Your spring eco wedding!

Spring is on the way and 2020 is in vogue for wedding extravaganzas!
Here at Anne Veck we love everything sustainable and eco friendly, and we wanted to share with you some tips to make your wedding better for our planet!

Number one (obviously), come get your hair done at Anne Veck!!! We are carbon neutral, and the whole salon is designed with “its good to be kind” in mind! We have recently changed our product line to work with Davines: an eco friendly and also carbon neutral all natural hair care range! Their packaging is made from recycled material and is recyclable again, and they have undertaken a tree planting initiative to help offset carbon emissions worldwide.

Number two, if you are still looking for some wedding rings, head on over to, our resident jewelry designer and maker. An independent craftswoman, she makes everything herself locally to reduce her carbon footprint, and can design you the most beautifully bespoke wedding rings!

wedding hair oxford and bicester

Number three, confetti! looks pretty, but a bit of a culprit when it comes to littering! We recommend buying a heart shapes hole puncher, and collecting leaves. Then when you’re chilling in the evening at home, binging some Netflix, get your hole puncher, get your leaves, and start punching away to your hearts content! You then have some beautiful heart shaped confetti that is totally environmentally friendly!

Number four, location location location! It is no secret that cars, planes, boats… vehicles of all kind are not great for our mother earth, so if you can choose a local venue that is easy to get to for yourself and your guests and keep that travel distance and time down!

Number five, if you haven’t decided on a decor yet, maybe go for the shabby chic, reusable, DIY look. Use potted plants instead of cut flowers, and try to plan what happens to said plants after your wedding day. Use things such as crates, jam jars etc.. for decoration. It might be a bit more work atn your end, but the end result is gorgeous and our planet will thank you.

I could carry on all day about tips and ideas to make a wedding more sustainable, but I’ll stop here. We hope to see you for your special day, so we can make it extra magical.

To book your trial session, including consultation, with Anne, call us on 01865 727077.

by Chloe Mellen

Hair is Art

ANNE VECK’S NEW CAMPAIGN! HAIR IS ART! Hairdressing should be ethical / hairdressing should be sustainable / hairdressing should be art / your hair should be beautiful!

Hairdressing is a very often underrated art medium, seen by many as a purely functional (and fashionable ) service. But this is not so. One needs only look at some of Vidal Sassoon’s iconic images of precision cutting to see, hairdressing is an art form all unto itself. The practice of cutting hair and styling, doing so perfectly is an art, but there also the entire Avant-garde side of the industry, that allows hairdressers to truly use hair as a canvas. They manipulate it as if it were material, change its properties, paint it… And the results can be magical.

Anne is one such hairdresser. Every year she produces a new Avant-garde collection, each more incredible than the last. So much so that the Errata Museum of Modern Art in St.Petersburg requested some of Anne’s images for an exhibition.
Anne is also taking part in Oxford Art Weeks this year, in collaboration with Dirty French Girl Jewellery, and hosted by the Oxford Jam Factory. The Jam Factory often has beautiful art exhibitions by very talented artists, both AV and DFG are excited to work with them, and vice versa.

If you guys wanted a chance to meet Anne, ask her more about her creative and artistic endeavors, she has a few opportunities popping up:

-Pro Hair Live in Manchester on 24th February you can find her on the Fellowship Stage.
-On the 27th April Anne will be hosting a Creative Day at Salon Concepts in Weston Super Mare.
-Anne will be presenting her Avant-garde creations at Hair UK at NEC Birmingham for the Hair & Beauty Charity on 4th May.

Read the Anne Veck manifesto!

by Chloe Mellen aka Dirty French Girl

Welcome Davines

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to Anne Veck Oxford centre stage: Davines.

Anne Veck Oxford has started a new partnership with Davines, saving the world one hair style at a time.
We wanted to find a product brand with the same values as ourselves: we believe all salons should do everything they can to save the planet by reducing their carbon emissions, cutting down on waste and pollution and by supporting organisations fighting to reverse the 6th mass extinction. We are certified carbon neutral, so finding products that would enhance this message, rather than hinder it, was nothing short of essential.
Davines’ head office in Parma, Italy (The Davines Village)is also carbon neutral, and their manifesto runs parallel to ours “At Davines we believe that living a balance of beauty and sustainability, what we call “sustainable beauty”, can improve our lives and the world around us.”

If you have any questions about the brand, the products and their application, don’t hesitate to call us or pop in, we’re very excited to be working with such great sustainable and ethical products and the whole team can not wait to share everything they know!

by Chloe Mellen, aka Dirty French Girl

Gold Class Hair Extensions Exclusive!

Gold Class Hair Extensions are exclusive to Anne Veck Oxford!

