Summer Sun Disco Inferno!

So it is not scorching hot in the UK yet, but Europe (especially south of France) is already well under way for a heat wave!
So if you are planning a getaway this summer, which I am sure you are, how can you protect your hair from those UV rays?

Many of us remember to take care and protect our skin, but forget about our hair. However the damage caused to our locks can be just as bad. UV rays break down hair proteins, stripping them of their luster and shine, making hair weaker and more likely to break.

Action number one is to protect your scalp! If you are not one for hat wearing, many products out there protect not only your hair, but your scalp too. Check for anti UVA and UVB filters to be sure you have a good product in your basket.
After a day in the sun an overnight mask is a great way to re-hydrate your hair (check out our recommendation HERE)

Hair products are also a bit like makeup. After it has been opened, it is best to use within 8 to 12 months for the best results. So if you were thinking of using that old hair mask you found under you bathroom sink dating back to the 90s… maybe think again!

If you have coloured hair, be aware the sun is the strongest natural bleach, and it will dull your colour much faster. Buying appropriate shampoos, such as professional purple shampoo for blond, and using them once a week is a great way to maintain your colour despite the sun.

In the salon ask your stylist what’s best because Davines do some ideal products to protect and nourish your hair including Nounou shampoo and conditioner and SU milk.

Enjoy the sun safely my lovelies.


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