How to get that signature Parisian Style?

Parisian women are well known for their effortless fashion, professionals at making the most minimal amount of effort look chic! This goes for their wardrobe, their lifestyle, but also they’re hair! The knack is making your hair work around your lifestyle, not the other was around (no time to shampoo your hair? another day of dry shampoo? pas grave, c’est la vie!).
However to succeed in such an endeavor, and pull off the low key “I don’t try and still look more fabulous than you” there are certain signature hair cuts and styles that are key!

1.The Collarbone bob.
This timeless French look if of that in-between length, neither very short neither very long. But layered, either with a fringe or not, it give you that easy Sunday morning non chant look. Curl it, straighten it, leave it, dry shampoo it… whatever you do its hard to make it look bad!

2. Short n messy.
Any length between cheek bone and jawline, a la Amelie Poulin, another one that can’t go wrong! The maintenance is so minimal and it always looks banging, and adding a fringe can make the whole look more youthful, if thats the vibe you’re going for 🙂

3. Wave mania.
This is a longer look, but oh so typically Parisian! For curly hair shoulder length or longer, ask your stylist to cut it into some layers so it always looks bouncy, get the right products and you will have mastered the Parisian art of balancing neglige and sexy without looking like a hippie 😉  

4. One and only length.
A variation of the short n messy, just longer! Inspired by 60s Jane Birkin, you will see this timeless style all over the streets of Paris: effortless and sophisticated, what’s not to love!

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