Your countdown to perfect wedding hair

Your countdown to perfect wedding hair

There are a million and one things to think about now you are getting married. So I do hope my little guide will at least help with planning your big day hair with perfect wedding hair!

Six months until your wedding: Find the right wedding hairdresser (hey that’s me!)

How good is your hairdresser at wedding hair and updos? Do find out, some stylists hate doing up dos!

If you decide to go for a new hairdresser, give yourself six months to find someone you’re happy with! Planning in advance will also allow you to work out your bridal hair budget. Think about your mum, bridesmaids, etc. Do you want everyone to be styled by your hairdresser? It’s also essential to ask if the hairdresser is willing (and can) travel to your wedding venue or home and what this will cost.

Four months until your wedding: Choose your perfect wedding hairstyle

There are two options really. Either stick to your natural style and simply enhance it with an accessory, or go all out with a wedding updo. The most important thing is to find a hairstyle that you’re happy with and will make you feel confident on your big day.

Your wedding dress will also play a big part in dictating your hairstyle. If you’re going for something Grecian, a half up or half down do that looks more relaxed is best. Likewise, a high neck or long sleeved dress will look stunning with an elegant ballerina bun that shows off any intricate detailing on the dress. Make sure your hairdresser knows what they’re working with!

Want an updo but have short or fine hair? Then consider hair extensions. Whether they’re individual pieces or clip-ins, if you discuss with your hairdresser now you’ll have enough time to find the right option.

Two months until your wedding: Step up your haircare routine

You’ll want shiny, glossy hair on your wedding day so put the work in now and within eight weeks you’ll be able to see a noticeable difference. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of hair-dulling product residue and add a hydrating hair mask into your routine. And if you’re worried about your hair looking lifeless, invest in a scalp serum or hair thickening treatment. And of course, keep talking to your hairdresser for the best product recommendations.

One month until your wedding: Book your hair trial

Book your trial session with your stylist so you can try out as many different wedding day looks as possible. Bring along that all-important picture of your dress and take any accessories with you that you might wear on the day, such as a tiara, veil and earrings. Take pictures to check it from every angle and if you’re not happy, speak up. There’s still plenty of time to change your look or (heaven forbid!) your hairdresser!

Two weeks until your wedding: Time for top-ups

Having a trim and colour touch up now will allow enough time for your colour and cut to settle. If you get your hair chemically relaxed, curled or straightened, this is also a good time to book in for the service as treated hair tends to look better after a fortnight. Maybe consider an in-salon conditioning treatment to give your hair an extra hit of hydration.

On the day: Get ready for the styling session

Make sure you have discussed with your stylist whether you need to wash your hair the night before or on the morning of the wedding – often they will suggest the night before as freshly washed hair can be unresponsive, static and slippery. Your stylist will also have told you how long you need for your hair prep (and for your bridesmaids and mum if necessary) but allow two hours as a general guide.

As the day unfolds, your hairstyle may loosen a little but don’t worry, a few strands out of place can easily be fixed so ask a bridesmaid to keep some Kirby grips and a mini hairspray in her bag.
You could even book your hairdresser for the day or half of it to ensure perfect wedding hair all day long but this will be pricey!

Have a wonderful wedding day.
Bizous xxx
Anne Veck

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