Black Hair Matters

Many hairdressers aren’t skilled or experienced in working with textured/black/afro hair and so some salons can’t or won’t do your hair if you are black. That’s a fact. The recent review of the relevant occupational standards have resulted in it now being mandatory for students to be trained in working with ALL hair types. In fact this has been the case with apprenticeships for several years. So change is coming.

Black hair care, treatment and how to cut and colour it has been sidelined in our college courses and many salons, that don’t specifically specialise in afro hair. This is not OK, which is why at Anne Veck Oxford we make sure we can provide care for ALL types of hair!

I don’t have afro hair, so I asked one of Anne’s clients who does, what her her take on this topic is, including what’s it like to find a salon which can do your hair!

“When I was younger, I never really thought about my hair and who does it. Growing up, my hair was done by my mother or other members of my family. I think, before finding Anne Veck, I had been to the hairdressers, for my own hair, once in my life. I was young, I’d noticed that most of the people in the salon looked like me. Their hair texture was closer to mine, the styles they were getting were styles which I recognised; I’d grown up around them. At one time, we had a specific hairdresser, that did all of our locks. However, as I grew older, I found it easier to do my own hair. Something that I will always take from my hair journey, is the excitement I felt when we found Anne Veck, a person who could do my hair. Because for me it was never as simple as leaving home to go to any of the four salons on our high street.”

Anne has been on a journey learning about black hair since she opened her salon back in 1991. As she explains “Hair is hair is hair. If we can’t welcome people with textured hair it is like not welcoming people with red hair!

Anne is currently a finalist for both the British Hairdressing Awards Afro Hairdresser of the Year and The Big One for Afro Hair (which she won in 2020). As some of you will know, the secret guest artist (Tuesdays and Wednesdays OK it’s Desmond Murray) is an internationally renowned afro, all round and men’s hairdresser.

So spread the word, the entire Anne Veck team is trained in or being trained in Afro hairdressing!


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