The future of hairdressing? Anne Veck shares her hopes and fears.

We asked Anne Veck about trends in the global hairdressing industry over the next few years. This are her forecasts, including her vision of an AI, robotic salon experience! Do you agree?

1. Sustainability and eco-friendly practices. There has been a growing emphasis on sustainability within the hair & beauty industry, including the use of eco-friendly products and adopting practices that minimize environmental impact. Many salons and stylists are incorporating sustainable approaches into their businesses. At Anne Veck, we refitted both our salons to be more planet friendly between 2013 and 2018 and we have created a sustainable hairdressing tool kit “Salon RE:Source” (get it here ) It has been downloaded over 1,600 times.

2. Wellness and self-care. Haircare is being viewed more holistically as part of overall wellness. Salons are offering services that promote relaxation and stress relief, tying into the broader trend of self-care. Hairdressers are caring people, they care for both their clients’ health and the health of the planet (see above).

3. Inclusivity and diversity. There’s a move towards more inclusive representations of beauty. This involves celebrating diverse hair textures, styles, and colours that reflect a broader range of cultural influences. It is now generally unacceptable to say “we don’t do your type of hair” and there is a growing demand from hairdressers to invest in training to fill this skills gap. To meet this demand, Anne Veck offers an “Introduction to Textured Hair” workshop, which she delivers in the UK and France.
Texture embrace. There’s a celebration of natural hair textures, with a move away from excessive heat styling. Embracing and enhancing the natural texture of hair has become a significant trend.

4. Natural and organic Products. There is an increasing demand for natural and organic haircare products, reflecting a broader consumer interest in clean beauty. This impacts the way we professionals approach haircare by incorporating more environmentally friendly options into our offerings. This demand is having a major effect on manufacturers who supply salons.

5. Radical new products. Multi-functional styling products are offering multiple benefits, such as volumizing, texturizing, and holding properties all in one, are gaining popularity. This is streamlining the styling process for professionals, allowing for versatility in creating different looks.
Colour-protecting Formulas. With the growing popularity of vibrant hair colours, colour-protecting shampoos, conditioners, and treatments are essential so that we can apply these products to maintain and enhance our clients’ colour treatments.
Dry Shampoos are gaining momentum, providing a quick solution for reviving hairstyles between washes and extending their longevity. Good for reducing water , energy and carbon emissions too.

6.Skill shortages and apprenticeship and training programmes. In the UK at least, initiatives to provide hands-on training and nurture new talent are confused and not communicated effectively. Apprenticeships (based in salons with a combination of practical skills and theory) are the favoured route into the industry by employers. However, the public (that is, parents and young people themselves), the education sector and politicians, favour higher education and thus the college route. Recent campaigning by industry bodies has resulted in the college based “T-level” (t =technical) for Hair and Beauty, having the hair component removed. There is now no T-Level for hairdressing . Whether or not this helps drive more young people into the apprenticeship route, remains to be seen.

7. Technology’s role. Technology has significantly transformed the hairdressing industry as follows: Online Booking: Simplifies scheduling through salon management apps and salon management software. Has been available for at least 10 years but uptake by salons has been slow. Unbelievably, in the UK some salons continue use paper based booking.
Social Media Impact: Influences trends and serves as a marketing tool, especially on platforms like Instagram & tiktok.
Virtual Consultations: Allows remote client consultations via video conferencing tools or salon-specific apps. This was popular during Covid and this has remained.
Salon management software and apps are enhancing business operations through platforms including client communication and loyalty. Digital payments ofcourse.
Smart Tools and Devices: Enhances styling precision and efficiency with smart hairdryers, straighteners, and colour mixers.
AI and robots. AI for personalization, tailoring services based on client preferences with AI-driven software. Plus other benefits such as virtual try-ons, enables clients to visualize hairstyles/colours through augmented reality features. And, yes, robots will replace human hairdressers for some simple functions and maybe completely. It’s already happening and if robots can carry out heart surgery then can definitely cut hair! There will always be a demand for the human touch but this may become a high end VIP luxury.

