Hair through the Ages!

Much like our skin, our hair changes over the years! And it is more than just going grey: hormone changes, lifestyle changes, can alter everything from lock thickness, to moisture, to brittleness…
‘Hair is not immune to the ageing process; just like the rest of our body, it changes as we get older,’ explains Anabel Kingsley, expert trichologist at Philip Kingsley.

So Anne wanted me to write little article inspired by Kris Jenner’s new subtle hairstyle, because trying something new has no age!
Has anyone else noticed Kris Jenner’s (the Momager) slight hair change? It seems small, but it is a big move away from her signature look, and we love a daring move!

Anne 100% believes it is so important to suggest a new hairstyle to her most regular clients! She does not want you guys getting bored, or thinking your stylist is taking you for granted and being lazy! We never want to hear you say “I have had the same hairdresser for years but I feel they never suggested anything new”…. So a thorough consultation is a must. We want to find out about your routine, help you find a style, and teach you how to best take care of it! We will be honest with the implications involved in whichever new style we go for, and if you want to learn how to dry and style it, just ask us to show you!
In the case of Kris Jenner’s new haircut, a shoulder-length bob with side-swept bangs at the front, Anne would have recommended the Relaxing Moisturising Fluid by Davines as it is perfect for creating a perfectly straight-haired look. This Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid adds shine, eliminates frizz, moisturises hair, and protects against heat damage and humidity. Combine with oil non oil also by Davines, a light oil for natural-looking and hydrated texture: this oil adds structure and definition to hair, smoothing frizz without leaving any residue (and is the winner of INSTYLE best beauty buy).

What age is hair at its best I hear you say? And we want to say there is no such thing! Big fat No to ageist hair dressing! However, our locks do change over the years, and here is how to best to take care of it no matter what decade you are straddling.

(taken from

In your early to mid 20s
Your hair at this age: Strands very gradually get finer in diameter and are unable to grow as long as they once could.

How to look after it: The degree of change is in large part down to the genetic hand we are dealt, but it is also reliant on hormones, diet and general health, so try to eat well and look after yourself as much as possible!

In your late 20s to early 30s
Your hair at this age: This is the most common time for women to have children, and this can impact the hair. Six-to-12 weeks after giving birth, approximately 50% of women experience a type of hair shedding known as ‘post-partum hair fall’ – and this is in fact one of the most common hair concerns for women in their 30s. However, this can actually happen to a woman of any age who’s just had a baby.

How to look after it: While the overall thickness of the hair can drastically decrease, this hair loss is temporary; the shedding should stop and growth should resume as usual. Eating a healthy diet and managing stress levels can help the hair to recover as fast as possible.

In your mid 30s to early 40s
Your hair at this age: Ferritin (stored iron) deficiency is a common issue for women in their 30s and 40s – and remains common up until your periods stop at menopause. Ferritin is needed by the body to produce hair cell protein and a deficiency can cause excessive daily hair shedding, as well as loss of length – particularly around the temple areas.

How to look after it: To improve and maintain ferritin levels, try to eat red meat at least twice a week. Dietary supplements containing iron, vitamin C and vitamin B12 can also be very helpful, especially if ferritin levels are already below normal levels.

In your mid to late 40s
Your hair at this age: Volume reduction can occur at any age, but for the majority of women it usually becomes noticeable in their 40s. It is not that woman in this age group have fewer hairs in number than they used to, each hair is simply slightly finer.

How to look after it: To immediately improve the appearance of your hair’s thickness, try using a thickening spray when styling. You might also want to consider applying anti-androgenic scalp drops(try Tricho 7 Daily Scalp Drops) daily to help slow down the thinning of individual strands.

In your 50s
Your hair at this age: The average age of menopause is around 52. While subtle changes to the hair can and often do occur long before this, menopause speeds up these changes. As the body produces less oestrogen, and the percentage of androgens (male hormones) increase, the hair’s diameter and the length to which it will grow gradually decreases.

