Unusual habits for incredible hair!

Hello to all our lovely Anne Secret’s readers. Hope you all had a wonderful festive season: celebrating whatever and however you wanted with whomever you wanted (or no celebration at all!)
For many this is was a period of (not so) slight (over) indulgence, and we start 2023 full of resolutions to eat better, exercise more, and generally be a healthier human being (it is the most popular New Year’s resolution by 51%!) But if, like me, you have decided you are a beautiful disaster and exercise is not your choice of self improvement for the next 365 days, may I interest you in another, less sweaty way, to keep a part of you healthy and looking fabulous?!
I have amalgamated some unusual habits to keep your hair looking its finest, and maybe by implementing some of these in your 2023 routine, could get that hair looking as fresh as a summer’s day!

1.Don’t fall for the supplement hype!
We all want to! Packaged so beautifully, advertised so wonderfully, and oh so easy! But no.
They are convenient for sure, but not always effective.
There is no real regulation in the dietary supplement industry. So even though biotin, zinc, and even protein are all essential for strong hair, it’s much better to get them from food than from a pill. So waste not your money on little pills, and just treat yourself to yummy quality food!

2.Bone Broth.
So, no supplements, but yes to natural quality foods! And an odd one that is very good for your hair growth and health is Bone Broth! My inner teenage emo loved this discovery: there something rather cool in saying you are brewing some bone broth, like a wicked modern witch, making a potion for beautiful hair!
Bone broth is one of the best food sources for collagen, a digestible form of protein that is vital for hair. Bone broth is also rich in gelatin and glycine, both of which contribute to hair elasticity. The healthy fat found in bone broth also helps absorb Vitamins A and E and your body uses Vitamin A to produce sebum, the natural oil that’s released from your hair follicles.

3.Figure out a post-workout hair routine that works for you.
We think this is obvious but it is actually a bit counter intuitive.
Go gym –> get sweaty –> wash everything, including hair –> we are sparkling clean and healthy!
Well NO (not for your hair anyway!)
Your hair can suffer from constant shampooing, so limiting the post-workout shower shampoos is ideal. Try dry shampoo, exercising at times that don’t need perfectly washed hair after, test out different ways of holding your hair up to avoid too much sweatiness.

4.Try using a t-shirt to dry your hair, especially if you have curls.
I won’t pretend to understand this one, I have a shaved head, but even before that when I had a bob, I would get the tiniest waves at best on a hot and sticky day! But this blog article is all about unusual techniques, and to me this seemed very unusual (sorry to all my curly haired readers if it is actually super obvious :/ )
SO (apparently) curly individuals know that using a towel to rub wet hair dry is the quickest way to end up with frizz. Instead, keep an old t-shirt in the bathroom and use it to squeeze and blot excess water out of your hair. This method will keep the hair cuticle flat and smooth. Even those of us with flat hair could use this technique to keep baby hair at bay, and our locks looking like Rapunzel!
AND make sure 100% sure you steer clear of micro fibre towels, yes they may be soft, but they are the utter worst for the environment and our planet!

5.Minimize breakage by sleeping on a silk pillow case.
My friend Camille, who has the most beautiful curled afro, told me she wraps her hair up in a silk scarf at night, and when I saw this tip, I thought it was a fab original (maybe alternative) tip for all types of hair.
SO you may be thinking this sound a bit boujie, you have a lovely 100 cotton thread pillow case, BUT cotton absorbs moisture so it dries out your skin and hair, whilst the silk pillow case does not.
So many things that can cause hair breakage, from tight hair bands to metal hair clips with sharp edges! But you can also snap your strands if you’re a wild sleeper. The friction created between your hair and the pillowcase can cause frizz to flare up, freak out and break!
But get yourself a silk pillowcase to minimize the wear-and-tear on your hair while you snooze.
And if you want to go one step further, we recommend the gorgeous Davines Detox Shampoo!

And just because I can not repeat this one enough: Get trims on the regular.
Even if you’re growing out your hair!!!
The trim only removes the split ends and allows healthy for quicker healthier growth! Like weeding a garden!
It avoids hair getting overly tangled in the shower and causing more breakage!

Hope you enjoyed the read, and have a fabulous week!


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