Davines NaturalTech- Does it really do what it says on the bottle?

Davines’ NaturalTech Energising Superactive range shampoo, conditioner and stimulant serum is advertised as a bit of holy trinity for increased hair growth! And I am the first to be hella sceptic of these sort of products!

However, during the first lockdown of 2020, my anxiety, mental and physical health, and to some extent diet (I was vegan at the time), got to a point when I lost 50% of my hair! I was hyper aware of this, as I had just spent a year growing out bleach, my hair was finally thick, full, healthy and ready to grow to lengths I hadn’t seen since I was 14! But alas, it was not meant to be. As I lost the thickness, it also began to break and simply wouldn’t grow! Now, I know to many this can seem incredibly vain, but I really lost a lot of self confidence, felt very unattractive, and “luckily” it was lock down, because I did not want to leave the house!

And then I got to chatting with Anne via the gram. She recommended these products. I took a bit of convincing, but then I thought “Lets do it! lets splurge, its not like I’m spending my money on nights out so whatever!” and I ordered them!
The holy trinity came with specific instructions: you must wash your hair every other day (which was hard for me, I am a bit too obsessed with dry shampoo) and then others bits on how to apply the serum.

Before I began the Davines treatment.

Week 1

SO, full disclosure, yes I dyed my hair black and trimmed it! But even after a week it just felt stronger! More substantial if you will! What do you think ?

Week 2

So, week 2 and my hair is feeling thicker and I could swear it’s growing a bit quicker (could tell because fringe became annoying)!!!

Week 3

This was the week I noticed the most dramatic growth.
My hair is feeling hella soft, strong and thicker at this point! (I was soooooo happy, confidence was starting to come back!!!)
Also, funny side note, I had a horrible migraine this day! The serum works by increasing blood flow to the scalp and I SWEAR on my two cats it helped the headache go away!

Week 5

(skipped week 4 because that was over Christmas and legit forgot to take the photos… I was too busy drinking and eating hehheh) BUT CHECK THAT GROWTHH WOOOOO

I have since cut my hair again (decided growing it out long was overrated, and that I quite liked the short, Amelie Poulin style bob) but this photo shows that I definitely got my thickness back!

So, I may still be skeptical of other products, but Davines definitely has my trust! Convinced? We have some just for you at the online shop!

xxx DFG

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