Winter’s coming…Anne’s guide for wonderful winter wedding hair

Winter’s coming…Anne’s guide for wonderful winter wedding hair (or any season!)

Choosing your look

When choosing your look for the big day, remember to look like yourself! The secret is to create something beautiful  from your everyday look, but not to go so far as not be recognisable as yourself! Your hairdresser will be brilliant at helping you decide.

For example you’ll probably want a contemporary style but not so far out that it doesn’t stand the test of time (your wedding vid in 10 /20 years’ from now!). Chic and messy are among today’s trendiest wedding hairstyles. A romantic updo  with a crown braid is stunning.  Plaits, twists and knots are very on trend, too.

If you have a high forehead ,a fringe will look fab. Blunt or choppy, fringed or side swept, I love the look of fringes. They can completely transform a hairstyle and for longer hair without even cutting the rest of your locks. It’s a fun way to change  your look, so if you really don’t want a big change, try it after the wedding!

To make sure your hair stays in place all day, chose a hairdresser who is an expert in his/her field and has lots of experience. Look at her/his portfolio. Even the most effortless style has to be built on a strong base in order for it to last throughout your big day.

About styling products, less is more if you want to achieve a more fashionable hairstyle. It should be loose and messy to be more natural looking. My must have to keep volume and texture is Revlon Professional Volume Powder from their D:FI range. For great hold with great workability (for tweaking during the day!) I recommend Revlon Professional Style Masters Hairspray Modular 2.

A few tips on time scales and logistics….before & on the day

The key to beautiful hair on your wedding day is preparation. Make sure you meet your hairdresser well in advance to discuss your ideas and requirements for the big day. Then together you can  work out a plan to make sure your hair is in the best possible condition. Healthy hair is vital to ensure your wedding day look is as beautiful as you deserve. Aim if possible for a 6 month programme of appointments, including a trial session 2 to 4  before the wedding day itself, when you should bring along any accessories, tiara and a photograph of your wedding gown. You’ll feel more relaxed and confident knowing nothing has left to the last minute.

On the day, both you and your hairdresser will need to start on your hair quite early on. For example,  for an updo, you will have washed and dried your hair at least two hours before your hairdresser starts, otherwise  the curls are more likely to drop.

To help your hairdresser get everyone done on time, work out a rota for your preferred order – mother of the bride/bridesmaids/ flower girls – who is having their hair done when!

Above all, trust your hairdresser. He/she will probably not start and finish each person one at a time, instead probably prepping everyone’s hair first, leaving to cool down, then dressing the hair later.

Maintaining your colour

Use the right shampoo! Some shampoos can be quite harsh on your hair which, in turn, causes your colour to fade much quicker. It’s important to use a shampoo that is specifically designed to boost and promote colour. Follow your colourist/hairdresser’s recommendation.

Regular conditioning will help your colour last longer. If the condition of your hair is bad, the hair cuticle opens up and allows the colour to drop out. It’s important to condition your hair regularly, particularly when having colour, as this locks down the cuticle and seals in the colour, making it last much longer. Again, your hairdresser will recommend the best product.

Revlon Professional’s Revlonissimo range of shampoo and conditioners are my choice.

Going somewhere sunny for your honeymoon? Protection from the sun is vital! The sun can actually damage your colour, making it look tired and faded. The best way to protect your hair is to keep out of the sun completely but I know this isn’t very realistic! So when you can,wear a hat or use a protection spray. I swear by Revlon Equave Protection Detanging Conditioner spray!

Finally, if you are really pleased with the service, do recommend your hairdresser to others! A thank you letter and some photos (especially if you are happy for the hairdresser to use them on their website, blog etc) will be very much appreciated.

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