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Why is it, when we think going green and being more eco-friendly, we suddenly start to feel guilty for treating ourselves and enjoying the fashion and beauty industry? I mean , yeah, many high street big brands are (sadly still) the anti-christ when it comes to saving the planet, but 2019 saw a major shift in customer awareness and spending, and as as a result, many brands have started to tinker their tune! Realizing that people did not want to buy from companies that abuse their employees, use factories full of children, and products that destroy our planet, certain brands and companies have adapted and changed, finally understanding that it is cool to be kind, and putting the planet first can also be profitable.

But knowing which brand, which beauty company to trust, requires doing some research, which can be time consuming, and corona lock down times aside, is a luxury we seldom have. Those of us that are time rich are scarce, so I am here to help! I have amalgamated a list of beauty and fashion businesses that have ethical trading standards and eco-friendly practices woven into the fabric of their companies. Feeling your best should not come at the price of your guilt or the sixth mass extinction !

One of my personal favorites, “Lucy and Yak” !!! A company that started with in colourful dungarees, has moved onto a wider range of clothing, always beautifully designed, made, and all ethical! They beleive “The system is whatever we all decide to make it, so let’s make a system where everyone wins.” They are very honest and transparent on their website about where their clothing is made, who they work with and how. They even encourage potential and existing customers to get in touch with any other questions they may have, especially about they’re environmental impact! Check them out here for a bit more in depth info.

Another great brand is “We are We Wear”. London-based company that champions body diversity as well as sustainability. The labels bold and colour-pop swimwear pieces are designed for day wear as well as for the pool and all styles are available in size XS to 3XL. The Eco edit range is made in Italy from unwanted waste materials such as fishing nets and and industrial plastics. So if you want to look good on the beach, without destroying it, check them out!

But lets not forget all our male readers out there who also want to dress responsibly !!!! A great brand, that has a distinctive style and something for almost anyone, is Raeburn. A designer that fuses high fashion with street wear with genuine sustainability! The designer has been quoted as saying “we need to evolve or die”,challenging and disrupting the industry by using recycled PET materials as well as 100% organic ethical cotton. No shortcuts for this designer, have a look to see what you think.

Arbonne is a brand that has been around since 1975, and makes wonderful beauty products across the board. I personally own what some may consider as too many of their lipsticks, but I can’t get enough of the beautiful shades on offer, the smell and feel of the products and the fact that everything they make is designed to embrace the connection between a healthier mind, stronger body, and more beautiful skin whilst still prioritizing ethical and safe trading standards, making all their products plants based, vegan and cruelty free. Again, this is company that does not shy away from disclosing how and where all their products are made, all the information easy to find on their website.

And last, but most certainly not least in our lil’ list of fashion brand heroes, is Davines. This company has recently rebuilt its entire HQ in italy into a small eco-friendly village, and their work is based along the simple motto of “sustainable beauty”. Sustainability has always been a responsibility to this company, not a choice, as a result, everything they do has the welfare of the planet, as well as their customers, at the forefront of their mind! I have been lucky enough to get my hair done at Anne Veck’s Salon in Oxford with their products and I must say the experience was fantastic. There hair colour dyes do not itch, the shampoos and conditioners smell amazing and left my hair the softest it has been in years! Check out everything they have to offer on their website here 🙂

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