Hairdressing should be Professional
Hairdressing should be Ethical
Hairdressing should be Sustainable
Hairdressing is Art

I would like to change your view of hairdressing , an industry that does so much good by making people look and feel fabulous.

We believe that all hairdressers should be professionally qualified and officially registered (licensed) with the Hair and Barber Council. All salons should pay their employees at least the Real Living Wage.  All employers in our wonderful industry should invest in its future by training and developing the next generation.  All hairdressers should be competent in working with all hair types and as a result everyone should be made welcome. All salons and hairdressers (and all of us come to that) should do everything they can to save the planet by reducing their carbon emissions, cutting down on waste and pollution and by taking action to to save the nature and biodiversity we all depend on.

Hairdressers are creative, talented, energetic, knowledgeable, sociable, sympathetic and highly skilled. They are experts and professionals. Their best work is art.

So that's what we say! Do we walk the talk?



We employed a great team at our Anne Veck salons for over 30 years, until 2022. All our hairdressers were trained and qualified (or in training) to NVQ Level 3 or beyond. Their professional development carried on throughout their career with us. We invested in the next generation by employing apprentices  and Keith Mellen was a member of the government's Hair Professional Apprenticeship Steering Group for over 5 years, responsible for developing the Hair Professional Standards apprenticeships. He was also a member of VTCT's Hair and Barbering Sector Employer Panel, which advises on their development of products and services for the hairdressing industry.  

Anne Veck is a former Ambassador for The Hair and Barber Council lobbying for mandatory professional registration and was also the Hairdressing Ambassador for the National Hair and Beauty Federation, helping drive up standards across the industry.

Anne has been a member of The Fellowship For British Hairdressing for over 25 years and is a Fellow with Honours. In 2021 she was invited to join the British Beauty Council's Hairdressing Committee.


Anne Veck Limited aims to operate in an open, honest and transparent way . Our complaints procedure goes beyond the requirements of The Consumer Rights Act 2015.

We comply with GDPR and you can read our privacy policy here.

Our pricing policy is to give our customers excellent value which is important to our goal of providing the best in hairdressing and hairdressing education and show work.

We believe that all hairdressers should be trained in working with all types of hair. It is unacceptable that any person should be turned away from a salon with the words "I'm sorry we don't do your type of hair". We campaign actively on this issue and to help in a positive way, we offer a course in "Afro hair for beginners".

Hair dressing prices should be gender neutral. We are pleased that in the salon Anne works in, Kelly's Hair Oxford, this is the case.

We refitted Anne Veck Oxford in 2013 , aiming to combine sustainability with the Anne Veck brand to create a stylish, green, destination salon. The focus was on on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, together with using products which are manufactured using renewable energy, recycled packaging and naturally derived ingredients. In December 2020 we joined the United Nations' The Race to Zero,  committing Anne Veck Limited to becoming CO2 neutral by 2030.

Anne Veck Limited was the first U.K. salon business to be certified Carbon Neutral  (by Carbon Footprint Limited). In the salon  we used Davines hair care products and colour which are created with attention and respect for our environment, using high grade, natural ingredients. Each client was offered an individual biodegradable Easydry towel, ensuring both personal hygiene and a reduction in energy use and pollution.  Our waste was collected and recycled by Green Salon Collective. We are is delighted that with the ownership of Kelly Spragg, the salon continues to operate as sustainably as possible.

Keith Mellen is a director of the UK Business and Biodiversity Forum CIC, a business lead initiative exploring ways businesses can act to reverse the decline in nature. For more information visit their website. He is also a business ambassador for Oxfordshire's Nature Recovery Network.

Anne is a Global Ambassador for the Slow Fashion Movement which campaigns against the damage to human rights and the environment caused by fast fashion. Show your support by signing up to Slow Fashion Season : a challenge to not buy any new fast fashion for 30 days and beyond, please find the link HERE.

Keith and Anne share a strong personal commitment to and love of nature and are associated landowners with Portuguese NGO ATNatureza at their pioneering rewilding and restoration project at Faia Brava nature reserve.

The salon received several sustainability accreditations, including: Davines Sustainable Salon Program Sustainability Visionary (the first salon in the world to achieve this), Green Salon Collective Accreditation, Good Salon Guide Eco Salon and Southampton University Business School Sustainable Salon.

We recognise that being an environmentally friendly business is a journey that we haven't yet completed (even without a salon) so there is lots more we can do! If you are a hairdresser or salon owner and would like to join us on the journey, then we have some resources for you....our Nature Positive Business Plan  , our Carbon Emissions Reduction Plan   and our sustainable hairdressing toolkit Salon Re: Source. 

I think that hairdressing is an underrated art medium, seen by many as a purely functional (and fashionable ) service. But surely this is not so. Just look at Vidal Sassoon’s iconic images of precision cutting to see that hairdressing is truly an art form.. The practice of cutting hair and styling and doing so perfectly is an art, but there are also artists expressing themselves through avant-garde hairdressing, using hair as a canvas. They manipulate it as if it were material, change its properties, paint it… And the results can be magical.

Recently, I have been creating videos with my creative partners and one in particular, "Toxic Fashion", has made an impact in the wider world of art, winning both Platinum at the Muse Awards and an Excellence Award at the Videography Awards in 2020. In the same year the video was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition  and a retrospective of my avant-garde hairdressing was shown at the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg, Russia , as part of an exhibition curated by Hairdressers Journal International.

Is hairdressing art?

Please take a look at my photo collections to see what you think!


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