Winter and how to save your hair from it!

Brrr… the cold… it does not do wonders for our lovely locks!
With the lowering temperatures comes less humidity, hair damage caused by scarves and coat static and heating which harms our hair by sucking the moisture out and can cause it to break!

So what can we do to avoid looking like a dried out hay stack for New Year- other than tying our hair into contained pony tails and buns for the entire season (which works wonders, but leaves or ears exposed to the cold and it is nice to be able to treat ourselves to more than one hair style per couple of months!)

With less humidity in the air, our scalp produces less oil! But do not worry Anne Veck and Davines have this sorted! Davines has a range of awesome hair masks to choose from, to keep your hair moisturized and shiny throughout the winter months. You can have a look at our online shop HERE, or email us at with any questions, but also do not hesitate to stop in salon to ask us questions in person.

Another thing to bear in mind, which I think we ALL forget, is that if we are producing less oil, we do not need to wash our hair as often! But many of us (me included) wash our hair out of habit rather than need, so on top of the dryness caused by the cold, we are drying out our hair and scalp by washing it too often! Anne recommends maybe waiting an extra day before shampooing your hair in winter, and using the Davines MOMO Shampoo, specifically designed to give our hair that extra moisture.

I hope this helps you keep your hair safe!


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