Black Hair Matters!

In light of the Black Lives Matter campaign, here at Anne Veck Oxford we want to be very clear that we welcome clients with all hair types and that all our stylists are trained to work with textured hair.

It is sadly the case that racism seeps into almost every aspect of our lives and unfortunately the hairdressing sector is not an exception. We want to play a part in putting things to rights. Although we are just one small salon we are a well known voice in the hairdressing industry.

We believe education is the key. Unfortunately, when training to be a hairdresser, students and apprentices can easily opt out of learning how to work with textured hair(called natural African type hair in the qualifications). Even in the Hairdressing Professional Standard, the improved apprenticeship programme introduced in May 2018, apprentices do not have to demonstrate competence on a real model with textured hair at their end point assessment. They merely have to prove their “knowledge”, either by presenting witness statements or by answering questions correctly. This makes it harder for people with textured hair to find a suitable hairdresser. If you are white, imagine what it must be like to call or visit a new salon only to be told “I’m so sorry, we can’t do your hair because we haven’t been trained” or even worse “Sorry we don’t do your type of hair.”

A petition has been started by London hairdresser Jemima Bradley, and supported by hairdressing icon Errol Douglas MBE, calling for the hair industry to better educate new stylists in textured hair. It already has over 17,000 signatures. Douglas told FEMAIL that the lack of training sends the message to young stylists that “we (black people) are not important – that you can’t be bothered with that type of hair.” Here is the link, please sign it.

Both the standard and the qualifications are coming up for review soon and this should be an opportunity to get textured hair included at the same level as the other hair types. Anne Veck Limited Director Keith Mellen is a member of the government’s Hair Professional Steering Group which develops apprenticeships for the hair industry. He is determined to do as much as he can to get the essential changes made in these reviews. Both the hairdressing and qualifications industries have a responsibility to get this right.

Anne has always been a strong advocate that a hairdresser should know how to work with all types of hair. She loves working with textured hair. She makes sure all of her team are confident and competent too in order to make her salon friendly and inclusive for black clients. And, of course, her apprentices have to choose models with textured hair for their end point assessments.

By Dirty French Girl

Anne Veck’s Manifesto for Hairdressing!

Anne Veck sustainable salon


Anne and Keith have been active for a while now in a small way trying to improve the profile and standing of hairdressing in the pubic’s perception. When we redesigned our website last year we included our Manifesto for Hairdressing, featuring our opinions on sustainability, ethical business behaviour, the concept that hairdressing can be art and so on…


Your Hair should be Beautiful
Hairdressing should be Professional
Hairdressing should be Ethical
Hairdressing should be Sustainable
Hairdressing should be Art


hair straightening, smoothing and relaxing Hair Colouring Oxford and Bicester

We believe that all hairdressers should be professionally qualified and officially registered (licensed). All salons should pay their employees at least the Real Living Wage. All employers in our wonderful industry should invest in its future by training and developing the next generation. All salons (and all businesses come to that) should do everything they can to save the planet by reducing their carbon emissions, cutting down on waste, pollution and single-use plastic and by supporting organisations fighting to save natural habitats and biodiversity.

Hairdressers are creative, talented, energetic, knowledgeable, sociable, sympathetic and highly skilled. They are experts and professionals. Their best work is art.”

To read the entire manifesto wizz over to here.

See Anne Veck’s beautiful colour collection “L.E.D.”!

 See Anne Veck’s beautiful colour collection “L.E.D.”!

The mood for my 2016 colour collection L.E.D was inspired by floodlights and back stage lighting! These looks hit you with their shine, glamour and energy and I aimed for a colour kaleidoscope incorporating light, shade and colour placement. And of course, these days, you should only use energy efficient L.E.D. lighting!

I entered a selection of 4 images for the British Hairdressing Awards Schwarzkopf British  Colour Technician of the Year 2016 but didn’t make the final ( sound of bitter sobbing). Nevermind, all my other entries finalised ( Southern Hairdresser of the Year, Avant garde hairdresser of the Year and Afro Hairdreser of the year and i won Southern! So can’t complain…let’s see what 2017 brings.”

