Sex and hair!

Ok, so I am guessing you read the title and most probably thought “eeeh what?”.
Let me explain, I came across an article recently stating that getting your freak on could actually be the best thing for your hair’s health!
I mean society has at times said sex is great, sex is bad… it can be confusing. But scientifically we know it has many many health benefits. So why could it not be good for your hair too? (plus it makes for a fun attention grabbing blog article!)

I don’t want to go into the societal myths and stereotypes of sex, to each their own attitude towards the beast with two backs. I want to look at the science behind the claim and let you guys do what you will with the information!

Some of the fab physiological effects are a stronger immune system, improved bladder control (thinking ahead to our golden years lol), it can actually prevent certain cancers, it is a natural painkiller, and is considered by many health professionals as a form of cardio. So no downside.
But how does it affect our hair, I hear you say.
So, firstly, during sex, higher levels of estrogen are released in our bodies! Testosterone is the nasty little hormone that causes hair loss, but estrogen strongly counteracts this (hence why men tend to go bald more than women).
Secondly: exercise! I mentioned before, it is considered by many health professionnals as a form of exercise, and exercise helps open up the pores on your scalp, resulting in increased blood circulation and increased oxygen levels, stimulating hair growth.
It is common knowledge that stress can make your hair line unwantedly recede! Something to do with increased corticosterone levels. And was many of us know, a bit of sexy time is a great way to decompress and get rid of that unwanted tension!

So there we have it! A fun and natural way to increase your hair growth, but unlike my other blog articles, I think this time maybe don’t tell us how it goes… some things are best left in the bedroom 🙂


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