Summer Festival Hair At Last?

As summer draws closer, so does the feeling that we may get to enjoy a normal sunny season this year! And if, for you, thats usually dancing and drinking at multiple festivals all summer, it looks like thing might be on the up and up (check out this BBC article “which festivals will go ahead in 2021?”)

So, this begs the question, WHAT style, vibe and look are you going to be rocking at your first festival in two years? after year another lock down, let’s not just throw on a flower crown or a diamanté tiara and call it a day! You’ve got to make up for lost time, make one hell of an entrance, and make sure your hair is as unforgettable as the festival(s) you’ll be attending!

Get a reverse Ombre Pink? I wrote a article recently “Pink it to Win it” , and yes it is true, pink hair isn’t anything revolutionary at a festival, but the reverse ombre, with darker roots and lighter ends, gives it a new twist! And you can get some fabulous Davines products in store to maintain that pink throughout festival season!

Use some funky hair pins to spruce up any style?! Anne has collaborated with Dirty French Girl Jewellery (Moi) to make some pretty fun hair clips that would look banging on the festival circuit (or anywhere you want to be honest).

And what about hair chains? Anne and DFG have been working on some fun designs, so keep your eyes peeled, it could be your next summer look!

Be sups extra?

Get yourself some cool hair gel that’s also coloured and scrape it all back! And don’t stop at your hair, get some sticky diamantes and glitter involved and you’ll be the most shiny fairy unicorn fairy partying at any festival!

Hope my two cents have inspired you! Can’t wait to see what looks you all go for!


Hippy Hair: 2021’s summer of love!

As we gear up to come out of lockdown numero tres, I think we are all ready to enjoy some time outdoors, no stress, rocking the summer vibes, chilling that relaxed mood… and as I look into what hair trends I think are going to be big in the coming months, this is a wave that totally translates into what I have dubbed Hippy Hair.
I don’t know about you, but when I think Hippy, I think 70s, relaxed, chilling out, maybe smoking something you shouldn’t be, catching some rays, and just enjoying life… basically what we are all looking forward to doing! So, them 70s fashion vibes gonna be hitting the streets hard! what exactly does the mean? well, let me give you concrete hair examples of the coming big trends!
(Editors note: Hippies were in the 60s. The Summer of Love was 1967. I know I was there.)

1.The Mullet Shag!
Now, if you follow many or any hairdressers on the gram, this is a style that has been rearing its hairy head since the first lockdown, and is now gathering momentum with the general populace, in no small part thanks to Miley Cyrus rocking the look! And it’s cool, the shaggier and messier the better and cooler you look! Anne has been rocking this style, in varying degrees of mullet ness, for a couple years now, so if you want to give it a go, she’s your gal!


2.Curtain Fringe 🙂
Personal favourite (currently growing my fringe out so I can have one) the name explains it well! Long fringe, parted at the middle, as a sort of curtain for your face (or it can be cut shorter getting longer from the middle outwards). Easy to style (doesn’t need to be super precisely blowdried straight like a traditional fringe) and quick to grow out if you decode its not for you!

3.The Long Mod Fringe!
So Rihanna is rocking one of these at the moment, and really looks superbe! Typically heavier, thicker, longer, this fringe has deffo 70s hippie vibes! and there is just something so sexy about it: that cool girl smoulder just kills it every time!

4. Pink it to win it!
Its summer, we’re feeling those hippy vibes, and who says hippies, says colour!!! check out an article I wrote a few weeks ago all about how pink is the colour to try this season —> Click Here

5.Supa Dupa Long Hair!
One perk of lockdown, plenty of time to grow your hair! and who doesn’t love long beautiful locks of hair in summer, shimmering in the sun? If if you didn’t grow the as much as you want, enquire about Anne Veck’s awesome hair extension services!!!

So, do you think you’ll be trying any of these styles out? Whether you’re hungry for something new, or want to stick to your tried and trusted, we’re open again soon, so email to book now 😉

Have a lovely day
xxx DFG

Pink it to win it!

Anne, with her trade mark varying hues of pink hair, called it!
The trend for playful pink hair began during lock 1.0, when bored celebs decided to get experimental! But here we are one year on, and the trend has not died out, the craze has grown and we now see rose hair everywhere from the streets to on the gram and tiktok!

But pink hair is a fair bit of work, and needs to be applied on a a clean bleached base to look its best! so can IT work for everyone? DIY hair, especially when it involves bleach, is risqué!!! But if you can wait til 12th April for your “pink hair don’t care” spice of life, we have some utterly fantastic products that will get you down that pink brick road in no time!