How to look after it: Again, daily application of stimulating anti-androgenic scalp drops can help to slow down the thinning of individual strands – and applying thickening sprays throughout the length of the hair can give the appearance of more body.

Finer hairs are also weaker, so it is important to take extra care when styling so as not to snap strands. Choose a brush that is gentle – the best are cushioned at the base with rounded, plastic prongs.

In your 60s+
Your hair at this age: Sebum (oil) secretion tends to diminish in our 60s and 70s+, and this can make the hair dry and brittle. Our haemoglobin levels also tend to decrease during at this time of life, and this can affect hair health.

How to look after it: To restore moisture, strength and elasticity, use a weekly intensive pre-shampoo conditioning treatment. To improve haemoglobin levels by taking a daily supplement containing Iron and Vitamin C.

Have a fabulous hair day!


Sex and hair!

Ok, so I am guessing you read the title and most probably thought “eeew what?”.
Let me explain, I came across an article recently stating that getting your freak on could actually be the best thing for your hair’s health!
I mean society has at times said sex is great, sex is bad… it can be confusing. But scientifically we know it has many many health benefits. So why could it not be good for your hair too? (plus it makes for a fun attention grabbing blog article!)

I don’t want to go into the societal myths and stereotypes of sex, to each their own attitude towards the beast with two backs. I want to look at the science behind the claim and let you guys do what you will with the information!

Some of the fab physiological effects are a stronger immune system, improved bladder control (thinking ahead to our golden years lol), it can actually prevent certain cancers, it is a natural painkiller, and is considered by many health professionals as a form of cardio. So no downside.
But how does it affect our hair, I hear you say.
So, firstly, during sex, higher levels of estrogen are released in our bodies! Testosterone is the nasty little hormone that causes hair loss, but estrogen strongly counteracts this (hence why men tend to go bald more than women).
Secondly: exercise! I mentioned before, it is considered by many health professionnals as a form of exercise, and exercise helps open up the pores on your scalp, resulting in increased blood circulation and increased oxygen levels, stimulating hair growth.
It is common knowledge that stress can make your hair line unwantedly recede! Something to do with increased corticosterone levels. And was many of us know, a bit of sexy time is a great way to decompress and get rid of that unwanted tension!

So there we have it! A fun and natural way to increase your hair growth, but unlike my other blog articles, I think this time maybe don’t tell us how it goes… some things are best left in the bedroom 🙂


Food for thought-Food for hair!

Did you know your hair had superhuman strength?
Healthy hair is insanely strong! One strand of unbleached or uncoloured hair can hold the weight of about a dozen pennies… multiply that by the number of strands we have on our head and our hair could potentially lift an elephant!
I have actually seen proof of this in real life at Proud London Cabaret, where one performer did an entire aerial routine… suspended by her hair!

You may have noticed that I did specifically say healthy hair… Mine is bleached and coloured so I doubt it could hold as much weight… But this does not mean I don’t want my hair as strong and as healthy as it could be! So I thought I’d look up which foods (because I love eating… who doesn’t?) help keep your hair as strong as Love and Thunder!

1. EGGS! This made my very happy! Eggs are versatile, great for any meal and so yummy! And as it so happen they are a great source of protein and biotin, two nutrients that are essential for hair growth!!!

2. BERRIES! Going two for two on the pleased with myself and my research here! Especially in summer, who doesn’t want to chomp down on a load of yummy red berries, or make smoothies and ice-cream shakes full of vitamin rich goodness?! Berries are loaded with beneficial compounds, vitamins and antioxidant properties that support hair growth!

3. SPINACH… not everyone is going to be enthused by this one. I remember the first time I tried spinach as a child, I’d been begging my mum to get me some because I thought I’d be like Popeye… spinach out of a tin is not it… but fresh spinach in a salad is lovely! So do get your dose of healthy greens, that’s loaded with beneficial nutrients like folate, iron, and vitamins A and C, all of which are important for hair growth!

