The Bob is back!

The bob is the most banging hair cut to have right now, according to a Google search survey led by a hairdressing insurance company. According to data collected, The Bob has 222580 average monthly searches, and it is not only the most popular hair cut in the UK, but also America, Germany, and Brussels too.

And really, this is not surprising! The bob is one of the most versatile looks there is! You can go for short Amelie Poulin type bob, a long bob, layered bob, longer at the front/shorter at the back bob, with a fringe or no fringe…. The bob is easy to wear, versatile and can basically suit any face shape!
Anne says “Because 2020 has been such a hassle of a year, for 2021 it is nice to have a hassle free hair cut, easy to manage and maintain, that looks good when it grows out, because who knows when we’ll be able to open the salon again!”

The huge surge in popularity might also have to do with the year 2020 itself! Bobs are associated with the 1920s, and at the beginning of the year, the internet was rich with memes, images and articles about how this was the start of the new 20s: post war decadence, party galore and lots of fun to be had. And 100 years ago, cutting your hair into a bob was quite the statement : hair was used to symbolize femininity and attract a husband, and what better way to express the new found post war freedom women were experiencing that cutting off the hair that was a symbol of their oppression. Lock down put a stop to the partying of 2020, but the idea that we could still emulate the 1920s style had been planted in our minds eye, and it seems we followed through! We can’t control what the pandemic does, but the popularity of the bob is a strong symbol that the public mindset is that of freedom and hope that 2021 has better things to come!

Here are some beautiful bob examples we have cut in the salon this year!

And a couple pictures from some of Anne’s Fabtastic collections!

So why not give a Bob a chance next time your in?
Can’t wait to see you again ;P

By Dirty French Girl

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