Pink it to win it!

Anne, with her trade mark varying hues of pink hair, called it!
The trend for playful pink hair began during lock 1.0, when bored celebs decided to get experimental! But here we are one year on, and the trend has not died out, the craze has grown and we now see rose hair everywhere from the streets to on the gram and tiktok!

But pink hair is a fair bit of work, and needs to be applied on a a clean bleached base to look its best! so can IT work for everyone? DIY hair, especially when it involves bleach, is risqué!!! But if you can wait til 12th April for your “pink hair don’t care” spice of life, we have some utterly fantastic products that will get you down that pink brick road in no time!

Pink is high maintenance colour! It can only really be achieved as a toner, on a bleached base! This means it washes out rather quickly, however with our awesome Davines Alchemy Range, which is basically a combo of colour and conditioner, you can maintain you pink at home in a safe nourishing way!!!

So as tempting as it may be to try and copy all those celebs, wait for the proper hair care, so we can get you looking pretty in pink, without all your hair falling out 😉

Remember, to book your pink transformation, email with your mobile telephone number.

til next time


by DFG

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