Bangs before Botox


It is no secret that certain hair cuts will suit certain face shapes, and that a mismatch can be unflattering. But did you ever think that coining that perfect hair cut and style, could help you look ten years younger?

Personally I turn 30 in a few weeks, and a year or so ago I was panicking a bit as I straddled my thirties, and decided to go for a fringe, to hide the wrinkles I thought I could see appearing on my forehead. I have since realised I am actually 30 years young, and the wrinkles I believed I could perceive were actually just the marks of an unhealthy society making me believe my life ended at thirty… so I shaved my head and now have a fabulous pink buzzcut. And as it turned out, that was the perfect hair cut for me. Depending on how I am dressed, and the vibe I want to give, I can look younger, or mature and sensible, and it instantly gave the impression I had lost 5kg. And it actually did, in some instances, make me look ten-ish years younger, as on an evening out meeting some new people, some thought I was 22 (I decided to take the vino lensed compliment, and did not question it!).
So this got me thinking, we must all have the one perfect haircut, and colour: that one look that will make us feel a million dollars, avoid us going under the knife (and I say this because sadly it is becoming more and more normal, and then we all end up looking like a Kardashian) and just love ourselves the way we are!

The first step is to the figure out which face shape you have.
Well no, first step is to come into the salon for a consultation and figure out with us which face shape you have 😉

Your fabulous stylist (who is trained for this obviously, in French it is called being a visagist, which sort of translates to face designer) will then help you look at different hair styles that match your face shape. You choose, then we cut and style!

If it is the forehead wrinkles you feel most self conscious about, fringes can help! Perms are making a big comeback, and wavy voluminous hair always have a great youthful vibe to it, and long hair cuts always offer more coverage. But it is essential to remember that we are working with what “god” gave you, so this is all accentuating your natural beauty, and making you feel fabulous, NOT making you question your worth because of what society says we should look like .

Specific hair colours with different skin tones can also give more or less radiant skin vibes.If your skin has warm undertones, warm, golden, honey and chocolate tones will make you radiate. if you have neutral skin undertones, you can get away with anything, (lucky bugger!), and cool pale skin usually looks good with with icy colour, ashy ones too, and crazy colours!
But do not discount your own confidence and confort! If you have warm undertones, and want to rock an icy white blond, and that will make you feel confident and beautiful af, talk to your stylist about it, because making you feel your best is what we are all about, and when you do it shows!

So this festive season, let us help you release your inner beauty by ccentuting what you already have going on!

Hve a lovely day!


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