Three Signs of Sun Damaged Hair!

You may think, because the sun is natural, that it can not aversely affect your hair. Well I am here to sadly inform you that this is incorrect! And as summer ends and winter begins, the signs of sun damage will probably catch your eye!

But no worries, here at Anne Veck we always have you covered!
Here are three major signs your hair is suffering from sun damage and what you can do get it healthy again!

1. The sun can cause loss of natural hair pigmentation!
You know how your hair lightens in the sun, some lucky few get that gorgeous beach blond we yearn for in the salon, seemingly seamlessly and with no effort? But the sun is actually waaaaaay stronger than bleach, and too much exposure and lighting can weaken the protein structure, de-moisturise hair, reducing it’s elasticity!
If you have coloured hair you will see the effect even more quickly, and if you are blond, it is sort of like having pale skin under sun, you have to be more careful!
So what can you do? In the salon we have lots of fabulous treatments, for all of the hair types (curly, greasy, dry, straight etc…), so do not hesitate to come in and ask one of the fabulous Anne Veck stylists what the best product for you could be!

2. Number one can and often will result in number two: hair breakage. This indicates a deep drying out of the fibre (sort of like cracking skin). If you have spent all summer outdoors in the sun, in the water, you’ve basically just washed and burnt out any nutrients. We recommend coming into the salon and booking a cut (and blow-dry if you really want to treat yourself) so we can be rid of those nasty split ends, and make sure to get your hands on some super nutrient rich shampoo and conditioner on your way out 🙂

3. Opaque, knotty hair! A culmination of number 1 and number 2, your hair will not be its gorgeous usual shiny self by the end of summer, and it will be so dry, you’ll feel like you have a tumbleweed of knots up there, rather than hair!
To combat the dull appearance, tumbleweed of tangles, it is essential to use products that strengthen the hair and contain technologies that promote fibre protection.

Have a great day


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