Return of the Perm

A style usually associated with the 80s, overdone down to the bone til it was deeply out of style, the fuzzy mullet perm was a bit of a traumatizing look for a while.

However, this throwback style is making a come back. No longer considered gauche, and probably thanks to shows like “Stranger Things” and Netflix’s love for vintage vibes, The Perm is quietly re-emerging in salons.
Technologies and products have evolved, to leave the hair softer and healthier, and the look these days is less fuzzy mullet and more soft beach waves, with volume and texture. The soft waves and natural curl pattern is such a leap away from the tight controlled curls we associated with the term perm with, “perm” may not even be the best name for it anymore!

Celebrity Julianne Hough recently got a perm and posted on insta “Today, I woke up like this…bye bye straight hair, hello sexy beach waves!”.

Old school perms used thio and ammonia to break hair bonds to restructure the shape of the hair. This treatment was aggressive, abrasive and left the hair super dry and overly crisp. These days the “perm” products are ammonia and thio free, they gently seep into the hair nourishing it rather than sucking it dry. The treatment is applied and the hair gently wrapped to achieve the level of curl you desire. Davines have a wonderful product for perms: The Balance & Bouclè line. These relaxing, curling and perm treatments are formulated to ensure the best professional result respecting hair health and like always they smells nice, feel nice, and is nice for the environment!

So if you’re craving some curls this Christmas, book your appointment now!



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