beautiful long ribbon, once again, matching your wedding, venue and dress’ colours scheme?

Taking a cue from the Giambattista Valli runway, mini ornate veils are full rage! But bigger is not always better, and there is nothing lesser about these beauties: maybe unconsciously mirroring the smaller wedding trend of 2020, these mini veils are still totally fabulous! Covered in pearls, embroidered with flowers, or simply going for a more extravagant color, the beautiful bridal vibes you’ll be putting out with one of these will be extra!

And what about colour? Autumn is rich in ornate oranges, bushy browns, and crimson colours! So why not get some highlighted, natural looking ombre effect for your fall wedding, to make your hair even more on trend for the big day?

Whichever style you go for, we look forward to seeing you and we know you will look stunning! Have a great day.

Anne would love to do your wedding hair and make-up, so do call us on 01865 744612 or email

Dirty French Girl

It’s cool to be kind

Why is it, when we think going green and being more eco-friendly, we suddenly start to feel guilty for treating ourselves and enjoying the fashion and beauty industry? I mean , yeah, many high street big brands are (sadly still) the anti-christ when it comes to saving the planet, but 2019 saw a major shift in customer awareness and spending, and as as a result, many brands have started to tinker their tune! Realizing that people did not want to buy from companies that abuse their employees, use factories full of children, and products that destroy our planet, certain brands and companies have adapted and changed, finally understanding that it is cool to be kind, and putting the planet first can also be profitable.

But knowing which brand, which beauty company to trust, requires doing some research, which can be time consuming, and corona lock down times aside, is a luxury we seldom have. Those of us that are time rich are scarce, so I am here to help! I have amalgamated a list of beauty and fashion businesses that have ethical trading standards and eco-friendly practices woven into the fabric of their companies. Feeling your best should not come at the price of your guilt or the sixth mass extinction !

One of my personal favorites, “Lucy and Yak” !!! A company that started with in colourful dungarees, has moved onto a wider range of clothing, always beautifully designed, made, and all ethical! They beleive “The system is whatever we all decide to make it, so let’s make a system where everyone wins.” They are very honest and transparent on their website about where their clothing is made, who they work with and how. They even encourage potential and existing customers to get in touch with any other questions they may have, especially about they’re environmental impact! Check them out here for a bit more in depth info.

Another great brand is “We are We Wear”. London-based company that champions body diversity as well as sustainability. The labels bold and colour-pop swimwear pieces are designed for day wear as well as for the pool and all styles are available in size XS to 3XL. The Eco edit range is made in Italy from unwanted waste materials such as fishing nets and and industrial plastics. So if you want to look good on the beach, without destroying it, check them out!

But lets not forget all our male readers out there who also want to dress responsibly !!!! A great brand, that has a distinctive style and something for almost anyone, is Raeburn. A designer that fuses high fashion with street wear with genuine sustainability! The designer has been quoted as saying “we need to evolve or die”,challenging and disrupting the industry by using recycled PET materials as well as 100% organic ethical cotton. No shortcuts for this designer, have a look to see what you think.

Arbonne is a brand that has been around since 1975, and makes wonderful beauty products across the board. I personally own what some may consider as too many of their lipsticks, but I can’t get enough of the beautiful shades on offer, the smell and feel of the products and the fact that everything they make is designed to embrace the connection between a healthier mind, stronger body, and more beautiful skin whilst still prioritizing ethical and safe trading standards, making all their products plants based, vegan and cruelty free. Again, this is company that does not shy away from disclosing how and where all their products are made, all the information easy to find on their website.

And last, but most certainly not least in our lil’ list of fashion brand heroes, is Davines. This company has recently rebuilt its entire HQ in italy into a small eco-friendly village, and their work is based along the simple motto of “sustainable beauty”. Sustainability has always been a responsibility to this company, not a choice, as a result, everything they do has the welfare of the planet, as well as their customers, at the forefront of their mind! I have been lucky enough to get my hair done at Anne Veck’s Salon in Oxford with their products and I must say the experience was fantastic. There hair colour dyes do not itch, the shampoos and conditioners smell amazing and left my hair the softest it has been in years! Check out everything they have to offer on their website here 🙂

Here are a few interesting links to other articles about the move to a more Slo-mo, eco friendly fashion life.
Harper’s Bazaar
The Guardian

Chloe aka Dirty French Girl

Dudes of Davines-Which products are best for male grooming?

