Sudden summer hair loss?

Hey gang, have any of you ever noticed, come summer, you lose more hair? Start to worry a bit, wonder: am I stressed? Is my diet ok? Am I having a reaction to any new hair products?
Well, fret not, I was experiencing the same thing. I’m trying to grow my hair out so I am more aware of my hair’s well being and health than ever, so when I noticed, two months ago, that I was losing more hair, I did panic a little bit.
So I did some research and spoke to Anne Veck and I am happy to say that I will not be a Bald Beach Babe just yet!

Much like animals, in summer, we “molt”. Hair goes through three phases: the anagen phase (growth phase), the catagen phase (end of the growth cycle), and the telogen phase (resting phase when hair has finished growing and will eventually fall out). We are interested in the telogen phase! When the hair is subject to more extreme weather, the added heat can make as much as an extra 70% of our hair rest prematurely (our hair also likes to nap in the sun it seems). Which means we have up to an excess of 70% of hair coming out in the shower and on our hair brush. Especially at the moment, since the lock down the weather has been particularly gorgeous, continuously, for about 3 months!

But if you’re experiencing seasonal hair loss and this hasn’t reassured you, Davines do some great products to help! And not only will they make your hair feel fabulous, but they smell totally fantastic too! check them out here!

We have a super range of Davines and Avlon hair products available at the shop. Delivery free of charge.

Be safe everyone, we cannot wait to see you back in salon soon! 😉 xxx

Dirty French Girl

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