Pink is high maintenance colour! It can only really be achieved as a toner, on a bleached base! This means it washes out rather quickly, however with our awesome Davines Alchemy Range, which is basically a combo of colour and conditioner, you can maintain you pink at home in a safe nourishing way!!!

So as tempting as it may be to try and copy all those celebs, wait for the proper hair care, so we can get you looking pretty in pink, without all your hair falling out 😉

Remember, to book your pink transformation, email with your mobile telephone number.

til next time


by DFG

Colour Communication

We’ve all heard of the language of love…. but what about the language of colour?
I know, before I started colouring my hair and being a bit more YOLO with my look, one thing that “stopped”, me so to speak, was the worry that I wouldn’t be able to convey what I wanted properly to my stylist… and the desired look would get lost in translation, and I’d end up with the complete opposite to my dream hair… It would quite literally send me down an silly panic spiral, so I would just do…nothing!

So I thought to myself “dayum… what if other lovely people out there wants to get some crazy hair done but don’t dare? I should write a lil sumin on colour communication, a sort of thesaurus of translation for the customer and stylist to be on the same page!!!” SO, here we are!!!

First of, WE ALL love saying things like “Chocolate Mauve colour”, or “Buttery Blond highlights”, and this may read well in magazines or as a gram caption, but it doesn’t really describe the colour that effectively to anyone ! So to avoid misunderstanding, we should all use much more explicit words (and ask your colourist to do so also if need be ) and just say “warm brown with some hints of red” or “a colder blond, with silvery grey highlights” for example!

Second tip: VISUALS!!!! This can be from magazines, pinterest, insta… But if you follow your stylist online, and see a colour they have done in the past you like, show them that!!! They’ll know how to do it because they’ve done it before, and probably be hella chuffed and happy your using their own work as a example (just beware of filters, and make sure you say you want the colour on the photo with or without filter etc…)

And finally.. the consultation! I always used to find these a draaaaag and didn’t really understand why I couldn’t just rock up to my appointment and be like ” I want this colour please”. Until one day, my stylist, finally explained! Each colour service is bespoke to the customer, because not one of us has the same history, same natural colour, thickness etc… so the consultation is for us to discuss which colour we want, and for the stylist to after design and figure out the best colour mix to use, to get us where we want to be! So my last bit of advice is pay attention to the consultations lol! I know, sounds basic, but really this will be the basis of what you get done, so really worth not skipping it 🙂

Hope this was helpful! Anne and the team wait to see you all after lockdown!
xxx DFG

P.S. And, most important, if the salon says you need a skin test before your appointment, make sure you get this done. You don’t want an allergic reaction, do you? Some salons don’t insist, avoid like the plague.

Davines NaturalTech- Does it really do what it says on the bottle?

Davines’ NaturalTech Energising Superactive range shampoo, conditioner and stimulant serum is advertised as a bit of holy trinity for increased hair growth! And I am the first to be hella sceptic of these sort of products!

However, during the first lockdown of 2020, my anxiety, mental and physical health, and to some extent diet (I was vegan at the time), got to a point when I lost 50% of my hair! I was hyper aware of this, as I had just spent a year growing out bleach, my hair was finally thick, full, healthy and ready to grow to lengths I hadn’t seen since I was 14! But alas, it was not meant to be. As I lost the thickness, it also began to break and simply wouldn’t grow! Now, I know to many this can seem incredibly vain, but I really lost a lot of self confidence, felt very unattractive, and “luckily” it was lock down, because I did not want to leave the house!

And then I got to chatting with Anne via the gram. She recommended these products. I took a bit of convincing, but then I thought “Lets do it! lets splurge, its not like I’m spending my money on nights out so whatever!” and I ordered them!
The holy trinity came with specific instructions: you must wash your hair every other day (which was hard for me, I am a bit too obsessed with dry shampoo) and then others bits on how to apply the serum.

Before I began the Davines treatment.

Week 1

SO, full disclosure, yes I dyed my hair black and trimmed it! But even after a week it just felt stronger! More substantial if you will! What do you think ?

Week 2

So, week 2 and my hair is feeling thicker and I could swear it’s growing a bit quicker (could tell because fringe became annoying)!!!

Week 3

This was the week I noticed the most dramatic growth.
My hair is feeling hella soft, strong and thicker at this point! (I was soooooo happy, confidence was starting to come back!!!)
Also, funny side note, I had a horrible migraine this day! The serum works by increasing blood flow to the scalp and I SWEAR on my two cats it helped the headache go away!

