Dry Shampoo – Yay or Nay?

Dry Shampoo, or as it was originally known as Hybrid Shampoo, has been around a lot longer than we may think. I seem to remember it hitting the shelves and becoming the latest new thing we all needed to have to style our hair about ten, fifteen years ago.
Hairdressers of course never not used it. But did you know it has actually been around since the 15th century- research suggests that people in Asia used a clay based powder to clean their hair. So safe to say, we’ve had time to fine tune the formula.
Now just because we have refined today’s dry shampoo, does it mean never to wash your hair properly again? If you only use and over use dry shampoo it will itch – a lot – which will result in scabby scalp and breaking hair, clogged hair follicles that can stunt hair growth, and potential dandruff. But like I said this would be a result of mega over usage!

When used properly, dry shampoo is a excellent styling aid for those with naturally greasy hair hair, it can help desired style stay in place, it helps add texture and volume for those of us with flat locks, it can give us that ever so desired fresh outdo bed sexy look, and always give us a gorges matt finish!

And to prove our point, Davies have recently released a new utterly fabulous dry shampoo: “More Inside This Is An Invisible Dry Shampoo” : Enriched with rice starch to help absorb excess sebum to prevent greasy roots and promote a volumised effect.

The benefits include (taken from Davines’ website)
-Cleanses and refreshes hair without water
-Gives body and volume without weighing hair down
-Rice starch helps absorb excess sebum
-Non sticky, doesn’t leave white residue on the hair
-Invisible feeling in the hair
-95.5% of biodegradable ingredients
-CO2 neutral packaging

And as usual here at Anne Veck we love Davines or their 100% sustainable brand, where professional quality meets respect and love for the environment!

So next time you’re shopping for your hair styling tools, do make sure to drop by the salon and ask for our advice, were always here to help!


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