Winter hair woes and how to avoid them! Protect your hair against the cold.

In winter we often change our skin routine, but routinely forget about our hair! And even though we love our hair, this slip of the mind mean it does not always love us back. So here are four commons ways in which winter damages our hair, and four easy solutions to keep our locks in line, so we can look gorgeous, even when the weather sucks!

1. The Cold! Pretty obvious, it is winter, less heat, so it is colder. But we often forget this means our hair takes longer to dry! So if you’re used to using hair straighteners or curlers, and don’t allow your hair more time to dry, you’re going to hear a slightly alarming sizzling sound when using your styling tools!!! This is the water still inside your hair heating up, turning to steam, and damaging the inner structure of your hair. But it’s such a super easy fix! If you let your hair dry naturally, give it a bit more time, or towel dry a bit more thoroughly, and then use the hair dryer. Davines also have a great spray hair shield, to help prevent damage from straightener and curlers!

2. The Cold… again! With less humidity in the air, our scalp produces less oil and our hair is grease free for longer! As a result we do not need to wash it as much. But often we wash our hair out of habit rather than necessity. If we remove the essential and natural oils too much, this can cause flaky and itchy scalp (dandrufffff aaaa) and brittle hair! So, when the temperature drops, so should our shampooing frequency!

3. Now combine this cold outside air, with indoor heating, and you have another threat to your luscious locks! The combo of going in and out, from cold to hot and hot to cold, sucks the moisture out of our hair and can cause it to break! Anne recommends style that keep your hair contained and together (kind of like how penguins huddle together for warmth, keep your hair together for moisture) such as braids, plaits and buns… We also have a fabulous KeraCare moisturizing masque,that is great in winter to keep the breakage at bay!

4. Those “contained” hair styles are also a great way to avoid our last winter threat : Coat Hair!!! Have you ever noticed in winter that back of your hair always get way knottier, sometimes a surprise mini dreadlock appears out of thin air, and you end up with broken ends… Well as gorgeous as they are, you can blame your winter coat for this, hair gets trapped between layers of jumper and coat and gets all tangled! So styling your hair really helps, or getting an anti static spray, or anti frizz oil can works wonders!!!!

by Dirty French Girl

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