New Hair – New YOU

We have all heard the expression “new hair new you/me”. But is it just an expression? Is there a grain of truth to the idea that a drastically new look can allow us to become someone new, or more likely, a different facet of who we are? A part of our personality we were not shining a light on before, that we have decided we want to bring forward?
Whether we are starting a new job and want to look like the biz, moved town and wish to re-invent ourselves, dealing with a break-up and re-discovering what it means to be single, or simply wanting a change: “new hair new you” has some interesting psychology behind it I wanted to explore a little.

Hair is super important to our general sense of attractiveness, and as much as we know our beauty comes from within, we also need to like what we see on the outside for ourselves to feel good and confident. That is very hard to do if one of the main features, the first things you see in the mirror in the morning, doesn’t reflect what you want it to about yourself. It is a great way to express oneself and communicate our identity to the world, as a result the hair we decide to rock will help us build our professional and personal lives.

A lot of the situations I mentioned above (and many others in which we would imagine a total hair make over) involve slightly unknown, new circumstances. Changing your hair, is a way to regain control over this emotionally wobbly situation. Emotionally wobbly is not a negative thing necessarily, for example starting a new job is usually a positive, but it feels nice and safe to feel like you are in control, that you control how your new co-workers are going to see you from day one.
It is empowering to make changes especially when you feel like other aspects of your life may be out of control (hence why many of us choose to change our hair after a break up!)

So, to keep it short and sweet, I think the expression “new hair, new you” is very accurate. I know I have always drastically changed my hair whenever anything big has happened, either as a celebration or to get over something, but as I evolve I like my hair to evolve with me!
So if you are feeling the need for a change, don’t hesitate to pop into the salon and say Hi!

Have a great day

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