Anne Veck’s Sustainable Hairdressing Workshop

are you a sustainability snail?

Anne has created a Sustainable Hairdressing work shop for salon owners and hairdressers, which brings to life all the advice contained in her sustainable salon tool kit Salon RE:Source. Working in collaboration with Davines, she has put together a fascinating and action focussed course structured around what you can do in your business to save the planet. Giving you practical advice that you can implement. Available as a full day or half day.

Anne is collaborating with ClientWave to bring this game changing workshop to a venue near you. To register your interest check in here!

The course covers
Reviewing your business
Making real change – don’t just jump on the bandwagon
Put your practices through a green lens – what could you be doing better?
Why being more sustainable will benefit your business (client expectations, bill saving etc)
Good places to start Energy & CO2 emissions : action to tackle global heating/climate emergency
Eliminate paper & card: reduce forest destruction
Use of chemicals and waste of water
Supply chain/ choosing your product manufacturers: make your money work to save the planet!
Who to trust/where to get more help and info

For more information and bookings, contact or call Keith on 01865 744612. And in the mean time, why not have a go at our “Sustainability Snail”? Sustainability what? Find out here!

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