Davines is a typically gender neutral company. It does not say “for women” or “for men” on its product labelling, leaving it to the discretion of the consumer to purchase and use whichever products they feel most comfortable with. But although these labels are on the decline for many reasons, many of us still rely on them to figure out which products we need and should use. So to help all our dashing dudes at Anne Veck Oxford, I have compiled a little list of the best Davines’ products for male grooming.

If you have short hair, two great products to use for styling would be the Davines Strong Moulding Clay and Davines Dry Wax. Both of these must be applied to dry hair and are great for textured, matt finishes whilst still providing definition for a great look.
The main difference between the two is that the Strong Moulding Clay will hold you hair in place more than that Dry Wax, the latter allowing more movement and the potential for your style to change a bit throughout the day. So really it is up to you which you prefer, we can even have a look together at Anne Veck Oxford, and compare them for you in person.
But if you like to style your hair more for volume than hold, the Davines Pliable Paste is the one for you. It allows a lot more movement toward the mid section and tips of the hair than the Clay and Wax, but still hold the roots in place, for a much more fluid style.

Men also typically have coarser hair, and if you’d like to soften this, we recommend shampoos and conditioners that help soften the hair from the root downwards. Davines’ Nourishing range is great for this! They have a shampoo, conditioner and mask all designed to help coarser, more brittle hair regain is luster by rehydrating the scalp, and nourishingly cleansing the hair.

The “hipster” beard trend, once thought to be a passing fad, has now cemented it place within the walls of men’s fashion, and thus the male grooming market is full of non-greasy oil formulas, to condition, soothe and soften the beard and skin beneath. Although not specifically designed for beards, Davines’ OI Anti Frizz Oil works wonders! It helps thicken and soften the beard, and as its formula encourages growth, if you happen to have a slightly patchy beard, it will allow it to even out.

I hope these recommendations have hit the mark and help, we have many more amazing eco friendly Davines products in salon, so please do ask your stylist for more information next time we see you! or buy now at our shop!

Stay safe.

Dirty French Girl

Your stylist recommends…

We are back! We are open! We are b.u.s.y ! (and we are loving it!)
But lets be honest, safety aside, the masks and visors do make it hard for our fab stylists and beautiful clientele to converse. So just in case you really can’t hear a word your hairdresser is saying, I wanted to write a little about each of our teams top favourite product (just to make sure you don’t miss out) and allow you all to get to know you favourite stylist that little bit better!)

First up is Anna, our receptionist. Anna uses a lot of our products for her own hair care. She has short hair, and her absolute fave is the Davines Forming Pomade. It gives her a natural and structured look without making her hair greasy or “wet” looking.

Secondly, lets hear from Courtney, our lovely apprentice. Courtney has long-ish bleached hair, and she likes using the Davines Oi Oil. Re-hydrates her hair, smells nice, and gives it a great shine without weighing it down!

Next is Nicola, one of our newest team members. Her salon special would be Avlon’s Keracare Silken Seal. Designed as a heat protection oil (from straightener, hairdryers eco…), Nicola finds its also great for simply revitalizing and moisturizing dry, thick, heavily textured hair.

Now, suave monsieur Sylvain, could not simply give me one product (like requested) but had to give me three! So, Sylvain likes the Liquid Spell, a light liquid mousse great for giving shine and texture. He also enjoys working with the Davines Dry Texturising Spray, which he applies from the roots down to the tips for a full bodies tousled look, a product that works great even on super long hair. And for shorter cuts, his go to would be the Davines Strong Moulding Clay: which allows him to sculpt hair with a beautiful matt finish.

Our lovely senior stylist Sian also gave me more than I bargained for! Sian likes using the Davines Oi milk as a detangling cutting aid, and the salt spray for texture and definition to style the hair once she has finished cutting.

Fabulous manager Kelly and talented creative stylist Marissa have the same two favourite products, adding that they also love the smell, so if you see them sniffing a bottle in the salon, don’t worry, it’s nothing dodgy.

So, next time you are in, if you can, ask your stylist to show you their favourite product. Or cut to the chase and vist our online shop . Free delivery by Anne herself on her bike (well not always!)
Stay safe xxx

Dirty French Girl

Go with the Grey – 2020’s Greyvolution

Covid-19 has changed many things in our day to day lives, keeping the grey away being one of them.
Since lock down we have seen an increase in women and men embracing their silver strands: the Greyvolution, as we like to call it! And this is great, really empowering and often really quite beautiful. But to make sure you don’t end up with frumpy looking grey locks, we wanted to give you a few tips on how to keep them looking like the silver lining that they are.

