Anne Veck’s 2022 hair trend forecast!

Anne Veck Hair Salon Oxford

We all know there are some timeless classics, like the short Parisian bob, and beach waves highlighted hair…. but for some other styles, it is more cyclical, and they may not go out of fashion, but need an update every once and a while.
So, here are some of Anne’s best predictions for 2022.

-The Modern Mullet. Every 10 to 15 years this cut resurfaces but is always met with resistance. However, this season, it seems this is not so. This cycle, the mullet is combined with the modern shag, creating a much more versatile cut. Channeling hippie vibes, in a sexy textured look, it is a great hair cut for those of you that like low maintenance hair, and strive for that effortless bed head look.

-The Rachel… who has not had the Rachel cut (from Friends) at least once? Well it is back (again…lol) but it is just a little bit longer this time around. Maybe it is the unintended after effect of lockdown and not having access to your hair stylist, but we have noticed an increase in clients requesting the iconic style, but keeping it longer, sort of like a mix between Brigitte Bardot and Rachel.

-Curl Ready Cuts. There has been a big trend over the past 15 or so years for those of us with curly hair to always try and straighten, smooth and hide those luscious locks of voluminous curly hair. Well 2022 is THE year the curl ready cuts really hit their stride. Were giving 2022 the 70s treatment, a rock n roll finish embracing those natural curls, and giving you the hair cuts to go with 🙂

Hop you enjoyed Anne’s little 2022 forecast.
Have a great day!


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