Anne Veck has been appointed as one of two “Salon Sustainability Champions” by the new Hairstyling Tool Collective, a pre-competitive alliance launched by Denman International and Olivia Garden Europe.

“The Hairstyling Tool Collective is proud to work with Anne Veck Limited in recognition of their constant effort to drive sustainability in the hairdressing industry”, the collective explained at their launch at the hair industry’s premier trade show, Salon International, in October 2023.

The Hairstyling Tool Collective invited Anne Veck of Anne Veck Limited and Melenie Tudor of En Route Hair & Beauty to be its inaugural Salon Champions. Martyn Wady, International Business Manager at Denman, says: “We are so grateful to Anne and Melenie. The Salon Champions are an essential role. Our Champions will help us with advice on initiatives from the salon owner perspective, testing recycled products and importantly offering oversight, ensuring that the Collective is delivering on the commitments made in the Charter.”

Anne Veck is already a renowned hair industry eco warrior, winning multiple hairdressing sustainability awards and publishing her renowned tool kit Salon RE:Source. Anne says: “It is great to see these major hair industry manufacturers working together in a pre-competitive space to resolve the sustainability challenges which face us all. I sincerely hope many more companies join this forward-looking project and I’m looking forward to being involved.”

Working together, through shared knowledge and collaborative efforts, the new project can make a significant impact throughout the whole industry – from suppliers to stylists on the shop floor. Next will be to recruit more manufacturers to work together to reduce waste and carbon emissions!

Here is an outline of their charter:

Aim – A collaboration to lessen the environmental impact and increase the sustainability of hair tool products and to jointly support organizations, activities and endeavors that will help achieve these aims.

We aim to produce more sustainable products and bring greater sustainability to hairdressers in their daily lives. We have established this charter to outline our shared objectives and determination to make a positive impact in our industry.

Promoting sustainable
Encouraging responsible manufacturing practices
Measuring greenhouse gas emissions
Raising awareness and training hairdressers
Collaboration and knowledge sharing
Transparency and accountability

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