Hippy Hair: 2021’s summer of love!

As we gear up to come out of lockdown numero tres, I think we are all ready to enjoy some time outdoors, no stress, rocking the summer vibes, chilling that relaxed mood… and as I look into what hair trends I think are going to be big in the coming months, this is a wave that totally translates into what I have dubbed Hippy Hair.
I don’t know about you, but when I think Hippy, I think 70s, relaxed, chilling out, maybe smoking something you shouldn’t be, catching some rays, and just enjoying life… basically what we are all looking forward to doing! So, them 70s fashion vibes gonna be hitting the streets hard! what exactly does the mean? well, let me give you concrete hair examples of the coming big trends!
(Editors note: Hippies were in the 60s. The Summer of Love was 1967. I know I was there.)

1.The Mullet Shag!
Now, if you follow many or any hairdressers on the gram, this is a style that has been rearing its hairy head since the first lockdown, and is now gathering momentum with the general populace, in no small part thanks to Miley Cyrus rocking the look! And it’s cool, the shaggier and messier the better and cooler you look! Anne has been rocking this style, in varying degrees of mullet ness, for a couple years now, so if you want to give it a go, she’s your gal!


2.Curtain Fringe 🙂
Personal favourite (currently growing my fringe out so I can have one) the name explains it well! Long fringe, parted at the middle, as a sort of curtain for your face (or it can be cut shorter getting longer from the middle outwards). Easy to style (doesn’t need to be super precisely blowdried straight like a traditional fringe) and quick to grow out if you decode its not for you!

3.The Long Mod Fringe!
So Rihanna is rocking one of these at the moment, and really looks superbe! Typically heavier, thicker, longer, this fringe has deffo 70s hippie vibes! and there is just something so sexy about it: that cool girl smoulder just kills it every time!

4. Pink it to win it!
Its summer, we’re feeling those hippy vibes, and who says hippies, says colour!!! check out an article I wrote a few weeks ago all about how pink is the colour to try this season —> Click Here

5.Supa Dupa Long Hair!
One perk of lockdown, plenty of time to grow your hair! and who doesn’t love long beautiful locks of hair in summer, shimmering in the sun? If if you didn’t grow the as much as you want, enquire about Anne Veck’s awesome hair extension services!!!

So, do you think you’ll be trying any of these styles out? Whether you’re hungry for something new, or want to stick to your tried and trusted, we’re open again soon, so email oxford@anneveckhair.com to book now 😉

Have a lovely day
xxx DFG

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