Here is our updated risk assessment for the salon dated 15 July 2021, carried out to meet the revised government regulations effective 19th July 2021 and to direct our efforts to reduce the risk of transmission and to protect the health of clients, employees and all visitors.
It has been posted here from a word document and the presentation has gone slightly awry! If you would like a clearer version, email and Keith will send you it!


Hazards/risk People at risk Risk level

Deterioration of salon employees low
during lockdown clients

Action taken Date

Reoccupation checklist completed before reopen 29/6/20

Hazard/risk People at risk Risk level

Working on reception & employees medium
styling positions clients
Action taken Date

On line (zoom) consultations given prior from late June 20, most consultations in salon 19 July onwards
to service
Clients told during consultation about revised safety July 2021
Sufficient time allowed for service to be
completed safely ( extra time) from 4th July
Action to allow safe movement around salon from 4th July
Social distancing 1m + at all times from 4th July
Alternate positions only in use from 4th July
Signs displayed advising safety precautions 30th June
Hand sanitiser at reception and in loo from 4th July
No unnecessary contact eg hugs, handshakes from 3rd July
Retail products presented to clients and returned to
shelves will be disinfected from 4th July

Hazard/risk People at risk Risk level

Visitors to salon Employees medium
gathering in small groups clients
Action taken Date

Move people on from “pinch points” inc.
front door/reception, corridor, outside loo from 4th July
Visitors advised to be patient and wait for others from 4th July
to move on
Signs at front door and reception 30th June

Hazard/risk People at risk Risk level

Staff spreading virus Employees Medium

Action taken Date

Daily checks to ask if they or members of household Daily from 4th July
have symptoms
Basic infection controls as per gvnt guidelines inc.
cover mouth & nose with tissue or sleeve if cough or sneeze
Put used tissues in bib immediately
Wash hands with soap & water often
Avoid close contact with anyone unwell
Clean & disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
inc. tools & equipment
Don’t touch eyes, nose or mouth if hands not clean From 4th July
Salon cleaning schedule before & after each client
PPE to be worn by staff- face coverings & visor. Except for health reasons inc, staff with asthma 19 July 2021
PPE to be worn by cleints – face coverings. Except for health reasons.
Perspex screen at reception From 4th July

Hazard/risk People at risk Risk level

Contact with contaminated Employees medium
materials Clients

Action taken Date

Space allocated for clients’ personal belongings to 30th June
be stored separately
Only clients will handle own belongings From 4th July
No drinks will be served From 4th July
Clients can fill own cups etc at water machine From 4th July
No magazines will be offered From 4th July
Clients will dispose of own waste direct to bin From 4th July
Hands washed after post handled From 3rd July
Deep clean before opening 1st July
Contact points cleaned frequently 1st July onwards
Tools sanitised (UV and disinfectant) after use From 4th July
Soap, sanitiser, tissues, paper towels, sterilising equipment
& fluid always in stock From 3rd July
Waste disposed of in lined bin and then in salon’s From 3rd July
waste bins.
Hands washed after handling waste. From 3rd July

Assessments carried out by Keith Mellen 30th June 2020 and 15th July 2021

Gold Class Hair Extensions Exclusive!

Gold Class Hair Extensions are exclusive to Anne Veck at Kelly’s Hair Oxford!

Let Anne share with you the secrets of Gold Class hair extensions.  These amazing 100% human hair extensions are handpicked and gently processed for expert application to give the ultimate designer label hair.

Kelly’s Hair Oxford is one of a select few salons in the UK to offer Gold Class hair extensions.  They have a huge celebrity following including Michelle Heaton, Sam & Billie Faiers, Mischa Barton  and Michelle Keegan and here’s why: they are a little different from other extensions on the market.

Following a ‘Healthy Hair Days Philosophy,’ your consultation includes a scalp and hair analysis to asses the true condition and suitability of your hair and scalp.  Anne can then prescribe any treatments to get your own hair and scalp in the best condition so you can make the most out of your extensions.  She will also talk in depth about the process and maintenance and most importantly the look you want to create and your perfect colour.

The hair is the best quality hand-selected Indian Temple Hair available in a range of colours and lengths. Gold Class founder, Inanch Emir, visits the temples in Ind1a personally to ensure her hair supply is both top quality and 100% ethical.  With a pre-bonded application method, Gold Class bonds are kind to the hair and scalp creating tiny discreet bonds. Anne will expertly apply the bonds to give the most natural results.

