How to match the perfect crop to your perfect face!

So we all know about face shapes. We all know we have one: oval, round, square, heart… But what we don’t all know is how to choose a cut to match whichever of these geometric designs we have been blessed with.

Fret not fam, for I am here to help! I have compiled a little guide, a how to on how to choose the perfect crop, for your perfect face!

What is My Face Shape?
Before you can find your most flattering hairstyle, you need to identify what your face shape is.

The easiest way to do this, is to take what will probably not be your most flattering selfie. Put all your hair back and out of the way so we can clearly see your face, and then look straight into the camera and snap away. You can then trace the outline of your face and see which shape it resembles most.

Do you Have a Rectangle/Square/Diamond Face?
If you want to soften the lines of your face without elongating your appearance, I recommend mid length layered cut, with wavy, curly styling: this can can enhance cheekbones while disguising the corners of the face. Fringes can also work, as long as you go for the soft, wavey hippie kind, not the strict and straight Parisian bob type fringe, which would only make your face harsher!

Do you have a Round face?
If you have a round a face, you will to do the opposite to what I said above.
Round face shapes typically feature a similar length and width as well as prominent, rounded cheeks. Therefore, the most flattering hairstyles for ladies with round faces are those that add definition and shape. So choppy pixie cuts to add angles, short fringes to add length are great (lots of curls, and single length cuts with can balloon around your face not so much).

Do you have an Oval/Oblong Face?
If you do, you are one of the lucky one, who can basically get away with just about any cut, what will suit you will surely be down to personal preference and what makes you feel confident and good.

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?
(terrible pun, sorry not sorry) If you have a heart shapes face, your bone structure will feature a broad forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline and chin. SO you probably want a cut that “balances” this out, and makes your forehead look smaller whilst enhancing your jawline. A long side-swept cut will disguise part of your forehead while drawing eyes down to the bottom of your face. Alternatively, a side-parting pixie cut with textured ends can also appear gorgeous on a heart face shape, as can a bob which will ensure fullness around your jaw.

Do you have a triangle face?
If you do, your jawline that is wider than the forehead, so good to pick a hairstyle that will balance out the jaw and minimize the bottom-heavy appearance of the face. For this lots of layers is always good, short choppy pixie cuts and bobs also, as long as they end around the eyes/top of the collar bone, so they mirror your jaw and balance your face shape.

I hope you found this helpful! But as always, don’t hesitate to ask your stylist, who will be able to give the best advice on what hair cut (and colour) to get!!!

Have a lovely day.


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