The DFG Story

The Dirty French Girl story… where to begin?

I will start with the name. Like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it! I also was not the one to come up with it. My biggest hobby is wrestling and Brazilian Jujitsu: very close contact, very fun, but also very intimately up in your opponent’s personal space. When I began training, just over three years ago, I was the only woman at my club, and would often giggle and smile at the sight of all these muscley manly men getting into all these precariously chummy positions. So my instructor, the head of the club, would often look at me whilst I’m trying my best to stifle a laugh and loudly say, for everyone to hear “What are you laughing about? I know what you’re thinking, you Dirty French Girl”… and I liked the sound of it, so trademarked it and it is now my business name!

Then I focused on product design and development. I’d had these ideas banging around my head for about a year and finally but pen to paper. I wanted to create products and a brand that I loved, found cool and fun, so that work never felt like work. If I created products I thought were the best thing since sliced bread, and could talk about passionately, well that makes selling myself and my brand so much easier. I was also working on my website and etsy and promoting my Instagram: all the things you need to launch yourself into the creative market 😉

And since then I have been steadily growing the brand. Focusing on Instagram as my main social media, its visual nature being perfect for selling items such as jewellery. I began working with “frendbassadors” (ie.influencers), cultivating my network and developing collaborations. This is how the Dirty French Girl and Anne Veck collaboration came about. In a casual conversation, Anne and myself came up with the idea, I made some samples, we discussed the ideas further and refined the designs together, and then made our first “batch” of the collection. The collection, entitled “Sensible Swag”, is jewellery that not only looks spiffing, but can also be used as hairdressing tools, and it was a hit! Especially the “Section Claw Ring“. Loved by hairdressers and non hairdressers alike, the ring and accompanying cuff designs were shortlisted for “British Hairdressing Business Awards- Innovation” within a year of launching.

And the rest is history 😉

more information on DFG check out

article by Chloe Mellen aka the Dirty French Girl

PS Chloe is too modest to mention that she has a degree in jewelry design from the world famous art college Central St. Martins! And Anne Veck is her mum.

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