Click here to see the whole collection.  Huge thanks to my team on the shoot: Hair assistant Allister Evans | Make-up Melodie Biere | Photography Desmond Murray Collection sponsored by Revlon Professional

Anne Veck’s new wedding hair collection for Spring 2017!

Anne Veck’s new wedding hair collection for Spring 2017!

Anne has teamed up with her good friend, ace fashion photographer and publisher Patrice Guyard, to create her latest, beautiful, wedding hair collection collection “True Romance”.

Each year, Anne and Patrice shoot two collections for his ongoing series of hardback hairdressing albums “Casting Paris” which are sold to thousands of hair salons across France and the rest of Europe. Do take a look at one next time you are having your hair done at Anne Veck salons!

And we have the new bridal hair album “Special Mariees” for sale if you’d like one, just £30 inc.P&P, signed by Anne and featuring step by steps in English and French on how to create Anne’s bridal hairstyles. Ask in the salon or email us at

Anne is recognised in the hairdressing industry as a bridal hairstyles and hair updos guru and she teaches at hairdressing academies and presents at shows throughout the UK and around the world. Each member of our wedding team has been trained personally by Anne.

We recommend a trial appointment two to four weeks before your big day to give you an opportunity to discuss your ideas, show your hairdresser any pictures and wedding hair accessories that you have in mind for your style. This is your opportunity to plan your dream hairstyle and arrange any prior appointments that you may need to achieve it. Or why not book a 30 minute “Meet and greet” with Anne to discuss your requirements for just £20, which we refund if you go ahead with any service.

And if you want to learn how to create your own hair updos , book a one to one tutorial with Anne or a member of the team.

Don’t forget we specialise in hair up for parties and red carpet events too!

For more information or to book your trial session or meet and greet call us on 01865 727077.

To see more True Romance click here
and for more on wedding hair and make-up by Anne Veck click here!

Don’t miss these hairdressing training courses with Anne Veck!

Don’t miss these hairdressing training courses with Anne Veck!

Anne Veck continues her programme of not to be missed hair workshops at Aston and Fincher’s state of the art academy in Birmingham with these hot topics…

Finish point cutting Monday 15th May ( book now, places filling up fast!)

Advanced hair up Tuesday 13th June

Perfect blow dry Wednesday 5th July

Anne demonstrates her techniques in the morning with hands on practice for you in the afternoon. Each courses offers 6 CPD points endorsed by Habia with a certificate of participation as well.

To book your place call Aston and Fincher on 0870 240 2176 or online here.

For more about Anne Veck Education click here.

Here’s what previous participants have said about training with Anne…

I just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to Anne for a fabulous day at the ‘Advanced hair up course on 2nd July. I flew down from Scotland to attend it and I absolutely loved meeting Anne and learning from her. I will certainly book again! Louise Chrystal, bridal hairdresser

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your course. It gave me my passion for long hair back again …how motivated my team were after your visit to the salon Natasha Pearson, Pearson-Clark Hairdressing

Just a quick line to thank you for an excellent course. All the girls were really enthusing about it. It is so nice to have such positive feedback for a change. Please send me details of other courses you do, as we would certainly like to send our staff on more Peter Daniels, Chapters Hair Design

I must say I love your enthusiasm with your work and your approach to teaching Vivienne Moore, Vivienne’s

Anne was absolutely brilliant at Salon Smart and I overheard lots of the delegates saying how impressed they were with her work Carole Taylor, Director ClientWave Ltd

I attended ‘Focus on the bride’ at Aston and Fincher. Thank you very much, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt so much from you. You are an inspiration. I have been practising lots, my confidence is growing and I now enjoy experimenting doing different styles. Ilana Halter


