Christmas Crops of 2021!

Christmas is upon us and so are the festivities that come with!
SO what hair are you going to wear this year round?
Here at Anne Veck Oxford, we have a few ideas as to what might look as banging as your Christmas crackers!!! So what ideas do the hair salon stockings have for us this year?

1. Vintage hair! It is not only the classic retro vintage Christmas songs that we love this time of year, vintage hair styles… well they simply never go out of style! 20s bobs, short fringes, and finger waves styles are always a winner this time of year!

2.Easy waves! If your more of a low key, comfy knitted clothes and hot chocolate kind Christmas gal or guy, this is the look for you! Gorgeous, easy to do in salon (or at home afterwards, we will tell you how 😉 wavey curls will make you look like you are straight out of a Disney Christmas special!

3. The French twist! Christmas is for sharing, so lets get our hand on some of that effortless French style! Great if you’re hosting, look fabulous, and keep your har out of the way! What more could you want!?

4.Hair accessories!!!! Hair ribbons, hair chains, hair anything! Anything that gives your lock that extra sparkle and bling is obviously going to look perfect for the festive season! So do not be afraid to pimp your hair out with whatever you think looks cool and make you feel fantastic!

So, which look do you think you’ll go for? we can’t wait to find out!

Bizous xxx

Chloe Mellen

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