Blast from the past-the rise of the 90s

I have recently been re-watching Buffy… and although some of the character roles have aged badly, I’m really not hating the 90s fashion and hair.

For the past decade or so, fashion has been all about that “I woke up looking this way” nonchalant beauty, which meant very minimal hair styling: a sort of rebound from the 90s blowout and aughties more is more vibe. But after a year of living indoors and scraping together any excuse to get dolled up, full glam is back!

This means the utterly fabulous, bouncy and voluminous hair of the 90s is back. Think Cindy Crawford, think Cher… think of hair that is unapologetically done up, rocking that “rich bitch” vibe, after a year of greasy pony tails. Just check out one of Selena Gomez’ recent Insta selfies, rocking the iconic Rachel from Friends super polished long bob, complete with thick fringe, and finished off with a gorgeous blow dry blow out.

We’ve even seen rise in the popularity of Mullets. Celebs like Doja Cat rocked the style at this years Grammy awards, complete with a choppy fringe and that 90s dark eye makeup. Billie Eilish has gone for a slightly softer style, but still riding that 90s train, with a layered, voluminous blond shag cut: serving up major 90s punk rock vibes.

SO if you feel like your hair needs a blast from the past, don’t hesitate to ask us to style it that way for you after your cut or colour 🙂

Have a great day

PS 1st image by our former hair heros Allister Evans & Cassie Jennings

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