We want to share with you the secrets of Gold Class hair extensions.  These amazing 100% human hair extensions are handpicked and gently processed for expert application to give the ultimate designer label hair.

Anne Veck Oxford is one of only ten salons in the UK to offer Gold Class hair extensions.  They have a huge celebrity following including Michelle Heaton, Sam & Billie Faiers, Mischa Barton  and Michelle Keegan and here’s why: they are a little different from other extensions on the market.

Following a ‘Healthy Hair Days Philosophy,’ your consultation includes a scalp and hair analysis to asses the true condition and suitability of your hair and scalp.  We can then prescribe any treatments to get your own hair and scalp in the best condition so you can make the most out of your extensions.  We will also talk in depth about the process and maintenance and most importantly the look you want to create and your perfect colour.

The hair is the best quality hand-selected Indian Temple Hair available in a range of colours and lengths.  With a pre-bonded application method, Gold Class bonds are kind to the hair and scalp creating tiny discreet bonds.  Our trained extensionists will expertly apply the bonds to give the most natural results.

Our team will give you an accredited aftercare programme to help you care for your extensions at home and away so they look as good as the day we put them in.  Gold Class hair extensions are recommended for 3-4months wear when our extensionists can safely remove your extensions and see the improvements in your own hair & scalp by following the prescribed aftercare.

Each of our hair extensions experts – Kelly and Anne herself, have been individually trained by Inanch Emir of Inanch London, the creators of Gold Class.

Anne is one of the most experienced extensionists in the U.K., having offered this service in her salons since 1991 and having been a brand ambassador for two of the leading U.K. brands.

See Midas Touch the beautiful collaboration created by Anne, Inanch of Gold Class and our great friend and uber talented hairdresser and photographer Desmond Murray. Simple stunning!

Book your Gold Class hair extensions consultation by calling us on
01865 727077 (Oxford)

< "Gold Class hair: ethically sourced and the best quality you can get" The Telegraph "Famous, flawless and paparazzi ready - this is the A-list way to do hair extensions" Layered Online

Wonderful Winter Hair Trends

Wondering what to do with your hair this winter? Well look no further, we have the down low on the best trends to follow.
This festive season be ready to say hello to the Ghost of Christmas Past! What the Dickens! The 90s are back in full swing, and they’re looking better than ever!

So this year, why not try something new? With all the festive parties it is the perfect time to try something new. Like a new dress or accessory, your hair can perfect that winter look, making you into a sexy ice queen (or king!), or give you that sexy stay at home and snuggle vibe!

Here is the list of our fave winter trends at Anne Veck Oxford:

1. Them roots!
Thanks to Kirsten Stewart, the grown out, visible roots trends has never been more vogue!

2. A Deep Side Parting!!!
Mandy Moore does it well, but you can do it best 😉 great way to get more volume without more product, a deep side parting give you that extra Va Va Voom for your Christmas shenanigans.

3. Romantic Headscarves!
Get that Boohoo 90s vibes with headscarf wrapped around like a headband! You can even style it around a ponytail or woven into a braid, and be this season’s trend setter! (you cen even use the Dirty French Girl snood as a head scarf, practical and cool!)

4. Barettes are BACK!
Think of this trend as the older sister of the barrettes you had as a kid! Just as fun, colourful and whimsical, and great for short hair, this trend is deffo one to have fun with!
(Dirty French Girl and Anne Veck have just launched some new barrettes, check them out here)

5.The Blunt-ish Bang!
Not too harsh, not too soft, the blunt-ish bang (or fringe as we do say in the UK), popularized by Rocky Barnes, will frame your face, but in a soft sexy kind of way!

By Chloe Mellen aka Dirty French Girl

Anne Veck Anticipating Trends

Recently I have seen a lot in hairdressing mags about the 50/50 style. AKA split colour/half&half hair/split dye.
Britain is going Crazy for Cruella Deville style hair, and I am super chuffed to say that Anne Veck totally anticipated this and did my hair like the months ago! Half dark purple and half cherry red, I look like an alternative Velma Dinkly and I love it.

So if you want to be a trend setter, not a trend follower, make sure you get down to Anne Veck in Oxford to get your hair done! It is going to be THE look for the Christmas and New Year party season!

Tell me more I hear you cry…half and half hair is a revolutionary concept for adventurous women who love making heads turn.
You (I mean your professional colourist!) divide the hair right down the middle and dye each half a different color. This can range from subtle, natural colors to bold, contrasting colors. It is the perfect way to achieve a unique look that will have everyone asking how you did it.

And you don’t need to go the full Cruella! You can take a more subtle approach and stick with the natural tones. Moreover, day-to-day styling is so much fun! Parted down the middle for the most contrast but you can part on one side or the other for a totally different look.