4.FISH! Especially fatty fish like herring and mackerel. Check they have been sustainably fished (Marine Stewardship Council logo for e.g.) Salmon is also good but unless you can afford to buy real wild salmon, this is best avoided. Salon farms not good. I feel like I’m writing up a brunch menu here… and that is a great thing because it is absolutely the best meal of the day! Omega-3 fatty acids are literally the best for strong shiny hair, so treat yourself and go get some brunch!

5. AVOCADOS. Not sure I need to say anything more! Now we understand why all those hipsters have such gorgeous beards…. It’s all the Avo Toast, healthy fats and vitamin E! (Editor’s note, sorry guys NOT good for the environment, use up too much water).

6.SWEET POTATOES! So when you’re out for a meal and go for a steak or burger, you can know you’re taking active part in your self care ritual by having sweet potato fries 😉 Sweet potatoes are a great source of beta-carotene. The body converts this compound into vitamin A, which is linked to healthy hair!!! (Ed’s note again! Steak or burger?! no no no not good for you not good for the planet!)

7. NUTS AND SEEDS! We all know nuts and seeds are a healthy snack choice for basically everything, so seems logical they’d be top notch for your hair also! They provide a wide variety of B vitamins, zinc, and essential fatty acids (A deficiency in any of these nutrients has been linked to hair loss).

Honestly, I was very happy with my findings! I love all these foods and now I have even more reason to indulge myself and eat them 🙂 And please though, like my editor keeps pointing out, we do need to reduce the amount of red meat and unsustainable fish and veg we eat.

Have a lovely day!


Summer hair vibes 2022

In the wake of the UK’s most recent heat wave, I am hiding at home, in the shade by a fan and I decided to write about a few of my favourite 2022 popular hair styles currently in vogue! The rule book is out the window, fashion is coming full circle, and I am loving the retro vibes some of these looks have to offer!

1. Space buns! So 90s! Which 80s/90s kids didn’t style they’re hair this way growing up? Looks hella fab and totally great for keeping your neck clear in this heat!

2. Fishtail braid 🙂 celebrity hairdresser @mararoszak posted a fabulous image of Juno Temple going to the SAG Awards sporting a beautiful fishtail braid, and I am not going to lie I love it! Its moral and classy, but still somehow not too much and casual. I’m also seeing fishtail braid appear all over the gram, so it is defy a top 2022 summer look. Makes you wonder why we ever stopped wearing fishtails in the first place.

3. Flicked out ends!!! Zendaya looked oh so very Pretty in Pink recently at the Valetino show in Paris. I am totally vibing her 90s hair flick aesthetic, such a simple way to be a bit different 🙂

4. Last but most certainly NOT least, our resident celebrity hairdresser Anne Veck recently did the amazing Kat Graham’s (Vampire Diaries) hair for london PRIDE, in the forever increasingly popular two part pony tail look! This style, accessorised with (usually a metal) hoop, is so cool! Makes your pony tail longer, give you the chance to wear jewellery in your hair, and I am seeing it everywhere. Red carpet, music events, even the FABULOUS main villain in Netflix’s new series “Resident Evil” has her hair styled this way throughout season 1!

Let me know if there are any special summer 2022 looks you are into and book your next appointment right now!


Bleach – Does it have to itch?

Like many of you I am sure, my first answer is “yes of course”. It seems logical. It is a chemical product we put on our hair, and thus our scalp, and if it does not quite burn, it definitely irritates the skin and makes it itchy as hell. The more you do it, the more you grow accustomed to the feeling, and can resist the urge to scratch, but it is always there.