8. Industry collaboration. We are seeing early moves by manufacturers globally to address shared sustainability issues, mainly around carbon emissions and plastic. This work is usually carried out in a “pre-competitive space” and can involve all parties signing NDAs ( non disclosure agreements). So there is
(we hope) more happening than we are aware of. One great example is the Hairstyling Tools Collective, launched in London in October 2023. “A collaboration to lessen the environmental impact and increase the sustainability of hair tool products and to jointly support organizations, activities and endeavours that will help achieve these aims” .Hairstyling Tool Collective. — Hair industry sustainability ( Founded by Denman International and Olivia Garden, UK hairdressers Anne Veck and Melanie Tudor are their Sustainable Salon Champions and other manufacturers are invited to join.

So there you have Anne’s assessment of where the hairdressing industry is going. More sustainable, more diverse, more collaboration for the common good? Will a robot be cutting your hair in 5 years’ time?


There are some fabulous hair events coming up later in the year and I hope to see you all at them!

In particular, you mustn’t miss Colour World and the Alternative Hair Show. Bookings are open for both right now!

Colour World UK is a 2-day gathering for colourists held in a London Victorian warehouse, on Tanner Street – a short walk from London Bridge station. Come to immerse yourself in colour and come and see me.

The venue is deliberately chosen to encourage creativity in an atmosphere of artistry and excitement. One of my favourite events, its also seriously sustainable! Bring your own water bottles/collapsable cups which can be refilled at the bar and your own cloth bags for any takeaways. Green Salon Collective will be on hand to ensure as much waste as possible is diverted from landfill.
So put Sunday 19 May and/or Monday 20 May in the diary now! Tickets here.

The Alternative Hair Show is my favourite hairdressing event, a riot of fantasy and avant-garde talent from all over the world and all for the purpose of raising funds to help kids and their families affected by leukaemia and other blood diseases.
I missed last year but I’m thrilled to be back for the eleventh time for the 2024 show! Get your tickets here.


Anne Veck has been appointed as one of two “Salon Sustainability Champions” by the new Hairstyling Tool Collective, a pre-competitive alliance launched by Denman International and Olivia Garden Europe.

“The Hairstyling Tool Collective is proud to work with Anne Veck Limited in recognition of their constant effort to drive sustainability in the hairdressing industry”, the collective explained at their launch at the hair industry’s premier trade show, Salon International, in October 2023.

The Hairstyling Tool Collective invited Anne Veck of Anne Veck Limited and Melenie Tudor of En Route Hair & Beauty to be its inaugural Salon Champions. Martyn Wady, International Business Manager at Denman, says: “We are so grateful to Anne and Melenie. The Salon Champions are an essential role. Our Champions will help us with advice on initiatives from the salon owner perspective, testing recycled products and importantly offering oversight, ensuring that the Collective is delivering on the commitments made in the Charter.”

Anne Veck is already a renowned hair industry eco warrior, winning multiple hairdressing sustainability awards and publishing her renowned tool kit Salon RE:Source. Anne says: “It is great to see these major hair industry manufacturers working together in a pre-competitive space to resolve the sustainability challenges which face us all. I sincerely hope many more companies join this forward-looking project and I’m looking forward to being involved.”

Working together, through shared knowledge and collaborative efforts, the new project can make a significant impact throughout the whole industry – from suppliers to stylists on the shop floor. Next will be to recruit more manufacturers to work together to reduce waste and carbon emissions!

Here is an outline of their charter:

Aim – A collaboration to lessen the environmental impact and increase the sustainability of hair tool products and to jointly support organizations, activities and endeavors that will help achieve these aims.

We aim to produce more sustainable products and bring greater sustainability to hairdressers in their daily lives. We have established this charter to outline our shared objectives and determination to make a positive impact in our industry.

Promoting sustainable
Encouraging responsible manufacturing practices
Measuring greenhouse gas emissions
Raising awareness and training hairdressers
Collaboration and knowledge sharing
Transparency and accountability


Anne Veck has once again been selected as a Pre-Nominee for the International Hairdresser of the Year title.

It is the third time in five years that multi-award-winning Anne has been shortlisted for the accolade – the top honour of the International Hairdressing Awards 2024. Entry into this category is strictly by nomination only, with those selected representing the crème de la crème of international hairdressing. Criteria for selection includes previous awards success, as well as quality of photographic work, and educational and artistic work during the last year.

Anne’s hat trick of nominations for the same prestigious title is confirmation of her influence as an artist and an educator, not just in the UK, but on an international level. Her enviable track record goes back beyond 2016 when she was crowned Winner of Global Style Master by Revlon Professional.

