Why Davines?

Davines HQ – Eco Village.

So as you might know already, Anne Veck has recently moved over to Davines products in her salon. The brand and products follow a commitment to all things sustainable and ethical, just like Anne Veck Limited is trying to do. We thought we’d give you a but more information on why we think these amazing hair care products are SO utterly fab!!!

A bit of background
Davines was founded in 1983 in Parma, Italy, originally as a skincare research facility by the Bollati family. “Davines” is a combination of the Bollati children’s names: Davide and Stephanie. Now the research facility is the Davines HQ, where all the products are designed, formulated and produced.

“Davines does not aim to be the largest company in the world, but to be the most beautiful and the most ethical thanks to all” Davide Bollati, President of Davines Group.
Davines believe, just like the AV team, that beauty and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. By developing their business on the motto of “sustainable beauty” they encourage people to take care of themselves inside and out, whilst also ensuring the beauty and continued existence of our environment. So that our personal responsibility stretches from ourselves to the world around us.
Davines is a carbon neutral company, just like Anne Veck Limited, and supports the EthioTrees land and forest regeneration project. Davines’ HQ works solely on renewable energy, so you can be sure any and every product you purchase has been produced using clean energy.

Pictures from Davines website

So as you can see, Davines is pretty damn cool, and a very good match for the Anne Veck commitment to being as sustainable and ethical as possible.

Anne and Keith carried out a considerable amount of research before switching to Davines. They believe Davines is probably the most ethical and sustainable hair and cosmetics manufacturer in the world – certainly at least on the international scale.

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