90s are back baby!

With the pandemic making the present rather boring, and the future being a tad uncertain, it seems we are looking to the past for trend inspiration! The 90s are creeping their way back into the limelight in more ways than one!

After their recent musical collaboration, new besties Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga posted the most adorable twinning yearbook pictures on their gram, and the nostalgia is real! This is just one of the most recent examples of 90s vibe coming back to life! Kylie Jenner has been seen sporting pigtails, in a Baby Spice kind of way, and personally, I am IN LOVE with this throw back aesthetic. It is the perfect solution to your lockdown lazy days: can’t be bothered to wash your hair? Use your Davines dry texturing shape spray and brush those lock back into two scrunchies for the cutest of lazy girl hair styles!

But enough celeb goss, lets get down to business! Which iconic 90s crops and colours, do we at Anne Veck, think are going to be best sellers this summer:

Remember the 90s up do, which always had to have a few tendrils of hair left loose at the front framing the face? for a long time this was a big No No, and was considered a hard look to pull off. But celebrities all round must have been feeling wistfully sentimental, because the look has resurfaced on red carpets and IG stories alike. Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, and Jennifer Lopez to name but a few… So when life eventually gets back to normal, if you’re looking for a banging up do for a night out, consider this new old favorite!

Is anyone else struggling with the heat a bit this so early summer? Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic to finally have a summer in the UK, but da-yum does my head feel hot! I’ve been looking at photos of Halle Berry, back in the 90s, with her super cute spiky pixie cut, thinking it might not be such a bad idea! Such an adorable look, and mega low maintenance to boot: just need a bit of Davines’ moulding clay to give it the shape you want, and off you go, light as a feather!

And Anne Veck’s personal favourite: the return of the braid! Who can forget the 90s fashion of corn rows and tight scalp braids made popular by all the hip hop and rap bands that were around! Luckily this is a style that has benefitted from a bit of time, and 2020 has its own version: the scalp braids that sit just on top are much thicker and looser these days, giving it a modern seaside hippie vibe!

What 90s styles have you got your eye on? We can’t wait to reopen the salon and get you all looking fabulous again, retro style and future visionaries alike!

by Dirty French Girl

Ps. What do you think of our article pictures? these are all images of us in the 90s!!!!

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