Five Autumn Hair Trends Not To Miss!

We’re out, We’re About, and Anne Veck Oxford is keeping us fresh!
As autumn approaches, with it’s gusty winds, falling leaves and cooler weather, what looks are we trading our “keep my neck fresh” buns and pony tails in for?
I took Anne Veck out for coffee and picked her brains, so here is what the AV team thinks you should be keeping an eye out for!

-Raw Textures and Layers
Movement and face framing layers, with minimal styling and working with your hair natural texture, will be a go to this autumn! Still “recovering” from a lot of DIY lockdown hair experiments, this trend is gorgeous and great for growing back that healthy hair!

-Buzz Cuts
This can be a radical change and look for women, but also very low maintenance and keeps you looking on point whether it be for work or a night out. So if if you want to look swag with minimal effort this is a great way to go!

-Grown out Fringes
Blunt, choppy or curtain fringe, a grown out bang can look utterly fab on straight or curly hair! But do it right! Get it trimmed in salon so it looks purposefully 70s negligent rather than just a bit ill forgotten.

-70s Vibezzz
Perfect intro to our next trend: 70s everything, everywhere! Fashion is a cycle, and the 70s are for sure coming back around. Keep your eyes peeled for chic and understand 70s references, in people wardrobes, hair…. everything!

-All the Bobs!
The bob. Timeless! Not sure when this style is ever out of fashion! Any cut with a distinctive shape is always a statement and always in! The “wash and go vibe” is great now that we’re getting back to our busier lives.

So… what style are you thinking of sporting this autumn? We can’t wait to see you in salon to find out!


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