But, turns out I was wrong! I have a shaved head, bleached and then coloured pink! So when I’m lightening my hair, it always touches my scalp. Now before you say I am biased in favour Anne Veck, I also model for other salons and work for other beauty institutes who do not use Davines products… so if it’s a bias, at least it’s a well informed one 😉 lol.
So no matter what you think, it does mean that I have experienced many different kinds of bleach on my head, and let me tell you, nothing comes close to that Davines feel! No burn, no itch, no dried scalp dandruff afterwards, almost feels like a conditioning treatment.

I think a big part of it, is that the Davines bleach is Ammonia free. Well one part of the bleach is. To lighten hair, a two part bleach must be mixed. Ammonia, a common ingredient in lesser quality hair products, that is known to damage and irritate the scalp (also has a really strong stingy smell that makes you sneeze and cry), is traditionally in one part of the bleach. Davines bleach does not have this ingredient and they developed their own “hair protective booster”, a sort of protective oil if you will, to help protect the scalp during the bleaching process.
It is also paraben free, which means no unnecessary chemical preservatives.

And, as an extra plus plus, Davines products are sustainable, as natural as can be, and always smell good. So honestly I was only half surprised when their bleach was above the rest as well!

So, don’t hesitate, come test it yourself at Anne Veck Oxford, you won’t be disappointed!


Forbes’ Hair Care!

Hello lovely readers.

As I am sure you know, Anne Veck is very hot and keen on sustainability and partner with Davines, the ultimate in ethical and planet friendly beuaty and hair care. With this in mind and many recent blog articles I have written, I came access this fab little piece in Forbes, by Kari Molvar.
SO rather than rewrite what has already been so well written , click the link and have a look yourself, or read on as it is copy pasted here:

xxx Dirty French Girl

–>You’ll Love This: Davines’ Energizing Shampoo Made My Thin Hair Noticeably Thicker And Stronger!

Welcome to You’ll Love This, our bi-weekly column in which Forbes Vetted staffers spotlight their favorite products while they’re on sale.

When you have fine hair, a good volumizing shampoo is deceptively hard to find. I’ve tried many—no-frills drugstore brands, fancy salon options, hippie solid bars and heavily perfumed French imports—but none gave my strands the oomph I was looking for. Either I didn’t notice any lift at the roots, or they coated my hair in heavy thickening agents that, invariably, led to greasy, gunky build-up. So I started to consider a volumizing shampoo to be decent if it didn’t leave me worse off. That is, until I tried Davines’ Energizing Shampoo (get yours here! or ask your stylist at Anne Veck Oxford.)

During the pandemic, my hair grew long—really long. This cut down on salon bills but made my fine hair even finer. But I liked the swishy length, so I didn’t want to cut it. Then I got diagnosed with a hormone imbalance which, I discovered, makes me especially prone to hair loss and dry, brittle strands. Super. So when an email appeared in my inbox from a publicist for Davines, the revered Italian botanical haircare line, asking if I wanted to try the Energizing Shampoo from the brand’s Naturaltech line—telling me it was designed to help “thinning and fragile strands”—I was sold.

The unisex Davines shampoo is not new. It came out more than a decade ago and seems to have a cult following (the only negative reviews seem to be from people wanting the bottles to be filled even higher to the top with the magical elixir). And after trying it for myself, I can totally see why. When I use the Energizing Shampoo in conjunction with Davines’ Energizing Thickening Tonic, my hair feels noticeably fuller. And according to my coworkers, it looks more voluminous over Zoom, too

The Davines shampoo comes out of the bottle with a slightly gooey consistency because it’s ultra-concentrated—you don’t need much to get a full lather. The formula itself contains a propriety blend of green tea extract and vitamin B3 to calm inflammation, caffeine phytoceutricals to stimulate and encourage hair growth and a “microbiotic booster,” a brew of molecules created by Davines’ scientists to preserve the scalp’s skin barrier and prevent breakage. When you massage it in, it tingles, smells super minty (like sinus-clearing, toothpaste-level minty) and unlike many other body-boosting shampoos, it made my hair feel thicker at the roots but without any build-up. It’s also worth noting that the sulfate-free liquid didn’t strip my dyed hair of its coloured glory (phew).