Anne will give you an aftercare programme to help you care for your extensions at home and away so they look as good as the day we put them in.  Gold Class hair extensions are recommended for 3-4months wear when Anne can safely remove your extensions and see the improvements in your own hair & scalp by following the prescribed aftercare.

Anne has been individually trained by her friend Inanch Emir of Inanch London, the creator of Gold Class. (And in return, Anne trained Inanch is avant-garde techniques!)

Anne Veck is one of the most experienced extensionists in the U.K., having offered this service in her salons since 1991 and having been a brand ambassador for two of the leading U.K. brands.

See Midas Touch the beautiful collaboration created by Anne, Inanch of Gold Class and our great friend and uber talented hairdresser and photographer Desmond Murray. Simply stunning!

Book your Gold Class hair extensions consultation with Anne by calling Kelly’s Hair Oxford on
01865 727077.
P.S. If Gold Class isn’t the best solution for you, Anne also offers LoxBox, Balmain and Sleek!
< "Gold Class hair: ethically sourced and the best quality you can get" The Telegraph "Famous, flawless and paparazzi ready - this is the A-list way to do hair extensions" Layered Online



Hi everyone, we have decided it will be for the best if we close down temporarily as of 6.00 pm this evening. This means the salon will not open on Monday 23rd March and will remain closed until it is safe to reopen. We shall be communicating this to clients individually via texts, Anne’s Secrets and telephone calls so we aim to minimise the inconvenience.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and company in the salon. I think everyone in the team is going to miss being with their lovely clients very badly.

If you need some shampoo, conditioner or other hair care products, do visit our shop and for anything not appearing there, just send an email to with details of what you need and we’ll sort it out! Also, you can buy your next appointment in advance by buying a gift voucher from the online shop. The use by date will be extended indefinitely……

Keep well everyone and we hope to see you again soon.
Best wishes Anne Veck and the Anne Veck Oxford team.

Anne Veck’s Answers on Autumn Trends

Hi Anne, how are you today?

-I’m great thanks! I’v spent a fabulous day in my atelier working on some wigs, I have been practising making front lace wigs. I then went for a long cycle and now I’m looking forward to a big dinner, that I’m getting my hubby to cook 😀

So, lets get straight to it. Summer was great and all, but what has all this sun actually done to our hair?

– Well, you know how when you go in the sun your hair gets lighter? It’s a bit like a natural bleach. Prolongued exposure to the sun’s UV and UVB rays damage the outside of the hair, the cuticle. So it gets lighter, which can look nice. But it also causes dry hair, makes it brittle and causes it to break into split ends, which can make it look thin and frizzy. And no one likes dry, thin and frizzy hair. And with all this sun, we’ve been bathing more. Either in swimming pool or going to the beach, so our hair has had increased exposure to chlorine and salt!!! Both of these make the hair even dryer. SO basically the sun was great and all, but we’ve been sort of sucking the life out of our hair…

Oh dear…Ok, this is a salvageable situation right? We’re not stuck with straw ends on our heads until it fully grows back?

-Of course its salvageable haha! Next summer I recommend going swimming with a leave in conditioner or a mask on your hair, the “greasiness” provides extra protection, similarly to how water rolls off duck feathers, the water, hence chlorine and salt, will roll off your hair. And all the while our hair will be absorbing all the conditioning goodiness from the product! It’s a win win.

Well it’s a relief to know our hair is going to be ok ;). Winter is coming, as they say, but before the bitter ice cold sets in, what autumn trends do you see being most popular in the coming months?

