What happened when I shaved my head!

I have had almost every hair style and colour under the sun!
Long Shakira waves, perm, Amelie Poulin bob, pixie cut, V shaped fringe, blue, red, Leeloo orange, crimped, mohawk… the list goes on! But one style I had always craved but never dared give a go was shaving my head (I don’t mean shaved smooth like a baby’s bottom, but leave about 1cm of hair all over…). I was scared… what if it did not suit me, what if I felt exposed, what if my skull is shaped weird, what if (and this was my biggest and maybe dumbest fear) I don’t look feminine anymore.

But, come November 2021, with all this covid rubbish, I thought life is too short for what if’s, it will grow back, and if I really hate it I have many many (many!) hats and I can get some fun wigs!

This is what happened:
I loved it and all of my fears were wrong!

My neck now appears longer, and my head slimmer (everyone keeps on asking if I lost weight… I really did not see this one coming). Not going to lie, it makes me feel super elegant! And I LOVE wearing big earrings, and knowing that everyone can actually always see my fabulous bling (sort of like extra boojie hair).

I can play with colours and there is very little risk! Every month/month and a half I go back for a shave and a bleach and a pink toner. In month time, my pink will fade, so I can re apply a pink, or try a yellow, or a green… or whatever I want! If I don’t like it it fades, or I am back in the salon and they sort it for me! It is a lot of fun with basically no risk!!!

I am spending a lot less on shampoo and conditioner, so I can splurge on more expensive products in the salon!!! I mean this one is pretty obvious! A lot less hair, so I use a lot less to wash it. Just means I can now always get the fab Davines products I had my eyes on but could not always consistently afford!

I do a lot of exercise… and it is just so practical. If you love to work out or be active in anyway, its really revolutionary not to have to think about your hair anymore !

And my biggest fear… was my biggest surprise. I was worried I would not be feminine or like what I saw in the mirror. I have never felt more elegant and feminine in my whole life! Like the song “I am woman” by Emmy Meli, being a woman is really whatever you make of it, and whatever you want, which I guess I had sort of lost sight of!

So, any of you think you might give it a go? One word of advice, maybe wait until spring, I shaved my head in November and did not anticipate how cold my ears would be !!!

Have a great day. Oh and schedule that appointment at Anne Veck Oxford now!


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