Is this the New Salon Post- Covid Culture?

As we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and start to believe this pandemic could possibly come to an end, Anne reflects on some salon trends she thinks will continue to benefit clients and salon owners as we move out of lockdown.

“The value of the hairdresser

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that cutting and colouring hair is best left to the experts! The love and appreciation we have felt since reopening has been overwhelming. In the past, hairdressing has been seen as an undervalued career but during the pandemic it was all anyone could talk about. We definitely feel more valued, and more people now recognise the high level of skill required to create professional and beautiful hair.

Intimate appointments

Social distanced appointments are as standard in hair salons, with each client comfortable at their own styling position. However, we’ve found that the privacy and calmness of appointments following reopening has been beneficial to our clients and team. Many salons may look to continue with staggered appointments and fewer people in at one time, to support a more peaceful experience for their customers.

Embracing natural hair

Not only have clients lived with their natural hair colour and texture during lockdown, they’ve started to celebrate it! For those with white and grey hair, we’ve definitely seen more people wanting to enhance their natural colour rather than cover it. There are some fantastic colouring products that help stylists to blend white and grey hair so that it still makes the clients look and feel great. Plus, many have been enjoying a curl comeback following their time away from the salon. We’ve enjoyed working with clients to enhance their curls and waves for a more natural finish.

Recognition for high hygiene standards

On reopening, all sectors are prioritising the health and safety of customers, but for salons this is standard practice. Hair salons have always worked to a high standard of cleanliness to keep their environment sanitised for their clients and it has been nice to see that customers value the safe space we have created.”


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