As I mentioned above, for an extra boost I pair the Energizing Shampoo with the brand’s newly reformulated Energizing Thickening Tonic, a leave-in texturizing spray that bulks up the diameter of the hair fiber. It comes in a squat bottle with a very forceful spray applicator that sends a full blast of the (also very minty) tonic into your scalp. Then, you’re supposed to massage it in and comb it through. What I like best about this formula is that it leaves my hair soft and manageable, not at all stiff or crunchy, like mousses and other leave-ins sometimes do. Davines claims the vitamin-B-based tonic increases hair thickness by 10 percent, and after using it regularly for a month, I can totally attest to that.

Wow now that is some write up! Anne Veck Oxford stocks a very wide range of planet and hair friendly Davines care products- visit the on line shop or ask your stylist.

Summer Sun Disco Inferno!

So it is not scorching hot in the UK yet, but Europe (especially south of France) is already well under way for a heat wave!
So if you are planning a getaway this summer, which I am sure you are, how can you protect your hair from those UV rays?

Many of us remember to take care and protect our skin, but forget about our hair. However the damage caused to our locks can be just as bad. UV rays break down hair proteins, stripping them of their luster and shine, making hair weaker and more likely to break.

Action number one is to protect your scalp! If you are not one for hat wearing, many products out there protect not only your hair, but your scalp too. Check for anti UVA and UVB filters to be sure you have a good product in your basket.
After a day in the sun an overnight mask is a great way to re-hydrate your hair (check out our recommendation HERE)

Hair products are also a bit like makeup. After it has been opened, it is best to use within 8 to 12 months for the best results. So if you were thinking of using that old hair mask you found under you bathroom sink dating back to the 90s… maybe think again!

If you have coloured hair, be aware the sun is the strongest natural bleach, and it will dull your colour much faster. Buying appropriate shampoos, such as professional purple shampoo for blond, and using them once a week is a great way to maintain your colour despite the sun.

In the salon ask your stylist what’s best because Davines do some ideal products to protect and nourish your hair including Nounou shampoo and conditioner and SU milk.

Enjoy the sun safely my lovelies.


Don’t judge a slap by it’s cover!

Multiple things can be true at the same time.

Is physical violence wrong? Yes
Is mocking a health condition wrong? Yes
Is disrespecting a woman of colour’s hair, in a society where women of colour’s hair has been politicized, fetishized, ridiculed and controlled for hundreds of years wrong? Yes

Now I will be completely honest with you, if Will Smith had not slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, I would not have known it was Oscars time! But my ignorance does not change the fact that the Oscars is the most prestigious and coveted awards ceremony in the film industry and thus attracts all the top celebs. As a result: many many many of us are watching. So a distasteful joke like Chris Rock’s, and Will Smith’s emotional reaction, do not go unnoticed.
I wanted to write something about the event almost instantly after I learnt about it but felt like I should wait just a little bit.

After the event, I googled, instagramed, found memes, and what I briefly thought was funny, quickly was not. Because multiple things can be true and those same multiple things can also be not acceptable.
I was surprised how a lot of the online discourse about what happened focused solely on Will Smith’s slap and how it was magnified out of proportion. Some publication calling it a punch, and certain celeb interviews claiming it could have “killed Chris Rock”…(anyone who saw the clip knows that is utter rubbish)… But this exaggeration plays into the stereotype of “the dangerous black man” and the violence “he” always brings. And if this the the *only* thing you remember from the event, that is problematic.

The world was politely laughing at a woman who has lost her hair through illness… ridiculing someone on a world stage for something that is nothing to be ridiculed. We hear so much about the importance of representation on TV, in films etc.. How was it considered OK for even a second to mock someone who could have been even the slightest bit inspirational for anyone with alopecia, cancer, an auto immune disease, or any other cause of hair loss… Alopecia UK stated “In a world where it’s unacceptable to make jokes about someone’s race, sexuality or disability, we believe the same should apply to jokes about visible difference. Such remarks or jokes should be called out as unacceptable or inappropriate.”

