How Sustainable is your Hair Do?

I think that by now, it is safe to say that we have all, to some greater or lesser extent, tried to implement more eco friendly habits into our lives! Whether it be bags for life, installing solar panels, going veggie or vegan, going to work on a bike, or all the above plus even more, there is still one aspect of our lives we often forget to consider: the services we use regularly.

Consider the experience of an average colour appointment; bright lights, dryers going, music playing, screens on. Highlighting foils, refreshments, gowns, towels, washing, rinsing, more towels…Multiply this by an average day’s clientele and you’re potentially looking at a large energy bill and an even larger carbon footprint.
Well I’m here to tell you that if you get your hair done at Anne Veck, you do not need to worry! Fret not, as they are THE carbon neutral salon!!!

In 2013, Anne and Keith redesigned and refurbished the whole salon to be eco friendly and sustainable. Since 2019 they have held the accolade of “Certified Carbon Neutral” from Carbon Footprint Ltd and aim to work with companies who have the environment at the forefront of their business ethos! So from the moment you enter Anne Veck Oxford you are greeted by a business that’s both commercially successful and environmentally sustainable.

Anne says, ‘We work with sustainably conscious companies because not only do we love the results that they achieve but we love what they stand for. They manufacture with renewable energy, use recycled packaging and naturally derived ingredients, are carbon neutral and some are B Corp. We also love that we can provide our clients with a refill bar for Davines Shampoos and conditioners.’ Anne and Keith work hard to not only let their clients know what they are doing, but also get word out in the trade media, so that other salon owners what options are out there, and hopefully also start to run their business in a greener fashion. To speed this up they wrote SalonRe:Source, a toolkit for salon owners.
So, to answer the title question of this article, if you’re part of the Anne Veck Oxford community, your hair do is hella sustainable!

Have a great day!

PS forgot to mention, they won “Sustainable Hero” at the Creative Head magazine Most Wanted Awards 2021!

Most Wanted Sustainability hero 2021

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