Anne Veck Salons wins two huge hairdressing awards in 24 hours!
Oxford salon group Anne Veck are celebrating after winning two prestigious national awards in just 24 hours. On Monday (27th) November, Founder and businesswoman Anne Veck was declared Southern Hairdresser of the Year 2016 at the British Hairdressing Awards, which was presented to her by Britain’s Got Talent Judge, comedian and best-selling author David Walliams. This follows a win just hours before where Emmanuel Esteban scooped Avant Garde Stylist of the Year at the Black Beauty/Sensationnel Hair Awards 2016.
The British Hairdressing Awards, which took place at the glamorous Grosvenor House Hotel and attracted 1,700 guests, celebrate the very best in British Hairdressing talent in an industry that contributes £7 billion to the national economy. Speaking of Anne’s win, Jayne Lewis-Orr, Executive Director of Hairdressers Journal International who hosted the event said: “This award cements Anne as the Southern region’s leading hair talent, but a win doesn’t just mean you’re the very best in the area; it also marks you out as one of the greatest stylists in the country. This win positions you as an authority and puts Oxford on the map too.”
Speaking of her win Anne, who has salons at 33 St Clements, Oxford and 17 Crown Walk, Bicester said: “Words cannot describe just how happy I am to have won. After being nominated 13 times, it’s been a long journey, so I’m delighted that my name has finally been called. This year, I changed my team, worked with an amazing photographer Desmond Murray plus sponsorship from Revlon Professional and ensured I focused purely on making the hair look beautiful in my imagery and it worked! It just shows that if you persevere, believe in yourself and continue to work hard, you can achieve your dream.”
Anne’s win came just hours after Emmanuel Esteban, Style Director, scooped Avant Garde Stylist of the Year at the Black Beauty/Sensationnel Hair Awards 2016 for the second consecutive year. The awards, which celebrated their 22nd anniversary, are recognised as the ultimate accolade in the Afro industry.
Emmanuel said: “I’m thrilled with my achievement and also proud to be given this accolade for the second year in a row. I love entering competitions like these as it allows me to express my creativity. To then go on and win is the icing on the cake.”
This year, Anne Veck salons have proudly put Oxford on the map with a record 16 award wins/nominations in just 10 months. Anne recently beat off stiff competition from 32 countries around the world to be declared Winner of the AIPP (Association International de Presse Professional de Coiffure) Best Photo category and achieved 3rd place in the Avant Garde category. She was also named Global Winner of Revlon Professional’s Style Master 2016 International Contest, whilst stylist Pierre Ginsburg won Revlon Professional’s Style Master International Contest Young Talent Award. In addition, Emmanuel Esteban scooped the Afro category at the Tribu-te Awards in Paris.
Anne, who has over 30 years of hairdressing experience is thrilled with this success: “To achieve recognition this year in several prestigious awards both in the UK and across the world is an incredible feeling. We’re not standing still though! We’ve got lots of exciting plans for the future and are looking forward to an even bigger and better year in 2017.”

Anne’s BHA 2016 collections were sponsored by Revlon Professional. For the complete list of of the awards Anne and her team have won over the years, click here.

bha-2016-146 emmanuel_black_beauty-sensationnel_hair_awards_2016_sm pierre-stylemasteraipp-winners-2016

Should I go Short?

Should I go short?

Afro hair services at Anne Veck Oxford and Bicester salons

If you decide to go for the chop will it suit you? Taking the plunge and cutting your long hair to short is no easy decision – as we all know that once it’s done there’s no going back. If you’ve never gone short before then it is always going to be a major shock to the system. While you do have to try something to know whether it will work, there is a little science behind it. If you’d like to know whether short hair will suit you based on the proportions of your face then it comes down to quite a specific measurement.

Take a pencil under your chin horizontally and then place a ruler under your ear vertically to create a right angle. If the mid section is less than 2.25 inches then short hair is for you – a longer measurement and long locks may be the way to go.


Image result for measurement will short hair suit me


If you can’t shake the desire to go short then we say do it, there’s nothing like the high you’ll get from a brand new look. We’ve come up with our top tips on what to consider before you go for the chop;