Anne is now required to submit a photographic collection of four images, as well as a detailed dossier outlining her professional activity from July 2022 onwards. Finalists for the category will be announced in February 2024, with the awards event itself taking place next May.

The news follows Anne reaching the finals of the Live Fashion Hair Awards, in the Creative Colourist of the Year category. Anne’s ‘Mondrian’ collection has been shortlisted and she will now compete for the title against ten of her peers at the event in Tenerife later this month.

‘I’m incredibly honoured to be nominated for two such exciting awards’ says Anne. ‘The shortlists include so many talented stylists and it is a privilege to see my name alongside some industry icons. In the last twelve months, I have worked hard to launch my new education programme and am dedicated to bringing my training to an international audience, so this nomination feels very timely.’

Designed to eliminate the restrictions of online training, Anne Veck Education offers ‘real life, hands on’ education, encouraging participants to engage and interact with one another at a venue of their choosing.

Comprising a total of 13 courses, Anne Veck Education offers options for all levels; from apprentices to NVQ Level 3, as well we those returning to the industry after a break. Featuring six categories covering a breadth of hairdressing skillsets, each course promises to deliver Anne’s expertise and experience gained over a thirty-five-year hairdressing career, breaking down the creative and technical skills that have helped her secure multiple high profile awards and a reputation as one of the industry’s most talented hair artists.

Anne is also offering bespoke packages, collated to target specific training requirements at the request of the participant.

‘These courses have been designed to demonstrate the intricacies and technical details of hairdressing up-close, allowing participants to be hands-on with their learning, and to ask questions and interact to facilitate a truly 360-degree learning experience. Whether you are looking to fine tune your hair-up portfolio or wish to build confidence in working with textured hair, my education will provide the practical and creative know-how required to enhance your expertise and attract new clients and opportunities.’

Anne already has eight confirmed bookings in France for spring 2024!

More information on the courses and how to book can be found at or by emailing

And for further information on Anne Veck or Anne Veck Education, please contact

All about Anne!

A L L A B O U T A N N E!
Hair artist, international educator, brand ambassador and champion for sustainable, ethical and diverse
hairdressing, Anne Veck has been a hairdresser and salon owner for more than 30 years. In 2023, Anne sold her salons and realised a long-held dream, launching Anne Veck Education, a varied and exciting prospectus of hairdressing training courses.

Multi-award-winning, Anne is one of the industry’s leading authorities on sustainability (Anne Veck Oxford was the first UK salon to achieve Carbon Neutral status) and is also a creative powerhouse, producing breathtaking
collections that support her passion for ethical and diverse hairdressing.
Trained in Paris, Anne has an extensive classical hairdressing skillset, rooted in waving, braiding and hair-up. Combined with her creative vision, this technical dexterity has produced a unique and highly respected voice within the hairdressing industry.

Anne has won countless hairdressing awards at home and internationally for both her creative work and her
sustainability initiatives.

But her story doesn’t end here! For much more do read here!

Anne Veck wins Most Wanted Hair Trend 2023!

Anne Veck wins Creative HEAD Most Wanted Hair Trend 2023!
Wow! Anne has won one of the coolest hair awards the U.K. has to offer!
This is what they had to say about her stunning winning look:

” A shot so good it grabbed judges’ attention and wouldn’t let go 🤩”

“Hailed by judges as “perfect” and “so beautiful”, Anne’s gorgeous image has won her the #MWIT23 Hair Trend title (sponsored by @redken).

“If Ginger from Scarface embraced pretty pastels, this is the look she’d rock. Both iconic and forward-facing, it’s a finish you can predict will be all over clients’ Pinterest boards. The blend, the bevel-edged bottom, the beauty – Anne nailed it.”

On the evening of Monday 4th September, at landmark London gallery, Tate Modern, Oxford hairdresser, Anne Veck, was named Hair Trend winner at national hairdressing awards, Most Wanted. Awarded to the best trend-led image of the year, Anne outshone a record-breaking number of entries to take this year’s title with her striking pastel bob.