– Au Natural is the theme for AW19/20 and colour is moving away from the shocking brights and bolds of the past. Freehand balayage, and lighter strands painted around the face is still reigning strong to mimic hair lightened by sunshine, using the blended root effect for a more natural grow out. Less dramatic colour means less commitment. Customers can change their hair hue more often! The subtlety of faded pastel hair will be part of this reaction against big and bold colour: a wash of colour, as opposed to a saturated covering. It’s less of a commitment and looks more like a little blush on the hair. Model Ariela Soares rocked a light-blue hue for the Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 runway show – which I admired for its understated feel. Subtle tones will be bigger this season, as hair colour mirrors the gentleness of water colour paintings; colour strokes merging and melting into one another with a mixture of stronger brush strokes on a palette of mellow natural tones. Dirty Brunette: The tousled, natural appeal of dirty blonde is migrating to darker hair this season. It’s now the turn of dirty brunette to be in the limelight. Steering away from either side of the icy or warm spectrum, this well-crafted and well-placed colour technique looks effortless and natural, focusing on the steady middle of neutral shades. It works best on naturally brown bases, incorporating dark blonde ends and subtle thin panels throughout the hair for an understated smoky vibe. And it’s perfect for giving natural depth. ‘Dimension’ is the word of the season. Start away from the root, focusing on a bit more ‘pop’ at the ends. It’s about accentuating the natural hair with kisses of lighter tones – brilliant for an autumnal transitional shade. In the salon, we’re using ‘The Magnet’ from Revlon, an amazing shine enhancer which removes heavy metals and pollutants that have crept into the strands, bringing it to shiny life again. We mix this pollution neutraliser with colourant to enhance tone and protect against damage.

And what about hair cuts? I tend to lean towards sharp short bobs and a thick fringe myself… I hope I wont look totally off trend and uncool lol…

– No, I think you will be totally fine 😉 Whilst colour goes gentler, cuts get edgier. The blunt bob will gain more popularity in the coming months as shorter hair continues the reaction against perfect styling. Punchy and punky crops with broken lengths are the power looks of the season. Combine these shorter locks with products that produce a dry finish. Invisible styling and invisible finishes are the key to keeping it simple and statement. Chop hair at the jawline to make it appear fuller and as thick as possible. The style works best on straight hair but can be altered for every face shape. Jawline cuts give volume on the sides to counteract long face shapes, but if you want to create length in a rounder or more angular face shape, leave the length longer. Whilst not going back to the shaggy, feathered style made famous by Farrah Fawcett, mid length hair still weaves in all of the looseness, independent and free-spirited feel of 70s women finding their groove. Expect to see raw edges – not super clean cut – but weighty long bobs that sit between the jaw and collar bone. This one in particular is a great in-between cut for anyone who’s transitioning from a shorter to longer length because the layers keep hair from looking too heavy.  For curly hair, apply a curling cream product like Style Masters Fanaticurl, twisting the curls, helping them along with a diffuser or letting them air-dry. Finish by separating the curls with your fingers and sine it up with a bit of Orofluido Oil.

Well thank you Anne for all this! Some great tips for our readers and myself 😛

DARK SECRETS my 2018 avant garde collection


I shot two collections for The British Hairdressing Awards in 2018 and as usual I targeted three categories: Southern, Avant Garde and Colour. I often enter Afro Hairdresser of the Year as well but decided to take a break this year. I’m very lucky that Revlon Professional sponsor my collections.

My avant garde collection, “Dark Secrets” has an unusual back story. Earlier in the year, I was contacted by Grzegorz Sikorski, a photographer based in Katowice, Poland, who asked if I would work with him on the photographs for a calendar which he produced each year. On the basis that he would pay my expenses and that I could use the photographs if I wished, I agreed.

Everything went as planned and I was enjoying my trip to Poland, but I got a bit of a shock on the first day on set! What I hadn’t realised was that each year Grzegorz shoots what you might euphemistically call an old fashioned Pirelli style calendar! In other words, all the models posed totally naked.

OK. So I gritted my teeth and got on with it. No one seemed to mind, everyone was happy and behaving normally. And we created some beautiful images. But nothing I thought I could use!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, back in Oxofrd a few weeks later , I thought I’d ask Grzegorz if he would agree to redo the photos so they were either shoulders up or the naughty bits were discretely fuzzy. He did and the results comprise my collection ” Dark Secrets”. I like it more each time I revisit it and I hope you do too. You can see it here.

Dark Secrets credits.
Hair Anne Veck assisted by Jowita Holt | Photography for Grzegorz Sikorski for Dagma Photo

Make-up Kaya Karasinska and Anna Krzak | Collection sponsored by Revlon Professional

NHF announce Anne Veck as new Ambassador

Introducing the NHF & the NBF’s new ambassadors

This what the National Hairdressers’ Federation had to say…

“We are delighted to announce that Anne Veck, Christian Wiles and Hellen Ward will become new industry ambassadors for the NHF and the NBF. All three ambassadors will be making their debut at the NHF’s Business Awards on Sunday 4 November.