Time again, Afro hair and it’s heritage hairstyles have been white washed in pop culture. Only acceptable on the main stage when sported by Caucasian individuals and called unprofessional when worn by individuals who actually have Afro hair… hair discrimination to the point of fetishization. As a result afro hair has been politicized, fetishized, ridiculed and appropriated too many times for a joke of the likes of Chris Rock to be harmless.

So if all you were talking about after the slap, was the slap… the was the wrong conversation to be having.


2022 Grammy Awards-Best Coiffed

Now to be honest, cinema/music awards ceremonies are not really my thing. I do love googling everyone’s outfits and hairdos afterwards though!So here are my favorites from this year’s Grammys!

I really loved Chloe Bailey’s simple braided up do, the attention to detail when styling those baby hairs just makes the look for me! Simple and stylish, it perfected her sequin dress look.
Paris Hilton was channeling her inner queen Barbie with her High and Thick pony tail! Paired with her simple makeup and glossy lip, she was slaying the Grammys!

And of course Lady Gaga! The queen of all queens! Givng us retro 20s vibes, whilst still keeping it modern and relevant, I never get tired of seeing how she presents herself anywhere, anytime! With the classic cat eye makeup and her uniquely stylish dress, she was probably my favourite look of the whole event!

H.E.R was keeping it simple: with long luscious locks of serious Va Va Voom Volume! With her banging little round glasses, she was giving us 70s vibes, that was getting me all kinds of ready for summer!

Not actually hair, but Halsey was stunning with her art Deco hat! No Need to worry about your hair falling out of place when you have something as stylish as that adorning your noggin.

And finally Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner was the most playful of the decadent looks of the evening, with her yellow Everything and her adorable space buns! don’t you just love it when celebs don’t take it too seriously and have a bit of fun wit their fashion? I know it inspires me to be a bit crazy too!

How about you guys? Did you have any faves?

Have a great day


PS: see pictures HERE

New Hair – New YOU

We have all heard the expression “new hair new you/me”. But is it just an expression? Is there a grain of truth to the idea that a drastically new look can allow us to become someone new, or more likely, a different facet of who we are? A part of our personality we were not shining a light on before, that we have decided we want to bring forward?
Whether we are starting a new job and want to look like the biz, moved town and wish to re-invent ourselves, dealing with a break-up and re-discovering what it means to be single, or simply wanting a change: “new hair new you” has some interesting psychology behind it I wanted to explore a little.

Hair is super important to our general sense of attractiveness, and as much as we know our beauty comes from within, we also need to like what we see on the outside for ourselves to feel good and confident. That is very hard to do if one of the main features, the first things you see in the mirror in the morning, doesn’t reflect what you want it to about yourself. It is a great way to express oneself and communicate our identity to the world, as a result the hair we decide to rock will help us build our professional and personal lives.

A lot of the situations I mentioned above (and many others in which we would imagine a total hair make over) involve slightly unknown, new circumstances. Changing your hair, is a way to regain control over this emotionally wobbly situation. Emotionally wobbly is not a negative thing necessarily, for example starting a new job is usually a positive, but it feels nice and safe to feel like you are in control, that you control how your new co-workers are going to see you from day one.
It is empowering to make changes especially when you feel like other aspects of your life may be out of control (hence why many of us choose to change our hair after a break up!)

So, to keep it short and sweet, I think the expression “new hair, new you” is very accurate. I know I have always drastically changed my hair whenever anything big has happened, either as a celebration or to get over something, but as I evolve I like my hair to evolve with me!
So if you are feeling the need for a change, don’t hesitate to pop into the salon and say Hi!

Have a great day

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