Benefits of having Hair Extensions!

Hair Extensions Oxford

Hello Gals and Guys!
Today we talk hair extensions and all the fab things that can be done with them! Anne Veck Oxford is one of the only salons in Oxfordshire to offer high quality and ethical hair extensions–> we are the regions exclusive supplier of Gold Class hair extensions and we also offer Balmain and Lox Box! We do gentle heat fused bonds, tape extensions, clips in…. But enough of this (not so) humble brag, let me tell you why extensions really are somewhat magical!

1.Instant Hair Change! With no damage! Want that extra length and vavavoom thickness? Clip in some of our awesome Lox Box extensions and feel transformed… Until you want something else, and then change to that too! You can also indulge your inner child and get some crazy colour extensions, but not worry about damaging your own hair with bleach and colour!

2.Splits ends no more! Well, sort of… this isn’t technically true because split ends do not just disappear when adding hair extensions. However, I did say hair extensions were somewhat magical: so what extensions do help with is hiding those nasty split ends. Abracadabra, suddenly your hair looks and feels so much healthier when you hide those split ends under gorgeous, soft hair extensions. Even more so when using our Gold Class, ethically sourced and hand picked, hair extensions! Win-win!

3.Extensions are not just used for length! They can also be used for thickness. So if you have always craved this hair but sadly have not got that Disney princess swish, fret not, because air extensions are a great way to get that vavavoom volume you so crave. And the great thing about taped extensions, is the hair can be reused and if taken care of well, the tape re-adjusted after a month of growth… gorgeous and sustainable…!

Have I convinced you yet? If not, feel free to ask your in salon stylist any other questions you might have, and you will see, hair extensions are fab! Or ofcourse call us on 01865 727077 to book a consultation – £25 but reimburesed if you go ahead with any service.


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