Although this hair color is mostly fun you might face some minor challenges. It can be hard to choose the right make-up when you have two different tones to deal with. It can also be difficult to find the right hair products to accommodate both sides if they are different levels of lightness. So make sure your salon colourist gives you the benefit of their expert advice and, in our case, recommends the best Revlon Professional products for you!

See you at my favourite salon soon!

Chloe aka Dirty French Girl





By Chloe Mellen aka Dirty French Girl

The Salon: good for our hair, good for our soul!

Don’t know about you, but a trip to the hairdresser always has me feeling on top of the world. My hair is shiny, sleek, on point, and I feel I can take on the world. My inner voice is saying “Yaaaaas Queen, you got this! You go Slay!”.
And on top of that, I swear it’s therapeutic too! My hairdresser is like an unofficial psychiatrist. I trust her with my hair and my secrets! She knows about my whole life basically: my ups, my downs, my boy troubles, family drama, and even some of my health problems. She listens, offers advice, and has honestly helped me through some tough times (in a 2016 study the Guardian found that Hairdressers are the fifth most trusted professionals in the UK).

There are a few factors that explain why we often turn to our hairdressers for help not involving our hair:

There is something oddly intimate about someone touching you’re your hair and head, that makes you feel open and trusting, potentially due to the fact that the sense of touch is the first language we learn as infants, it takes us back to a simpler time.

Knowing that between her brushes, combs, scissors and colour, our hairdresser could cause a breakdown but never does. This increases our confidence and trust in them. In turn, they are a big part of making us look and feel great, which helps increase our self confidence.

If discussing personal matters, they don’t usually know the other people involved. We feel safe that no one will find out if it is a secret, but also they can take an objective view and give objective advice. And if we have been going to the same hairdressing salon for a while, our stylist is probably aware of the context of our life and can not only give objective opinions, but informed ones too.

For all of these reasons, and so many more, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that hairdressing is one of the most trusted professions. They are artists, therapists, entertainers and magicians all rolled into one.

Chloe Mellen aka Dirty French Girl

Festive Fitness: how does exercise impact our hair?

Image by Magic Owen Hair by Anne Veck assisted by Kari Habbershaw
Make-up by Morgan Defre Styling by Magic Owen Modelling Hannah Levit Collins
Location 12RoundsBoxing

Our hair’s health is a pretty good reflection of our body’s health. It’s influenced by two major factors: the mental and the physical, which is why it’s a fine line between exercise being good for our luscious locks, or being very very detrimental. Consistent but not excessive exercise can cause changes in your body that will in turn cause your hair to grow longer and thicker, but too much exercise and lack of care can have the opposite effect.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I train I sweat… and I don’t mean that sexy glisten you see on models advertising fancy gyms… I mean sweat drenched, not an inch of me dry, sort of totally gross sweat… and apparently this is bad for hair . Sweating is natural, and a bit of it is actually a very good way for our body to get rid of toxins and unclog our hair follicles. However excess sweating (such as myself ) can be somewhat harmful to the hair due to it’s lactic acid and salt content. It acts similarly to sea salt water and dried hair out, leaving it brittle and prone to split ends.

Now, let’s get a bit more technical: being active causes a decrease in cortisone, and cortisone is the hormone that makes us loose our hair. So yay, exercise means we have less of it in our system, so we are able to grow more beautiful, healthy hair! Right? Not always, over training and stressing your body to actual exhaustion, causes a rise in cortisone… so we have to be careful.

The mental health benefits of exercise are well known. In science-y terms, sport enables our body to release more serotonin, in laymen’s terms: the Happy hormone (which I know I read somewhere was more addictive than cocaine 😮 ). Being happier means we feel less stress, and stress is a big culprit in the hair loss game!

But with training often also comes diets, and crash diets are the worse. Big dramatic changes create imbalances in the body, and can cause serious deficiencies: over training and under nutrition can make hair thin or fall. A “good” examples of this are eating disorders such as anorexia, the often lethal combination of little to no food and obsessive exercise regimes means that individuals suffering with the ED will loose hair on their head quite drastically, but grow a thin duvet of white hair over the rest of the body ( the body’s survival response ).

My list of both the Pros and the Cons of the effect of exercise on the hair goes on. From my research, it seems the good ol’ saying “everything in moderation” is relevant here. So I asked Anne for her pick on the best products to keep our hair on heads, growing strong and looking good. She recommends using Revlon Professional Uniq 1, great for repairing dry and damaged Hair (excess sweat anyone?) and protecting your hair colour, filtering UVA and UVB, helping prevent split ends and its an amazing detangler too.

Chloe Mellen/Dirty French Girl

Anne Veck’s Answers on Autumn Trends

Hi Anne, how are you today?

