Make that Lip Last!

So, you’ve just had your hair done, you’re feeling yourself, you have plans to see friends, go shopping… and show off your hair!
But, dayum, that pesky mask… it’s going to ruin your lipstick!

Worry not my stylist wandering warrior, I have some tips for you to keep you looking liptastic and feeling fab!

AVOID, avoid, avoid shiny lipsticks and lip glosses!!! The matter your lipstick, the less chance for mask transfer, face smudging, and looking like a 4 year old has applied you lip for you!

USE lip liner!!! Lip line a thickish “border” around your lips, and don’t apply too much lipstick to the area of the lip, again were avoiding smearing here, so when you take that mask off, no joker type surprises, you still have the face you remember putting on that morning.

TIP! exfoliate your lips with a home made scrub: mix brown sugar an a bit of honey, let it dry, then wet your finger and gently rubs it off. This way your lips and free of dry bits of skin and you can apply you lipstick carefree!

If you are still worried, look into purchasing a lipstick sealer! I tried it out the other day (my house mate had a few) and that stuff really works! Doesn’t seem to mater which brand either.

Happy to have you all back in the salon!


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