Time for your personal hair plan for 2018!

It’s still only March, so still plenty of time to look forward and set yourself some hair goals for 2018!

Working towards your dream hair takes commitment, so come and see us for your personal hair plan – a
structured approach to caring for your hair that will make it easier to
achieve the look and feel you’ve always wanted.
A great way to start your plan is with a KeraStraight KS Ultimate
treatment. This will give you up to four months of healthy, nourished,
frizz-free hair, creating the perfect foundations for beautiful hair the rest of the year.
Then book your next two or three appointments in
advance to fit with your stylist’s availability and to get the time slot you
want. Factor in whether you will want a cut, colour
and treatment, depending on your hair type and the look you want to
You might want to to go lighter for spring
and summer and use darker tones in autumn and winter. Or an
easy to manage hairstyle for their summer holidays – a ‘wash and go’
approach. Then maybe a more weather-proof style for winter so that
you still look your best despite being battered by the elements!”
At Anne Veck we’ll spend time with you at each appointment chatting
through your hair needs.
Everyone usually has something they would change about their hair
whether it’s increasing volume, reducing frizz, adding more shine or
making hair more manageable. We can advise you on all of
these and can help make you love your hair even more …with a plan!

I recommends the following first-class products for your all year round
fabulous hair.
1. A good shampoo and conditioner is the foundation for fabulous hair
all year round, You could try Revlon Be Fabulous Shampoo and
Conditioner to help you battle through the hottest summers and the
harshest of winters.
2. Use a good heat protector to avoid breakage during styling. If you
do have to style your hair with a hot hairdryer, tongs or irons make
sure you protect it first. There are lots of great products to choose
from, but look out for the ones that can help your hair to cope with
even the highest of temperatures. Damaged hair doesn’t easily
repair, so it pays to do your utmost to keep it looking its best
through effective protection. We use Revlon Lissaver to keep hair
in optimum condition and it protects up to 230oC!
3. A good oil is perfect for maintaining the hair’s moisture levels while
increasing shine and softness. I recommend Orofluido elixir to
also help reduce frizz and fly-aways, A little goes a long way, does
wonders and its not expensive. So with a little forward planning your locks will look lovely and stay healthy all year long!

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