Week 5

(skipped week 4 because that was over Christmas and legit forgot to take the photos… I was too busy drinking and eating hehheh) BUT CHECK THAT GROWTHH WOOOOO

I have since cut my hair again (decided growing it out long was overrated, and that I quite liked the short, Amelie Poulin style bob) but this photo shows that I definitely got my thickness back!

So, I may still be skeptical of other products, but Davines definitely has my trust! Convinced? We have some just for you at the online shop!

xxx DFG

Feel Good Haircare to combat the lockdown neggies!

So, here we are again in another lockdown… which is not great.
Silver lining IT SURELY IS the beginning of the end, with three vaccines hitting the streets, and the UK, Europe and the World developing plans to stick everyone with a needle as fast as humanely possible!

But if you are feeling the lockdown neggies, and your morale isn’t as positive as it could be, remember that 1. SURVIVING 2020 (and 2021) is ENOUGH! Dealing with our mental health is difficult in normal non pandemic apocalyptical times, so at the moment, getting up every morning and just acknowledging that you are here and not gone totally bat shit crazy, well that is success!!! and deserves a reward.. So why not treat yourself to some feel good haircare, and let the pampering take away those negative thoughts!

Davines has a range of awesome hair masks to choose from!!! No matter what you hair type, Davines has the perfect product to pamper it. Check out what we have in the online shop HERE, or email us at with any questions!

Know someone that needs that special little something to look forward to, so they can get through these tumultuously odd days that we are now living in? Why not treat them to an Anne Veck Voucher, so they know they can look their absolute best in no time once this is all over! Or if you want a more instant, tangible gift, check out Anne Veck’s resident jeweller Dirty French Girl for banging swaggerific designs to make you drool! (she even has ten percent off for all of February with the code twenty10off)

Whatever you are doing during this lockdown, we can’t wait to see you once we are allowed to open our doors!!!


Hair Myths Debunked!

Here at Anne Veck Oxford we are all about the hair! Your hair! Some of us have been working in the industry for a long time now, and over the years we have noticed quite a few recurring questions, fuelled by some strange hair myths, and we thought we would debunk them for you!

As a little intro, let’s start by saying that on average we have 120,000 hairs on our head (blondes a little more, red heads a little less). Hair is a confusing fibre because it is both dead and alive at the same time, this is why it creates so many questions. The hair we see is dead, but it is beautiful and strong (unlike basically all other dead things). A full head of hair is strong enough to carry an elephant and stretch to 5 times its length). And the hair under the scalp is of course alive
On average hair grows about 1/1.5cm per month and grows in a cycle of 7 years (good thing its cyclical, otherwise every 7 years we would all be completely bald for a while lol).
Our hair, as well as being our best fashion accessory, is also vital: it protects our brain and is a very accurate barometer of our overall health (if your hair thins, or changes or something, it is almost always a sign of something else health wise you might not otherwise notice)

So, without further ado, lets begin the debunking!

Myth number 1:

Cutting hair makes it grow faster!
Cutting hair keeps it healthy. You remove the split ends, so it does not break, and this give the impression it grows faster!

Myth number 2:
Shock/stress/trauma can turn your hair grey.
But not overnight. As mentioned in the intro, hair grows in cycles, so the trauma will turn the hair currently under your scalp grey, and then you need to wait for that growth cycle to begin to see it!

Myth number 3:
Pull out a grey hair, and 10 will grow back in its place!
I mean first off, your hair follicle is big enough to fit one folic, maybe two, not ten! But pulling hair out is bad, it will damage the follicle and make it harder for the hair to grow back at all, causing hair thinning (bad for the hair on our head, but this is why waxing is popular for our intimates).

Myth number 4:
Brushing my hair 100 strokes a day is good for it!
This will cause hair erosion! Too much vigour and repetition will just pull your hair out, scratch the scalp, and do much more damage than good! Only brush what you need to get rid of knots!

Myth number 5:
Blond hair will go green in the swimming pool.
This is true for non natural blonds. The chlorine reacts with the products used to lighten the hair, oxidizing, causing the hair to go a khaki green!

Myth number 5:
Colouring hair will make it fall out.
False false false! Colouring hair, which means going a darker shade, is adding to what is already there, and does not damage to your hair and will not cause it to fall out. However bleaching, for highlights for example, is stripping natural colour away from your existing hair strand, making the hair weaker, this can cause breaking if not done professionally, and if the chemicals are abused, which can be mistaken for hair falling out. To avoid this, the best thing is to get some good treatments. Your hair is a bit like a vintage car, take good care of it and it can last your whole life, mistreat it and it will fall apart.