They will take on the high-profile role of motivating and inspiring members across the UK to build successful and profitable businesses. All three ambassadors will be making their debut at the NHF’s Business Awards on Sunday 04 November. Visit for more information.

Anne Veck, who runs award-winning salons in Oxford and Bicester will become the NHF’s new Hair Ambassador. Anne explains, “I can’t understand how salon owners manage without being members! The NHF has been a lifeline for us ever since I opened my first salon over 25 years ago, so being asked to embark on the role of Hair Ambassador was a real honour.”

And Anne Veck Oxford salon is a finalist for Best Independent Hair or Beauty Salon in the NHF Business Awards! Should be an interesting evening…!

We love balayage, do you?

Balayage suits any colour you desire, blonde,brunette or rainbow!  Here are our top colour trends that will make you go running to your nearest Anne Veck salon.


Works with all colours- with warmer shades for a brunette and pastel hues for blondes. Rose gold is truly the perfect easy-to-wear shade.

2. Mermaid Blue 

Rock this blue hair trend by blending together shades of grey, blues and blacks to create a soft pastel blue balayage against a darker teal base, giving your hair a beautiful romantic look.

3. Sun-kissed Brunette 

To brighten up your locks without it being too drastic, then ask your stylist to keep your balayage within two shades of your natural hair colour,to will give you a subtle, sun-kissed lift.

4. Cherry Red 

A cherry red balayage is a bold and daring shade- not for the faint-hearted! The perfect statement colour that packs a punch.


From peachy tones or brighter orange ends, this looks great on warmer skin tones. Talk to us and we’ll recommend tones best suited to your features.

6.Icy Platinum 

This gorgeous silver hair trend is still going strong, but instead of going all-out with a full head of colour, try a high contrast approach. Keep the roots dark  and the ends icy bright.

7.Candy Floss Pink

Pink hair is fab and including this shade into your balayage is a low maintenance way to showcase this trend.


Your hair will stand out from the crowd with a violet balayage. Go for discreet lighter shades or go all in with vibrant tones to create a striking ombré look.

9.Ashy Blonde 

Go ashy for a gorgeous blonde colour with cooler hues. This  is the ultimate it-girl look and thanks to balayage, it’s not off limits to brunettes either!

So do come and see us for your balayage! Don’t forget, you may need an allergy test 48 hours prior to your colour appointment.


Hello everyone

We’d love to invite you to join us at our Big Hair Do event at Anne Veck 17 Crown Walk Bicester, brought to you by Layered Online in association with Creative HEAD magazine! What is it? It’s the biggest hairdressing party to take place – ever. On Wednesday 26th September 100 salons across the country will throw open their doors for a unique hairdressing event filled with fun, hair care products, stylist expertise and at Anne Veck Bicester cut & blow dries(men & women) for just £25 and colour for just £60! Wow I hear you say, what’s the catch? None really…however, for colour you may need an allergy test 48 hours before and for everyone, we’ll be collecting for charity so remember to bring all the money you have saved on your appointment and give, give, give!

There will be full to bursting goody bags, a raffle and fundraising fun,  drinks and nibbles and Anne and her amazing salon team to update your look for the season ahead!

We shall be raising money for two charities: Sobell House, who provide palliative and end of life care locally and The Alternative Hair Charitable Foundation which raises funds to fight leukaemia.

WHEN AND WHERE: Wednesday  25th September 2018, 9.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. @ Anne Veck, 17 Crown Walk, Bicester, OX26 6HY.

TO BOOK: call us now on 01869 248495 or book on line here.

P.S. Did you know that The Alternative Hair Show has raised over £8.5 million for leukaemia research and to help children and families affected by blood diseases. The Anne Veck Artistic Team is privileged to take part this year (Sunday 14th October at the Freemasons’ Hall in London) for the 8th time! Buy some raffle tickets to win 2 tickets to the greatest hair show on earth!)