Established by leading hair publication Creative HEAD in 2001, Most Wanted has become a beacon of brilliance – its trophies illuminating the most outstanding, progressive, and game-changing talents in British and Irish hairdressing. And the Grand Final? Well, it’s the culmination of the competition and the coolest and most coveted event in the hairdressing industry calendar. This year’s epic evening was hosted by award-winning comedian and writer Sophie Duker, with 680 prestigious names across hair, beauty, fashion, business, and media, coming together to celebrate the crowning of a new cohort of champions.

It fell to more than 70 independent experts to determine this year’s Most Wanted winners, including members of the beauty press, entrepreneurs, educators, and publicists. Among the judges, award-winning broadcaster, Ateh Jewel, beauty journalist Cassie Steer, director of revered talent agency, Premier Hair and Make-up, Lindsay Cruikshank, and a host of leading names in hairdressing, including session stylists Sam McKnight MBE, Mark Francome Painter and Anna Chapman, and business owners, Leah Hayden Cassidy, Larry King and Charlotte Mensah.

Anne wins a prestigious Most Wanted trophy, a prize from category sponsor Redken, publicity across the Creative HEAD brand and the opportunity to appear at Creative HEAD events.

Anne’s biggest artistic triumph since winning the British Hairdressing Awards, AIPP and Revlon Style Masters with her iconic collection “Silhouette”, all in 2016. Although she isn’t a stranger to winning at the Most Wanted, with consecutive wins in 2021 and 2022 for Sustainability Hero with partner Keith Mellen.

Vintage Essentials

I have taken my years of education experience – both in the classroom and online – and created a programme of ‘old school’ face-to-face education. I invite you to escape the restrictions of the digital world and join me in a real life, hands-on educational experience. Engage and interact with other hairdressers at my workshops, seminars and shows, at a location that suits you – your college, salon, academy or venue of your choice.

I love creating those timeless styles from the roaring twenties and I would like to share my passion with you on my new course “VINTAGE ESSENTIALS!

Classic vintage styles are always in demand. Learn how to create authentic finger waves and revisit traditional setting techniques to achieve hair looks influenced by the past – all with the help of modern tools and products.

Who is the course aimed at?
Hairdressers at all levels, plus stylists and make-up artists.

What should I bring?
Brushes, combs, sectioning clips, hairdryer and heated tongs/curling wand,
plus hair grips, pins and hair elastics.

If your education requirements are more specific, I can create a bespoke package
to suit your needs – simply contact us to discuss.
For more information and all bookings call Keith Mellen on 01865 744612 or email
To keep in touch with me for news and updates about my education and shows,
subscribe to my e-newsletter here!

Awards open doors!


It goes without saying that winning industry awards is a huge personal boost, offering ‘official’ confirmation that you are excelling in your field and achieving your goals. But have you considered the benefits to your business as a whole and the opportunities that can arise from claiming one of hairdressing’s most coveted trophies?

Current holders of the British Hairdressing Business Awards Sustainable Salon of the Year title, Anne Veck and Keith Mellen, co-founders of Anne Veck Limited, believe that their win, and the associated press coverage, have helped their sustainability mission reach a much wider audience, while also creating new business leads.

Amongst these are educational contracts, as well as endorsements of green initiatives such as their role in helping to develop the Nature Positive Business Pledge which has been created by the UK Business & Biodiversity Forum (upon which Keith Mellen sits); the launch of their own educational programme and bookings galore from global hairdressing giants Davines. Keith comments, “We are also having some interesting conversation with other brands who want to genuinely improve their sustainability offering, so watch this space for exciting next news.”

Anne said, “One amazing surprise was that we were contacted by academic Dr Katherine Sugar, a post-doctoral research associate at the University of Oxford. When Dr Sugar read of our awards success in sustainability in hairdressing, she wanted to include us in her academic study to demonstrate how SMEs across the UK can reduce their carbon emissions and help to tackle climate change.”

Keith and Anne’s unwavering commitment to sourcing eco alternatives for every area of their salon business has seen them become authority figures on the subject and led to the creation of their Salon RE:Source downloadable toolkit, which provides practical sustainability advice to other businesses.

“Every opening for us is another way and another audience with whom to share our ideas for making positive sustainable choices – and much of this has come about as a result of our awards success and the consequent media coverage” commented Keith Mellen. “The results show in the constantly growing numbers of salons and hairdressers downloading our Salon Re:Source toolkit to help them on their way; currently 1,650 hairdressers have chosen to use the toolkit for positive change, which is incredibly rewarding. Entering awards does often require a little time, effort or cost, but the opportunities that can arise from the experience makes it so worthwhile.”

