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We are back! We are open! We are b.u.s.y ! (and we are loving it!)
But lets be honest, safety aside, the masks and visors do make it hard for our fab stylists and beautiful clientele to converse. So just in case you really can’t hear a word your hairdresser is saying, I wanted to write a little about each of our teams top favourite product (just to make sure you don’t miss out) and allow you all to get to know you favourite stylist that little bit better!)

First up is Anna, our receptionist. Anna uses a lot of our products for her own hair care. She has short hair, and her absolute fave is the Davines Forming Pomade. It gives her a natural and structured look without making her hair greasy or “wet” looking.

Secondly, lets hear from Courtney, our lovely apprentice. Courtney has long-ish bleached hair, and she likes using the Davines Oi Oil. Re-hydrates her hair, smells nice, and gives it a great shine without weighing it down!

Next is Nicola, one of our newest team members. Her salon special would be Avlon’s Keracare Silken Seal. Designed as a heat protection oil (from straightener, hairdryers eco…), Nicola finds its also great for simply revitalizing and moisturizing dry, thick, heavily textured hair.

Now, suave monsieur Sylvain, could not simply give me one product (like requested) but had to give me three! So, Sylvain likes the Liquid Spell, a light liquid mousse great for giving shine and texture. He also enjoys working with the Davines Dry Texturising Spray, which he applies from the roots down to the tips for a full bodies tousled look, a product that works great even on super long hair. And for shorter cuts, his go to would be the Davines Strong Moulding Clay: which allows him to sculpt hair with a beautiful matt finish.

Our lovely senior stylist Sian also gave me more than I bargained for! Sian likes using the Davines Oi milk as a detangling cutting aid, and the salt spray for texture and definition to style the hair once she has finished cutting.

Fabulous manager Kelly and talented creative stylist Marissa have the same two favourite products, adding that they also love the smell, so if you see them sniffing a bottle in the salon, don’t worry, it’s nothing dodgy.

So, next time you are in, if you can, ask your stylist to show you their favourite product. Or cut to the chase and vist our online shop . Free delivery by Anne herself on her bike (well not always!)
Stay safe xxx

Dirty French Girl

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