Winter Hair WE Want!!!

As summer ended, so did the crazy home hairxperiments! And we know, it can be hard to find the right winter style: something cool, on trend, that suits you, and that can also weather the storm that is British winter. We have to deal with the cold outside, the heat inside, coat hair… it can be a right nightmare (in fact if you need some tips and bits on how to handle your locks during the winter months, keeping them at their best, click HERE to read a previous blog on the subject matter!)

But, fret not, for Anne Veck has got your back! Here are Anne’s top pick for this winter’s wants!

Undercuts! Especially at the back of your head around the nape. Totally fab if you have a lot fo thick hair, lightens the load without leaving your head exposed to the element and protects you from coat hair!

Choppy Cuts! These have done nothing but become more and more popular since summer. Low maintenance but high effect, look great with nothing but bit of salt spray and off you go!

Full thick fringes! With any length hair. They look great with hats, beanies, and just add a element of cuteness to any style. And fringe don’t have to be “long”, as i the just by the brow! Go a bit shorter for a statement and highlight your cheekbones!

The wet look! Sort of perfect for British weather, if it rains you’ll be on point (I jest!). However this look is forever glamorous, totally swag for all the upcoming Christmas parties and drinks. Make sure you get the right products, usually a combo of gel, cream and hairspray (ask your stylist in salon for the best way to achieve the look with your hair) and be the badass belle of the ball!

We look forward to seeing you all in the salon, and making you all look even more fabulous than before!


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