-I’m great thanks! I’v spent a fabulous day in my atelier working on some wigs, I have been practising making front lace wigs. I then went for a long cycle and now I’m looking forward to a big dinner, that I’m getting my hubby to cook 😀

So, lets get straight to it. Summer was great and all, but what has all this sun actually done to our hair?

– Well, you know how when you go in the sun your hair gets lighter? It’s a bit like a natural bleach. Prolongued exposure to the sun’s UV and UVB rays damage the outside of the hair, the cuticle. So it gets lighter, which can look nice. But it also causes dry hair, makes it brittle and causes it to break into split ends, which can make it look thin and frizzy. And no one likes dry, thin and frizzy hair. And with all this sun, we’ve been bathing more. Either in swimming pool or going to the beach, so our hair has had increased exposure to chlorine and salt!!! Both of these make the hair even dryer. SO basically the sun was great and all, but we’ve been sort of sucking the life out of our hair…

Oh dear…Ok, this is a salvageable situation right? We’re not stuck with straw ends on our heads until it fully grows back?

-Of course its salvageable haha! Next summer I recommend going swimming with a leave in conditioner or a mask on your hair, the “greasiness” provides extra protection, similarly to how water rolls off duck feathers, the water, hence chlorine and salt, will roll off your hair. And all the while our hair will be absorbing all the conditioning goodiness from the product! It’s a win win.

Well it’s a relief to know our hair is going to be ok ;). Winter is coming, as they say, but before the bitter ice cold sets in, what autumn trends do you see being most popular in the coming months?

– Au Natural is the theme for AW19/20 and colour is moving away from the shocking brights and bolds of the past. Freehand balayage, and lighter strands painted around the face is still reigning strong to mimic hair lightened by sunshine, using the blended root effect for a more natural grow out. Less dramatic colour means less commitment. Customers can change their hair hue more often! The subtlety of faded pastel hair will be part of this reaction against big and bold colour: a wash of colour, as opposed to a saturated covering. It’s less of a commitment and looks more like a little blush on the hair. Model Ariela Soares rocked a light-blue hue for the Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 runway show – which I admired for its understated feel. Subtle tones will be bigger this season, as hair colour mirrors the gentleness of water colour paintings; colour strokes merging and melting into one another with a mixture of stronger brush strokes on a palette of mellow natural tones. Dirty Brunette: The tousled, natural appeal of dirty blonde is migrating to darker hair this season. It’s now the turn of dirty brunette to be in the limelight. Steering away from either side of the icy or warm spectrum, this well-crafted and well-placed colour technique looks effortless and natural, focusing on the steady middle of neutral shades. It works best on naturally brown bases, incorporating dark blonde ends and subtle thin panels throughout the hair for an understated smoky vibe. And it’s perfect for giving natural depth. ‘Dimension’ is the word of the season. Start away from the root, focusing on a bit more ‘pop’ at the ends. It’s about accentuating the natural hair with kisses of lighter tones – brilliant for an autumnal transitional shade. In the salon, we’re using ‘The Magnet’ from Revlon, an amazing shine enhancer which removes heavy metals and pollutants that have crept into the strands, bringing it to shiny life again. We mix this pollution neutraliser with colourant to enhance tone and protect against damage.

And what about hair cuts? I tend to lean towards sharp short bobs and a thick fringe myself… I hope I wont look totally off trend and uncool lol…

– No, I think you will be totally fine 😉 Whilst colour goes gentler, cuts get edgier. The blunt bob will gain more popularity in the coming months as shorter hair continues the reaction against perfect styling. Punchy and punky crops with broken lengths are the power looks of the season. Combine these shorter locks with products that produce a dry finish. Invisible styling and invisible finishes are the key to keeping it simple and statement. Chop hair at the jawline to make it appear fuller and as thick as possible. The style works best on straight hair but can be altered for every face shape. Jawline cuts give volume on the sides to counteract long face shapes, but if you want to create length in a rounder or more angular face shape, leave the length longer. Whilst not going back to the shaggy, feathered style made famous by Farrah Fawcett, mid length hair still weaves in all of the looseness, independent and free-spirited feel of 70s women finding their groove. Expect to see raw edges – not super clean cut – but weighty long bobs that sit between the jaw and collar bone. This one in particular is a great in-between cut for anyone who’s transitioning from a shorter to longer length because the layers keep hair from looking too heavy.  For curly hair, apply a curling cream product like Style Masters Fanaticurl, twisting the curls, helping them along with a diffuser or letting them air-dry. Finish by separating the curls with your fingers and sine it up with a bit of Orofluido Oil.

Well thank you Anne for all this! Some great tips for our readers and myself 😛

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