Myth number 6:
Shampoo is bad your hair, you should only use conditioner and let it self clean.
So this is oddly something I keep hearing. Hair does not self clean! It is an extension of your body, subject to the elements, sweat etc… you would not stop showering your body and expect it to self clean, and it is exactly the same for you hair!
Shampoo is used to cleanse the scalp as well as the hair, loosen dirt and debris from both of these areas. If you imagine the hair strand as having scales, the shampoo opens the scales to really get in deep and clean. The conditioner is designed to close those scales, and hydrate… so you can’t use only this.

I hope you found my Q&A informative, any other questions don’t hesitate to send them to us in instagram, we love to hear from you.

Have a great day

Dirty French Girl

The Bob is back!

The bob is the most banging hair cut to have right now, according to a Google search survey led by a hairdressing insurance company. According to data collected, The Bob has 222580 average monthly searches, and it is not only the most popular hair cut in the UK, but also America, Germany, and Brussels too.

And really, this is not surprising! The bob is one of the most versatile looks there is! You can go for short Amelie Poulin type bob, a long bob, layered bob, longer at the front/shorter at the back bob, with a fringe or no fringe…. The bob is easy to wear, versatile and can basically suit any face shape!
Anne says “Because 2020 has been such a hassle of a year, for 2021 it is nice to have a hassle free hair cut, easy to manage and maintain, that looks good when it grows out, because who knows when we’ll be able to open the salon again!”

The huge surge in popularity might also have to do with the year 2020 itself! Bobs are associated with the 1920s, and at the beginning of the year, the internet was rich with memes, images and articles about how this was the start of the new 20s: post war decadence, party galore and lots of fun to be had. And 100 years ago, cutting your hair into a bob was quite the statement : hair was used to symbolize femininity and attract a husband, and what better way to express the new found post war freedom women were experiencing that cutting off the hair that was a symbol of their oppression. Lock down put a stop to the partying of 2020, but the idea that we could still emulate the 1920s style had been planted in our minds eye, and it seems we followed through! We can’t control what the pandemic does, but the popularity of the bob is a strong symbol that the public mindset is that of freedom and hope that 2021 has better things to come!

Here are some beautiful bob examples we have cut in the salon this year!

And a couple pictures from some of Anne’s Fabtastic collections!

So why not give a Bob a chance next time your in?
Can’t wait to see you again ;P

By Dirty French Girl

Winter hair woes and how to avoid them! Protect your hair against the cold.

In winter we often change our skin routine, but routinely forget about our hair! And even though we love our hair, this slip of the mind mean it does not always love us back. So here are four commons ways in which winter damages our hair, and four easy solutions to keep our locks in line, so we can look gorgeous, even when the weather sucks!

1. The Cold! Pretty obvious, it is winter, less heat, so it is colder. But we often forget this means our hair takes longer to dry! So if you’re used to using hair straighteners or curlers, and don’t allow your hair more time to dry, you’re going to hear a slightly alarming sizzling sound when using your styling tools!!! This is the water still inside your hair heating up, turning to steam, and damaging the inner structure of your hair. But it’s such a super easy fix! If you let your hair dry naturally, give it a bit more time, or towel dry a bit more thoroughly, and then use the hair dryer. Davines also have a great spray hair shield, to help prevent damage from straightener and curlers!

2. The Cold… again! With less humidity in the air, our scalp produces less oil and our hair is grease free for longer! As a result we do not need to wash it as much. But often we wash our hair out of habit rather than necessity. If we remove the essential and natural oils too much, this can cause flaky and itchy scalp (dandrufffff aaaa) and brittle hair! So, when the temperature drops, so should our shampooing frequency!

3. Now combine this cold outside air, with indoor heating, and you have another threat to your luscious locks! The combo of going in and out, from cold to hot and hot to cold, sucks the moisture out of our hair and can cause it to break! Anne recommends style that keep your hair contained and together (kind of like how penguins huddle together for warmth, keep your hair together for moisture) such as braids, plaits and buns… We also have a fabulous KeraCare moisturizing masque,that is great in winter to keep the breakage at bay!

4. Those “contained” hair styles are also a great way to avoid our last winter threat : Coat Hair!!! Have you ever noticed in winter that back of your hair always get way knottier, sometimes a surprise mini dreadlock appears out of thin air, and you end up with broken ends… Well as gorgeous as they are, you can blame your winter coat for this, hair gets trapped between layers of jumper and coat and gets all tangled! So styling your hair really helps, or getting an anti static spray, or anti frizz oil can works wonders!!!!

by Dirty French Girl

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