To see Anne Veck’s awards and accolades click here.

Your spring eco wedding!

Spring is on the way and 2023 is in vogue for wedding extravaganzas!
Anne Veck loves everything sustainable and eco friendly, and she wanted to share with you some tips to make your wedding better for our planet!

Number one (obviously), come get your hair done by Anne Veck!!! She is based at Kelly’s Hair Oxford and the whole salon is designed with “its good to be kind” in mind! Anne uses Davines: an eco friendly and also carbon neutral all natural hair care range! Their packaging is made from recycled material and is recyclable again, and they have undertaken a tree planting initiative to help offset carbon emissions worldwide.

Number two, if you are still looking for some wedding rings, head on over to, Anne’s favourite jewelry designer. An independent craftswoman, she makes everything herself locally to reduce her carbon footprint, and can design you the most beautifully bespoke wedding rings!

wedding hair oxford and bicester

Number three, confetti! looks pretty, but a bit of a culprit when it comes to littering! We recommend buying a heart shapes hole puncher, and collecting leaves. Then when you’re chilling in the evening at home, binging some Netflix, get your hole puncher, get your leaves, and start punching away to your hearts content! You then have some beautiful heart shaped confetti that is totally environmentally friendly!

Number four, location location location! It is no secret that cars, planes, boats… vehicles of all kind are not great for our mother earth, so if you can choose a local venue that is easy to get to for yourself and your guests and keep that travel distance and time down!

Number five, if you haven’t decided on a decor yet, maybe go for the shabby chic, reusable, DIY look. Use potted plants instead of cut flowers, and try to plan what happens to said plants after your wedding day. Use things such as crates, jam jars etc.. for decoration. It might be a bit more work atn your end, but the end result is gorgeous and our planet will thank you.

I could carry on all day about tips and ideas to make a wedding more sustainable, but I’ll stop here. Anne hopes to see you for your special day, so we can make it extra magical.

To book your trial session, including consultation, with Anne, call Kelly’s Hair Oxford on 01865 727077.

by Chloe Mellen aka Dirty French Girl


How many of you heard of Veganuary?

“Veganuary is a non-profit organisation that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. During the 2022 campaign, more than 620,000 people took our pledge to try a vegan diet, while more than 1,540 new vegan products and menu options were launched in our key campaign countries.

Throughout the year, Veganuary encourages and supports people and businesses alike to move to a plant-based diet as a way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering, and improving the health of millions of people.”

I am aware we are well into January at this point, but the idea is interesting. Being entirely vegan may not actually be the best solution for the planet, but drastically reducing our meat consumption would definitely give mother earth a breather! So why not Feganbruary? Or just give it a go for a week, and then see if it can become part of your daily routine? (Editor’s note. DFG, have you tried saying Feganbruary out loud? Fegan’s Brewery? What’s their IPA like?)

Anyhow, veganism can actually be good for your hair IF done correctly (in the past I was a lazy vegan, my diet was not very well rounded at all, and it caused hair loss. However this would have been the same whether I had been eating meat, been veggie, pescatarian etc).

Having a healthy vegan diet helps lower blood pressure. FGF5 (Fibroblast growth factor 5, a protein) is the major contributor to deciding hair growth and length in human. But it has also been implicated in the development of hypertension. There is a link between hypertension and hair loss and one fabulous way to reduce hypertension is through a healthy plant based diet.
On a similar vein, a plant based healthy diet reduces cholesterol (no more fatty dairy products!), and cholesterol is also a main villain in our hair loss fairy tale.
Many of us do not realise that fast, healthy hair growth is down to healthy food, and vegetables provide a lot of the vitamins we need for our hair. So munching on all those gorgeous colourful veggies could be just what we all need to be rid of our winter breakage and have rapunzel-like hair in no time.

You can even get yourself some vegan pro hair tools for when you may need to style your hair in between appointments. Denman has taken the Veganuary vibes and developed a range of items perfectly in line with it’s ethos.

So how many of you will try being vegan for a week? a month? forever and ever? 🙂
Let us know!

Have a great day.


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