Summer Festival Hair At Last?

As summer draws closer, so does the feeling that we may get to enjoy a normal sunny season this year! And if, for you, thats usually dancing and drinking at multiple festivals all summer, it looks like thing might be on the up and up (check out this BBC article “which festivals will go ahead in 2021?”)

So, this begs the question, WHAT style, vibe and look are you going to be rocking at your first festival in two years? after year another lock down, let’s not just throw on a flower crown or a diamant√© tiara and call it a day! You’ve got to make up for lost time, make one hell of an entrance, and make sure your hair is as unforgettable as the festival(s) you’ll be attending!

Get a reverse Ombre Pink? I wrote a article recently “Pink it to Win it” , and yes it is true, pink hair isn’t anything revolutionary at a festival, but the reverse ombre, with darker roots and lighter ends, gives it a new twist! And you can get some fabulous Davines products in store to maintain that pink throughout festival season!

Use some funky hair pins to spruce up any style?! Anne has collaborated with Dirty French Girl Jewellery (Moi) to make some pretty fun hair clips that would look banging on the festival circuit (or anywhere you want to be honest).

And what about hair chains? Anne and DFG have been working on some fun designs, so keep your eyes peeled, it could be your next summer look!

Be sups extra?

Get yourself some cool hair gel that’s also coloured and scrape it all back! And don’t stop at your hair, get some sticky diamantes and glitter involved and you’ll be the most shiny fairy unicorn fairy partying at any festival!

Hope my two cents have inspired you! Can’t wait to see what looks you all go for!


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