Colour Communication

We’ve all heard of the language of love…. but what about the language of colour?
I know, before I started colouring my hair and being a bit more YOLO with my look, one thing that “stopped”, me so to speak, was the worry that I wouldn’t be able to convey what I wanted properly to my stylist… and the desired look would get lost in translation, and I’d end up with the complete opposite to my dream hair… It would quite literally send me down an silly panic spiral, so I would just do…nothing!

So I thought to myself “dayum… what if other lovely people out there wants to get some crazy hair done but don’t dare? I should write a lil sumin on colour communication, a sort of thesaurus of translation for the customer and stylist to be on the same page!!!” SO, here we are!!!

First of, WE ALL love saying things like “Chocolate Mauve colour”, or “Buttery Blond highlights”, and this may read well in magazines or as a gram caption, but it doesn’t really describe the colour that effectively to anyone ! So to avoid misunderstanding, we should all use much more explicit words (and ask your colourist to do so also if need be ) and just say “warm brown with some hints of red” or “a colder blond, with silvery grey highlights” for example!

Second tip: VISUALS!!!! This can be from magazines, pinterest, insta… But if you follow your stylist online, and see a colour they have done in the past you like, show them that!!! They’ll know how to do it because they’ve done it before, and probably be hella chuffed and happy your using their own work as a example (just beware of filters, and make sure you say you want the colour on the photo with or without filter etc…)

And finally.. the consultation! I always used to find these a draaaaag and didn’t really understand why I couldn’t just rock up to my appointment and be like ” I want this colour please”. Until one day, my stylist, finally explained! Each colour service is bespoke to the customer, because not one of us has the same history, same natural colour, thickness etc… so the consultation is for us to discuss which colour we want, and for the stylist to after design and figure out the best colour mix to use, to get us where we want to be! So my last bit of advice is pay attention to the consultations lol! I know, sounds basic, but really this will be the basis of what you get done, so really worth not skipping it 🙂

Hope this was helpful! Anne and the team wait to see you all after lockdown!
xxx DFG

P.S. And, most important, if the salon says you need a skin test before your appointment, make sure you get this done. You don’t want an allergic reaction, do you? Some salons don’t insist, avoid like the plague.

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