Anne Veck has been nominated for International Hairdresser of the Year 2018/19 in two seperate awards! For the 2nd time in the Canadian Contessa Awards which celebrates its 30th birthday this year and for the 1st time in the brand new International Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Revlon Professional, Revlon and Esthetica magazines.

In the latter, Anne is one of just 4 big names in UK hairdressing out of 30 hairdressers from around the world to be named! Finally establishing our favourite stylist in the first rank of hairdressing talent in UK and world wide! (Well we are definitely biased!). Up to now, Anne’s biggest award wins have been British Hairdressing Awards Southern Hairdresser of the Year 2016 and Revlon Professional Style Master Global Winner, also 2106. She has presented 7 times at the biggest and most prestigious international hairdressing show The Alternative Hair Show and also in the last 12 months, at big events in Canada and Brazil.

Everyone at Anne Veck salons is thrilled at the recognition Anne has earned for her amazing talent, now truly recognised world wide! Everything crossed for the final stages for the Contessas and the International Hairdressing Awards!

We hope you like the photos. This is what Anne looks like when she wins!
Anne Veck Southern Hairdresser of the Year 2016

Your countdown to perfect wedding hair

Your countdown to perfect wedding hair

There are a million and one things to think about now you are getting married. So I do hope my little guide will at least help with planning your big day hair with perfect wedding hair!

Six months until your wedding: Find the right wedding hairdresser (hey that’s me!)

How good is your hairdresser at wedding hair and updos? Do find out, some stylists hate doing up dos!

If you decide to go for a new hairdresser, give yourself six months to find someone you’re happy with! Planning in advance will also allow you to work out your bridal hair budget. Think about your mum, bridesmaids, etc. Do you want everyone to be styled by your hairdresser? It’s also essential to ask if the hairdresser is willing (and can) travel to your wedding venue or home and what this will cost.

Four months until your wedding: Choose your perfect wedding hairstyle

There are two options really. Either stick to your natural style and simply enhance it with an accessory, or go all out with a wedding updo. The most important thing is to find a hairstyle that you’re happy with and will make you feel confident on your big day.

Your wedding dress will also play a big part in dictating your hairstyle. If you’re going for something Grecian, a half up or half down do that looks more relaxed is best. Likewise, a high neck or long sleeved dress will look stunning with an elegant ballerina bun that shows off any intricate detailing on the dress. Make sure your hairdresser knows what they’re working with!

Want an updo but have short or fine hair? Then consider hair extensions. Whether they’re individual pieces or clip-ins, if you discuss with your hairdresser now you’ll have enough time to find the right option.

Two months until your wedding: Step up your haircare routine

You’ll want shiny, glossy hair on your wedding day so put the work in now and within eight weeks you’ll be able to see a noticeable difference. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of hair-dulling product residue and add a hydrating hair mask into your routine. And if you’re worried about your hair looking lifeless, invest in a scalp serum or hair thickening treatment. And of course, keep talking to your hairdresser for the best product recommendations.

One month until your wedding: Book your hair trial

Book your trial session with your stylist so you can try out as many different wedding day looks as possible. Bring along that all-important picture of your dress and take any accessories with you that you might wear on the day, such as a tiara, veil and earrings. Take pictures to check it from every angle and if you’re not happy, speak up. There’s still plenty of time to change your look or (heaven forbid!) your hairdresser!

Two weeks until your wedding: Time for top-ups

Having a trim and colour touch up now will allow enough time for your colour and cut to settle. If you get your hair chemically relaxed, curled or straightened, this is also a good time to book in for the service as treated hair tends to look better after a fortnight. Maybe consider an in-salon conditioning treatment to give your hair an extra hit of hydration.

On the day: Get ready for the styling session

Make sure you have discussed with your stylist whether you need to wash your hair the night before or on the morning of the wedding – often they will suggest the night before as freshly washed hair can be unresponsive, static and slippery. Your stylist will also have told you how long you need for your hair prep (and for your bridesmaids and mum if necessary) but allow two hours as a general guide.

As the day unfolds, your hairstyle may loosen a little but don’t worry, a few strands out of place can easily be fixed so ask a bridesmaid to keep some Kirby grips and a mini hairspray in her bag.
You could even book your hairdresser for the day or half of it to ensure perfect wedding hair all day long but this will be pricey!

Have a wonderful wedding day.
Bizous xxx
Anne Veck

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