To keep your hair shining in the sun we recommend getting a toner. This is not quite a colour, its just adds a bit of tone to what you already have. But remember to stay cool as a cucumber, and shy away from golden shades that would create a bit of a nicotine vibe. Ask your stylist for white, silver or ash for the best results.
Davines even do a Alchemic Silver Shampoo, that helps you top up that shine at home, that you can purchase in salon or online with us!

White and grey hair is also more prone to UV damage as its has no pigmentation. To avoid getting the hair version of a sun burn and ending up with a head full of split ends, we recommend using Davines’ SU Hair Milk. It is an after sun hair conditioning milk you apply to the scalp and body of the hair, that you can leave in for 5 minutes or over night, and then simply rinse. It will help you hair to heal from any damage the sun may have caused.

Do not believe the myth that grey hair is coarse and rough, hair actually becomes finer with age. This is beautiful, but to strengthen and thicken your silver hair in a nice way, there are many products we have in salon that can help! Anne recommends the Davines Nounou range of shampoos, conditioners and masks, all designed to extra nourishing and naturally replenishing.

So if you’re bucking the tedious trend of hiding your greys, don’t worry, we still got you! Come into the salon and have a chat about every thing else owe can do to help your hair looks its best!

Hope you are all safe and well!

Dirty French Girl.

Black Hair Matters!

In light of the Black Lives Matter campaign, here at Anne Veck Oxford we want to be very clear that we welcome clients with all hair types and that all our stylists are trained to work with textured hair.

It is sadly the case that racism seeps into almost every aspect of our lives and unfortunately the hairdressing sector is not an exception. We want to play a part in putting things to rights. Although we are just one small salon we are a well known voice in the hairdressing industry.

We believe education is the key. Unfortunately, when training to be a hairdresser, students and apprentices can easily opt out of learning how to work with textured hair(called natural African type hair in the qualifications). Even in the Hairdressing Professional Standard, the improved apprenticeship programme introduced in May 2018, apprentices do not have to demonstrate competence on a real model with textured hair at their end point assessment. They merely have to prove their “knowledge”, either by presenting witness statements or by answering questions correctly. This makes it harder for people with textured hair to find a suitable hairdresser. If you are white, imagine what it must be like to call or visit a new salon only to be told “I’m so sorry, we can’t do your hair because we haven’t been trained” or even worse “Sorry we don’t do your type of hair.”

A petition has been started by London hairdresser Jemima Bradley, and supported by hairdressing icon Errol Douglas MBE, calling for the hair industry to better educate new stylists in textured hair. It already has over 17,000 signatures. Douglas told FEMAIL that the lack of training sends the message to young stylists that “we (black people) are not important – that you can’t be bothered with that type of hair.” Here is the link, please sign it.

Both the standard and the qualifications are coming up for review soon and this should be an opportunity to get textured hair included at the same level as the other hair types. Anne Veck Limited Director Keith Mellen is a member of the government’s Hair Professional Steering Group which develops apprenticeships for the hair industry. He is determined to do as much as he can to get the essential changes made in these reviews. Both the hairdressing and qualifications industries have a responsibility to get this right.

Anne has always been a strong advocate that a hairdresser should know how to work with all types of hair. She loves working with textured hair. She makes sure all of her team are confident and competent too in order to make her salon friendly and inclusive for black clients. And, of course, her apprentices have to choose models with textured hair for their end point assessments.

By Dirty French Girl

Sudden summer hair loss?

Hey gang, have any of you ever noticed, come summer, you lose more hair? Start to worry a bit, wonder: am I stressed? Is my diet ok? Am I having a reaction to any new hair products?
Well, fret not, I was experiencing the same thing. I’m trying to grow my hair out so I am more aware of my hair’s well being and health than ever, so when I noticed, two months ago, that I was losing more hair, I did panic a little bit.
So I did some research and spoke to Anne Veck and I am happy to say that I will not be a Bald Beach Babe just yet!

Much like animals, in summer, we “molt”. Hair goes through three phases: the anagen phase (growth phase), the catagen phase (end of the growth cycle), and the telogen phase (resting phase when hair has finished growing and will eventually fall out). We are interested in the telogen phase! When the hair is subject to more extreme weather, the added heat can make as much as an extra 70% of our hair rest prematurely (our hair also likes to nap in the sun it seems). Which means we have up to an excess of 70% of hair coming out in the shower and on our hair brush. Especially at the moment, since the lock down the weather has been particularly gorgeous, continuously, for about 3 months!