  1. Long hair is heavy & short hair is light so if you have curly or wavy texture then remember that by cutting off some of the length your hair is going to spring up a few more inches so your short cut could get very short! Bear this in mind before committing to the length you want.
  2. Your tools should change: It’s best to ditch your old styling tools from your long-haired days and invest in some new tools better suited to shorter locks. Smaller and thinner curling irons and straighteners will allow you to have better control of your hair during the styling process.
  3. Now you’ve got less hair it’s going to take much less time to dry and style. Short hair means that it is easier to achieve volume and texture so try drying to 50%, applying some product and you’re done!
  4. You’ll need less product! If you’re worried about how much you spend on hair products then short hair is going to give you a bit of breathing space because you’ll be using so much less. So don’t feel guilty about splurging on that luxury oil, it will last twice as long!
  5. To keep short hair looking fresh you’ll need to commit to regular cuts. 
  6. Remember that it’s going to take some getting used to, most of us have an emotional attachment to our hair so cutting it all off can be scary – to a point where a lot of us never quite manage to go for it. Think long and hard before you do it but remember that change can be liberating and your hair will always grow back!
  7. BUT your hair will not grow back overnight, actually it will grow back on average at about 0.5 inches per month. So if you’ve gone for a pixie crop then this is a long time commitment to your hair and it may be better to start with a Lob if you’ve always had hair beneath your shoulders.
  8. You’ll need to abandon those old faithfuls of the braid and ponytail to hide your bad hair days. Short hair is less overall maintenance compared to long but you will need to style every day unless you choose a style that works with your hair’s’ natural texture. Which is a great idea!

Need help with your short cuts? Check out our education video below. Or explore our gallery for the look that you love!

Emmanuel Esteban reaches Emergent Talent Finals in Paris!

Emmanuel Esteban reaches Emergent Talent Finals in Paris!

Our Oxford Style Director the super talented hairdresser Emmanuel Esteban is about to emerge! Mentored by our very own Anne Veck (Revlon Professional Style Master Global Winner 2016), Emmanuel has been selected as one of 8 “new” talents to compete for the Mondiale Coiffure Beaute  Emergent Talent crown at Porte de Versailles, Paris over the weekend of 11th, 12th September.

Also receiving support from Anne as mentor and team leader and through to the final is Ria Kulik from Manchester’s HairBank salon.

Here’s what they are saying about Emmanuel in French…

“Dès son plus jeune âge, Emmanuel a été inspiré par les vues et sons de l’industrie du design créatif. C’est cette inspiration qui le pousse à poursuivre une carrière dans la coiffure et le stylisme. En 2012, il quitte la France pour l’Angleterre pour s’inspirer dans ce qu’il dit être “la maison de la coiffure”. Emmanuel se laisse influencer par différents arts tels que la musique ou encore l’architecture et le dessin.”

Each candidate was asked to provide a selection of their best work and a dossier outlining their career achievements to date. At MCB , they will appear on stage before a massive industry audience of thousands (Porte de Versaille’s capacity is 5,000!), with direction from their mentor.
To gaze in awe at Emmanuel’s talent, click here and here!
Bon chance Emmanuel and Ria!


Anne Veck is thrilled to learn she has been crowned 2016 UK & Ireland Winner of Revlon Professional’s iconic Style Masters competition. She now waits to hear if she will be selected as one of only 9 country winners to go forward to the global finals in Paris on 17th/18th April. And congratulations to Oxford salon’s Style Director Emmanuel Esteban who clinched 2nd place to add to his current string of awards successes! The dynamic duo do it again.

To win, Anne had to present 3 images showcasing commercial, editorial and avant garde looks using the same model. Here they are…amazing photography by Desmond Murray. To see more of Anne’s photo collections click here!

stylemasters uk 16

stylemasters 2016stylemasters 16


Anne Veck is available and taking bookings for hairdressing education in 2016. At the moment she has the following dates booked…

Aston & Fincher, Birmingham

Classic cutting 23rd March

Finish Point Cutting 4th May

Hair up 25th May

Hair up 12th September

Advanced Hair up 27th September

Classic cutting 4th October

Finish Point Cutting 8th November

Freelance Hairdressers’ Association, Oxford various topics to be confirmed

11th April, 19th September, 31st October

To book at Aston & Fincher pop over to or call 0870 240 2176 if the dates aren’t published on the website yet!

To book on the Freelance Hairdressers’ Association dates, you’ll need to be a member – visit to find out more.

You can also catch her on the main stage presenting her 2016 bridal creations at ProHairLive Manchester 28/29 February and ProHairLive  London 24/25 April.

To book Anne at your academy or college or to enquire about bespoke training at your salon or at Anne Veck Bicester, call Keith Mellen on 01865 744612 or email

For more click on hairdressing education and training with Anne Veck click here.

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