How lockdowns have changed our values and our hair!

After almost a year and a half of yo-yoing between being locked in our homes, the occasional liberties and momentary freedom, it is safe to say that everyone’s everyday day lives have irrevocably changed! Professional and social landscapes have altered and the reflection of this is visible in so many overlooked mundane happenstances!
And our hair is no exception! The reasons why and the trends that have surfaced as a result, are really refreshing. Lockdowns have caused many of us to re-evaluate our priorities: what we hold dear and important. As a result, a new wave of self acceptance has bubbled to the surface.

Working from home
Make shift kitchen and sofa desks are now a standard feature for many! And let’s be honest, we’ve all worked from our bed too. And unless there is a 9am Zoom meeting, simply getting dressed seemed like slight overkill when you can’t leave the house! Just brushing and detangling our hair had become enough. And why shouldn’t it be?

Salons were closed
Some tried out every hair dye under the sun, others just embraced what God gave them. Regardless, without the pressure of leaving the house everyday and being seen, we just didn’t care as much and allowed ourselves to try things we might not have felt conformable doing before. But salons are well and truly open now, so whether you are going au naturel or crazy coloring your way through summer, pop in so we can help keep your hair healthy!

Considering Costs
Furlough was great, but we have all felt the financial pinch of Covid. We are re-evaluating many things, from our values to our spending and as much as we LOVE having you back in the salon, we are aware that people’s spending habits have changed. Luckily for us, you guys still enjoy treating yourself and taking care of your hair!


Natural hair!!!!
This is a huge trend since lockdown! Maybe it’s all that time spent alone, allowing self reflection and self acceptance, but we have definitely noticed that fewer of you are hiding the grey and instead you are embracing it! Either leaving it be, or enhancing your natural colour, we’re loving the celebration of the organic vibes! To keep silver strands shining, we recommend silver or grey shampoo.Many think these are only for bleached hair, but not at all: they do a fabulous job of removing brassy tones from all hair, coloured or not.

Crazy Colours!!!
OK… so it may look like I’m contradicting myself, but either you guys are going au naturelle, or you are craving those crazy colours! After so long without a hairdresser, you want some thing that pops, sizzles and cracks to celebrate your re-entrance into society! And actually naturally grey or white hair is a fantastic base to try a bit of paint on!

Face Framing!!!
A very low maintenance and subtle colour! Framing only your face with colour, but not touching the bulk of your hair! So all that healthy regrowth stays that way, healthy, but your face is framed, highlighted and refreshed!

As always, hope you found my two cents interesting! Don’t forget to book your next appointment at Anne Veck Oxford….
Stay safe.


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