But if you’re experiencing seasonal hair loss and this hasn’t reassured you, Davines do some great products to help! And not only will they make your hair feel fabulous, but they smell totally fantastic too! check them out here!

We have a super range of Davines and Avlon hair products available at the shop. Delivery free of charge.

Be safe everyone, we cannot wait to see you back in salon soon! 😉 xxx

Dirty French Girl

90s are back baby!

With the pandemic making the present rather boring, and the future being a tad uncertain, it seems we are looking to the past for trend inspiration! The 90s are creeping their way back into the limelight in more ways than one!

After their recent musical collaboration, new besties Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga posted the most adorable twinning yearbook pictures on their gram, and the nostalgia is real! This is just one of the most recent examples of 90s vibe coming back to life! Kylie Jenner has been seen sporting pigtails, in a Baby Spice kind of way, and personally, I am IN LOVE with this throw back aesthetic. It is the perfect solution to your lockdown lazy days: can’t be bothered to wash your hair? Use your Davines dry texturing shape spray and brush those lock back into two scrunchies for the cutest of lazy girl hair styles!

But enough celeb goss, lets get down to business! Which iconic 90s crops and colours, do we at Anne Veck, think are going to be best sellers this summer:

Remember the 90s up do, which always had to have a few tendrils of hair left loose at the front framing the face? for a long time this was a big No No, and was considered a hard look to pull off. But celebrities all round must have been feeling wistfully sentimental, because the look has resurfaced on red carpets and IG stories alike. Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, and Jennifer Lopez to name but a few… So when life eventually gets back to normal, if you’re looking for a banging up do for a night out, consider this new old favorite!

Is anyone else struggling with the heat a bit this so early summer? Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic to finally have a summer in the UK, but da-yum does my head feel hot! I’ve been looking at photos of Halle Berry, back in the 90s, with her super cute spiky pixie cut, thinking it might not be such a bad idea! Such an adorable look, and mega low maintenance to boot: just need a bit of Davines’ moulding clay to give it the shape you want, and off you go, light as a feather!

And Anne Veck’s personal favourite: the return of the braid! Who can forget the 90s fashion of corn rows and tight scalp braids made popular by all the hip hop and rap bands that were around! Luckily this is a style that has benefitted from a bit of time, and 2020 has its own version: the scalp braids that sit just on top are much thicker and looser these days, giving it a modern seaside hippie vibe!

What 90s styles have you got your eye on? We can’t wait to reopen the salon and get you all looking fabulous again, retro style and future visionaries alike!

by Dirty French Girl

Ps. What do you think of our article pictures? these are all images of us in the 90s!!!!

Colours and crops that make the 2020 cut!

The thing with summer hair is that unless its easy, fast and sweat-proof, no one is buying! So I have made it my mission to compile a lil list of trends I’m eyeing up, that are pretty and practical!

1. The Messy Updo.
The slightly elevated, messy bun, has a lot going on. Tendrils of hair spilling out, waves of colour, and it is super easy to execute. Get yourself the Davines Sea Salt Spray, to help gently hold it in place, and you are ready to rock to summer runway!

2. The two tone summer hair color.
Follow in Dua Lipa’s pop star footsteps, and check this anti-ombre trend. You don’t even need to worry about styling this look, almost the messier the better, and its a great way to let your natural roots grow out! Use Davines’ Alchemic shampoo and conditioner, with colour pigments that intensify and brighten both your natural and cosmetic colour to keep this look hot af!

3.Curls and Waves.
Do yourself a favor and stay away from sleek and straight styles! Choose styles that focus on volume and body, so that the summer heat accentuates your look! Davines do a great line of products called “Love Curls” to help with just this.

4. The Beach Braid
There’s a reason this summer hair trend is such a crowdpleaser: Sleek ponytail braids are a genius solution to any unwanted flyaways and frizz, and also look good with messy hair too. This style is definitely easier for long hair, but shorter lengths can recreate it by starting with a lower base!!! Anne recommends Davines’ Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid to help with this look!

5.The Tiny Summer Bob.
Play up the volume and body with Davines’ Dry Texturiser to keep you tiny bob bubbling and enjoy a sweat free neck this summer. Or don’t do anything at all. The perfect beauty of this look lies in its total low maintenance vibe!

Hope my little list of hot hair tips has helped,
Stay safe, stay sane,
Lots of love from the AV team!

by Dirty French Girl aka. Chloe Mellen

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